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Daxon and the Lost Ghost

by crimsonskull


A crack of lightning illuminated Daxon's room as a clap of thunder shook the windows. The blue Lupe sat straight up in bed, a bead of sweat forming on his brow. Daxon hated thunderstorms with all his heart. When he was just a pup, Daxon had been struck by lightning one night and hated thunderstorms ever since.

      Grudgingly, he made his way to the kitchen for a glass of nice cold water. Another boom of thunder sent a shiver down Daxon's spine as he made his way down the dark hall to the kitchen, his only light was the occasional flash of lightning. Daxon's stomach worked itself into a knot as a strange feeling engulfed him. It was the frightening feeling... of being watched.

      "Forget the water. I...I better get back to bed," Daxon murmured to himself as he quickly padded back to his room.

      But just as the Lupe reached the entrance of his dark room, the door slammed in his face.

      "Daxon.... helllppp," came a chilling whisper.

      Daxon's eyes grew wide with fear. Who could have said that? No one, that's who. It had to be his imagination. But what about the door? The wind, yes, that's it! With a newfound sense of bravery, Daxon reached out and tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge.

      "Come on, come on! Open up, you dumb door!" Daxon growled as he pulled forcefully on the door knob.

      Suddenly, there was a loud crash coming from the kitchen. Daxon released the door knob and raced to the kitchen. As he approached, he noticed the cupboard door was ajar and a few cups and plates were lying on the tile floor.

      "Alright, who's here? Hello? Show yourself!" Daxon said as bravely as he could.

      "Daxon... helllppp."

      Daxon jumped back as he heard the bone chilling whisper again. The windows rattled loudly and the kitchen briefly lit up with a lightning flash.

      "Helllppp... pleeaasee!"

      Right after the second call for help rang out, the fridge door threw itself open. The cupboards shook as their contents begin spilling out. The floor quaked as a eerie blue light filled the kitchen and an ice cold wind swirled around Daxon who was cowering helplessly under the table.

      "Stop it! Please just leave me alone!" Daxon yelled as he hid his head between his paws.

      Then, everything stopped. The ground wasn't shaking, the fridge wasn't opening and closing, and the cupboards stopped spewing plates. Daxon slowly lifted his head out from his paws and peered into the now calm kitchen. Everything seemed ok now. Slowly, Daxon made his way out from under the table and into the center of the kitchen.

      "Are... are you t-there still?" Daxon whimpered.


      A bright blue light filled the room and wisps of what seemed to be smoke circled the spot right in front of Daxon in an upward spiral. Slowly the light and smoke faded away, leaving a blueish gray Xweetok floating eerily right before Daxon's eyes.

      "AHHH!" Daxon screamed as he backed away under the table.

      "Please, do not be afraid, Daxon. I do not wish to harm you. I just require your help," the Xweetok said as she floated over towards the still screaming Daxon.

      "Help?? How am I supposed to help you? Just leave me alone!" he shouted, a slight quiver in his voice.

      "Daxon, just listen. I promise to go away once you help me. You need to stay calm," the ghost said in a hollow yet soft voice.

      Daxon reluctantly quieted down and stared at the Xweetok suspiciously.

      "Alright, I'm listening," he said.

      "Good, thank you. My name is Anna Beth and I used to live here in this very house. Fifty years ago, my grandmother became very ill and weak. I did everything in my power to help her, but to no avail. Sadly, my dear grandma passed on. I was heartbroken without her and fell ill also. As a ghost, I expected to be reunited with my grandmother so we could be together once more, but I cannot find her! I've been searching for so long but I just can't find her! Please, you must help me find her!"

      Daxon cocked his head, confused. He wanted to help Anna Beth, but how?

      "What can I do? I'm just an ordinary Lupe!" He frowned.

      "No, Daxon, you're not ordinary. You see, the night you were struck by lightning, you acquired a strange power. You can summon spirts Daxon, but only when a thunderstorm is happening! We must hurry, the storm won't last long." Anna Beth cried as she nudged Daxon nervously.

      Summon spirits? All this time he could summon spirits? This was unbelievible! Daxon looked up at Anna Beth who looked on the verge of tears.

      "Please Daxon. Will you help me?" she whispered hopefully.

      Daxon heaved a great sigh. He knew what he had to do.

      "Of course, Anna Beth. Let's go find your grandma!" He grinned.

      Quickly, the two raced outside into the storm. The rain soaked Daxon's fur, but he didn't care. Not when someone needed his help desperately. He looked up at the sky as the thunder roared from above. The poor Lupe shivered, oh how he hated thunderstorms.

      "Alright, now what?" Daxon asked.

      "We wait for the lightning to strike you, then you say the Summoning Words," Anna Beth said simply.

      "Lightning? Strike me? Oh, no way, ghost girl! I've already been through that and I won't do it again!" Daxon snapped stubbornly.

      More thunder boomed from afar sending shivers down Daxon's spine.

      "Daxon, please! You don't understand what the after life is like without someone you love dearly! I need my grandmother, please!" Anna Beth cried.

      Daxon looked into the Xweetok's sullen eyes, a pang of guilt filling is heart. He just had to help this poor ghost, no matter what. Taking a deep breath, Daxon walked to the middle of the backyard where the lightning struck frequently. He turned to face Anna Beth who was staring at him hopefully.

      "What are the Summoning Words?" he shouted over the thunder.

      "Spirit, I call to you, for my heart rings pure and true, to the life you once knew!" Anna Beth called back.

      Daxon nodded and dug his paws firmly into the ground. Suddenly, a roar of thunder rang out from right above his head. The lightning was coming.

      "Say the words, Daxon! The lightning shall be upon us soon!" Anna Beth yelled.

      "Spirit, I call to you, for my heart rings pure and true, to the life you once knew!" he shouted.

      Another thunder clap, this time louder. The sky lit up with a yellowish light as a bolt of lightning began to fall from the clouds.

      "Again, Daxon! HURRY!"

      "Spirit, I call to you, for my heart rings pure and true, to the life you once knew!" Daxon howled as the lightning bolt struck him on the spot.

      Daxon sprawled on the ground, his chest heaving. He looked up to see if Anna Beth was ok, and saw her. An elderly looking Xweetok ghost who was hovering right in front of him.

      "Hello, Daxon, you brave Lupe. Thank you for helping me find my Anna Beth." She smiled.

      "Grandma!" Anna Beth called out happily as she glided towards the new ghost.

      The two hugged tightly laughing and smiling. Daxon pulled himself up slowly, and watched the ghosts reunite. A feeling of pride and joy filled him up as he realized what he had just done. He had helped a lost Xweetok find her grandmother. Anna Beth pulled away from her grandma and made her way towards Daxon.

      "Daxon, you don't know how thankful I am. Thank you. Soo much." Anna Beth grinned as she leaned forward and placed a kiss on Daxon's cheek.

      Daxon blushed and smiled

      "Don't mention it, Anna Beth."

      The Xweetok giggled and turned to face her grandma. The two joined paws as a blue light filled the sky.

      "Good-bye, Daxon. Thank you," Anna Beth called.

      "Bye, Anna. Best wishes!" Daxon called as the ghostly pair lifted up into the sky.

      As they disappeared from sight, the rain stopped and the sky cleared. Daxon sighed. It was almost dawn and he had gotten no sleep. He made his way back to his room and jumped back when he saw what was waiting on his bed for him.

      "Daxon.... helllppp!"

The End

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