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Tips for Stingy Trading Post Users

by kamagirin


Ah, the trading post. Quite a lovely system I must say, wouldn't you agree? A good way to sell things in bulk, or haggle. And perhaps the only way to sell your precious, valuable items that are worth more than 99,999 neopoints. You know, since apparently it's against the rules to sell your items for over 99,999 neopoints in your own store. If you didn't know that... well, then I can only assume how much you know about the business in Neopia. Anyway, before I start I'll just briefly introduce myself. The name's Titus and I'm here to educate my fellow stingy Neopians how to use the trading post efficiently and if done correctly, get your neopoints worth and simultaneously spend as little as possible. (And don't say you're not "stingy" because if you weren't, you wouldn't even be reading this in the first place!) I must warn you, though... everything I tell you from here on out is based off from my experience so if this "guide" starts to sound a bit more like a rant, it's probably because it is. Well, onto business then, shall we?

Tip #1: For the love of crisps, don't put "I will take anything from 400k to 500k." I feel as though I shouldn't explain this any further but sometimes there are always those one or two Grundos who never seem to use what's in between their antennas who's reading this... so I'll be a nice faerie and explain. Let me just say that you will always find more stingy Neopians in the trading post than generous Neopians. That's just reality. So it's obvious that if you put "I will take anything from 400k to 500k", it's guaranteed you will most likely get offered 400k (no more and hopefully, no less) plus a free, complimentary pile of dung. Why the dung? Because there's always a part of you that gets a little irritated that you're spending so much of your lovely neopoints. So in a way, it's almost like an unuttered insult. (And no one wants a dung in the inventory.) It's also very unlikely that the seller would be offended because who in the Neopia would be angered that they've been offered 400,000 neopoints? I assure you, I've never came across a Neopian who whinge and say "Oh, I've received 400,000 neopoints! I'm absolutely gutted!"... That's just mad.

Tip #2: Always put an amount more than what you had in mind. But of course never too high (Let's not get greedy here. And yes, Greedy and stingy are a whole new different type of jelly). Unless you want to sell your item as quickly as possible. Then simply, sell your merchandise for the lowest possible price in the Trading Post (that's really all there is to it... and running around, advertising in the boards like a headless Gobbler and eventually selling your precious item for a lot less than what you've bargained for.) That's always Bloopy nice. Now, if you have a little more patience than the next Neopian or you're in no rush and planning to go off and meditate for a day or two with Anshu and the wise Gnorbu in the mountains of Shenkuu, then take heed.(Ah Marlocks! I just had to kill my rhyming streak at the end right there! Did you notice? It was completely unintentional! Haha..). Anyway, say you wanted to sell something for 200,000 neopoints. I would do is list it for 210,000 neopoints instead because there will always be those stingy Neopians who will offer 5,000 neopoints less than what I said I wanted or maybe even 10,000 if a bit earnest. Now because I asked for more than what I had in mind, I'm not bothered if someone offers me less than what I asked for in the post (as long as if it's not a foolish offer). Yes, even if it is 10,000 neopoints less because 200,000 neopoints was initially what I wanted. And who knows? Maybe there is some hope out there that a generous fellow would come around and actually pay full price. Then you've got yourself extra neopoints!(But don't count on it.) So, how do I know you will get low offers like this? Because I've done this multiple times. Always offering reasonably less neopoints than the listed price and yet, buy merchandise with ease. With more experience and research in the Trading Post, one can deduce a compromising price between both parties.

Tip #3: Even if you say you're "ONLINE NOW!" I still have my doubts. I will hire a private investigator and check when you were last spotted and unless he tells me you were spotted under one day ago, I won't offer you my precious neopoints... at least, not until I find someone more worthy of them. It's not only ostentatious but rather a shameful display when one says they are "ONLINE NOW" when the last time they've been spotted was, oh I don't know, four days ago? And yes, I've become a bit more impatient when it comes to purchasing valuable, expensive items. Just like every other cheeseburger eating Neopia Central citizens, when there's something I want... I WANT IT NOW! Not to stereotype, but I feel like that should be their slogan. It's just brilliant how Neopian Fresh Foods restock three times as much as any other stores in Neopia. I mean, have you been to Merifoods? Every time I go there with one of my mates, I always see that Bloopy stale bread, some weird stew which name I forgot and some tomatoes. It's always there. Untouched. I'm going off topic, but it's just brilliant.

So anyway, going back to what I said before. If you want others to know you're going to be there when they make an offer on your item, then just don't disappear. (or for you more privileged Neopians, don't put "stealth"!) I may be exaggerating when I say this but there is nothing more annoying when you don't know how long it'll take for someone to either accept your large sums of neopoints or reject it. I understand if you are avoiding from someone you don't want to talk to. Yes, yes... sadly, there is always that one Neopian you just want to avoid, isn't there? If not, then... well, I presume you are that troublesome Neopian. I jest! But if you are a popular fellow and feel the need to hide every so often, then secretly duplicate yourself and use your clone to solely sell your merchandise. (No one has to know you've made yourself your own, personal merchant now do they? Dr. Sloth isn't the only one who can clone themselves in secrecy.)

Tip #4: You will most likely get more offers when you tell others how much you're selling your item than if you don't say anything at all or simply say "offer." It's quite common to feel a bit intimidated when there are no boundaries when it comes to offering up your neopoints which you've spent so much time and hard work for.(It's always been an unsettling matter for me I dare say.) It's because you're afraid if you offer too little, you would come off as a greedy lout and if you offer too much, well, you're still a lout but managed to rip yourself off.(Which isn't your job really, it's the seller's isn't it?) So to ensure lots of offers to come your way, always list a reasonable price instead of scaring potential customers off by saying "offer." Now I am not saying you will never get any offers if you do give others the freedom to do so, but based on my experience, it is better to list your prices sometimes. This just depends if you're just feeling brave or not. But I have to say, if someone simply says they are willing to go lowest on the Trading Post rather than listing numbers, I would be delighted. Honestly, I should like nothing more.

Well, I am going to wrap this up now because... well, I can't reveal all of my secrets for the sake of other fellow stingy Neopians now can I? Haha! But joking aside, these aren't even secrets-It should all just be common knowledge, really! But looking around the trading post recently, it seems that there are a handful of those who seem to forget about these "tips." When it comes down to it and condensing everything I've said (because I'm sure there are those of you who didn't read everything I wrote. Oh well done, you.) there are three things you must remember to do when it comes to using the Trading Post wisely: compromising, acting accordingly, and being reasonable. Following these tips may also help convince others you're not a stingy Neopian, which from my observation is a real boon.

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