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Desirable Vacation Destinations

by kspare2


With winter now sending cold winds our way, many Neopians are scrambling to find fun places to go thaw out in. For those of you who are still unsure of where you can go to get away from the chilly winds, the Committee of Awesome Vacation Spots Planners has compiled a list of... wait for it... awesome vacation spots!

1. Castle Nox – When Hubrid Nox was still around, he allowed anyone who did not pose a threat to him visit his castle. Since his demise, the castle has remained open to all who need a place to stay. Gold chandeliers light up the rooms in this elegant vacationing spot. There are various venues of entertainment surrounding the castle, like the Deserted Fairground Scratchcards and Bagatelle. Be warned, though: Castle Nox is not for the faint of heart. Located in the Deserted Fairground deep within the Haunted Woods, the castle is surrounded by Ghost Neopets who can often be heard skipping and giggling through the pebbled paths.

2. Underwater Home in Kiko Lake – Although they are not advertised as actual places to stay in, Kiko Lake is full of tiny underwater homes. While you are there, you can go on a Glass Bottom Boat tour. These tours are available at various hours throughout the day. According to the tour information, "your knowledgeable tour guide will take you over the most splendid sights of Kiko Lake, including beautiful coral and seaweed gardens..." Hungry? The Kiko Lake Treats Shop is located right outside of the underwater homes! There you can find delicious goodies, including Raspberry Kiko Swirls, Banana Nut Cupcakes, and Choco Mint Rock Slices.

3. The Faerie Caverns – The Faerie Caverns is located in Faerieland, so you have instant access to spots such as the Healing Spring and the Wheel of Excitement. During the day, you can head out to the Poogle Races and bet on your favorite Poogles, or you can take a stroll into Faerie City and complete some fast and easy jobs at the Faerieland Employment Agency. You can also just play Faerie Bubbles all day while you munch on some Orange Cloud Cookies and Earth Faerie Brownies.

4. The Brightvale Castle – While staying at the Brightvale Castle, you will have the opportunity to hear words of wisdom from King Hagan. Brightvale is perhaps one of the greatest vacation spots for those Neopians who treasure both knowledge and greenery. You can also stop by the Brightvale Glaziers and pick up some beautiful glass window panes to take back to your home as a little souvenir of your great times spent in Brightvale. Don't forget to try the Magenorb Juice and Squibble Berry from the Brightvale Foods shop!

5. The Governor's Mansion – Once a modest shanty that was at the center of Krawk Island's restoration, the Governor's Mansion is now home to Gavril McGill. Always a caring Neopian, Gavril is happy to open up his doors to vacationing Neopians. While at Krawk Island, you have the option of looking for buried treasure, training at The Academy, or simply taking a dive into the lush blue waters that surround the island.

6. The Dice-A-Roo castle – Located on Roo Island, the Dice a Roo Castle may not be the quietest place around. Many Neopians flock to the castle regularly to get their daily dose of Dice-A-Roo. Some go for the thrills, and others go for the potentially free food and bottled faeries. While you are vacationing at the castle, you too can try your luck! If you are extra lucky, you may even win the jackpot.

7. The Forgotten Shore – The Forgotten Shore can be found along the coast of Krawk Island. Because treacherous reefs surround the area, it may be quite difficult to make it onto the shore. But once you arrive, you will certainly be in for a treat! The shore is filled with beautiful trees and soft warm sand. Imagine how lovely it would be to sink your feet into the cool waters as the sun dawns on you? With cargo constantly finding its way onto the shore, you are sure to find many treasures during your stay.

8. The Shenkuu Lunar Temple – The temple is a strange place to stumble upon. Inside the temple lives a wide old Gnorbu who maintains the official lunar calendar for Shenkuu. While at the temple, the Gnorbu will keep you company throughout the day. At times you may find yourself having deep philosophical discussions with the wise Gnorbu, but for the most part he tends to keep to himself. A merchant town, Shenkuu has only recently opened its doors to outsiders. On your way to the temple, you will find just about everything you have ever imagined for sale. Mist and fog drape the town as waterfalls trickle down the mountainside. You may think Shenkuu would be too busy a place for a proper vacation, but you will find that you encounter less merchants at the top of the mountain. By the time you reach the temple, peace and tranquility will surround you.

9. Tyrannian Concert Hall – The concert hall is a great vacation spot for those who cannot stand the silence. There is always an abundance of movement, music, and noise over by the concert hall! This is definitely the place to be for Neopians who desire excitement in their lives. Chomby and the Fungus Balls tickets, anyone?

10. Lutari Island – Lutari Island is currently experiencing unusually large storms that are preventing Neopets from visiting the island. The island is entirely abandoned, making it the perfect vacation spot! After all, who wouldn't want an entire island all to themselves? Now keep in mind that the storms may be tricky and you have to be extra careful not to be swept up by the storms. We would advise that you consider only visiting the island during the day. It may get quite dangerous at night!

That marks the end of the vacation spots list. Be sure to send us a postcard when you are off lounging by the lakes or enjoying the scenery!

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