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Overcome The Heat Of The Month Of Swimming

by marta_uau


When the month of Swimming begins, the heat comes with it, leaving behind the cold rains and the icy wind, pushing us to take out of the cupboard our sleeveless shirts, the old sunglasses and the heap of wrinkled hats.

The month of Swimming also brings many exciting events like Fyora Day, the Petpet Appreciation Day and Acara Aquatic Festival, among many others. But if you don't keep in mind the correct tips and the best ways to deal with the heat, this month can be a tough challenge for you, for your neopets, for the neopets' petpets, for the petpets' petpetpets - anyway, for all your family. So in order to avoid this, please read this article that will help you to make the most of this hot season and not suffer so much.

- No Neolodge, at all (only in extreme cases such as being absent for a long time). If you thought about treating your pet to a stay at one of them, then I invite you to reconsider it. There's no need to waste neopoints in order to enjoy this hot season. There are many lands to visit whose boundaries are surrounded by water, where they have cheap hostels near the beach and a good service too. Maybe not as good as the Grand Neopian Neolodge, but the point is enjoy doing typical summer things together - like going to the beach, skipping stones, camping outside or having picnics. If you stop and think for a moment, you will realize there are endless things to do. So now it's up to you.

- Time to hydrate. One of the best and classical tips to deal with the heat. It's really important to keep one's body hydrated, so keep your inventory full of drinks. Slushie Shop is a good choice where to buy many slushies of all tastes. Due to their frozen products the Neopians prefer to buy something there this time of year. Obviously one does not drink slushies in the month of Celebrating -maybe Taelia the Snow Faerie does-, so take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy a tasty Coco Whip Slushie or a Chocolate Chip Cookie Slushie. And of course, try to have foods that are high in water as well. Fruits are a really good option and are healthy too.

- Sunglasses and hats are in fashion. These cool accessories can save you from a rough day; however, it is always difficult to find those you really like. Although nowadays there are many sort of accessories, so it is pretty sure if you look carefully you will find the proper one. Unless you have some tucked in the closet, I recommend you to go to Neopian Bazaar and take a look at all the shops there. If you prefer the bohemian style, the Round Sunglasses will be the perfect tinted lenses for you; but if the previous one doesn't go with you, then look for Ixi Aviator Sunglasses (cool glasses are a little more expensive). Both products can be purchased at the Unis Clothing Shop.

- Dress appropriately. Time to wear summer clothing. Oh yes! It's time to put all your pairs of trousers and all the trench coats and sweaters in the Safety Deposit Box; and gather together or the sleeveless shirts, skirts, shorts and flip-flops. These items are the most common clothes and perhaps the most cheap that you will find in the Unis Clothing Shop. But if by chance you got rid of all your summer clothes and do not have enough neopoints saved, then I suggest you go to the Money Tree. And maybe you will get a pair of Old Rotten Right Sandal. ;)

- Excuses are allowed. Take any chance and excuse to have a picnic with your Neofriends. What is more likely is that you're wondering why you should do that. The answer is really simple. For strengthening ties, spend an enjoyable time and do something different (and of course, eat almost for free). All types of food with watermelon are good to take to the picnic, for example Watermelon Rolls, Watermelon Shaved Ice; and for the most adventurous Neopians, the Watermelon Hot Dog.

And in case your budget is limited, then play cool games such as Ice Cream Machine, Rink Runner, The Snowager or Let It Slide. That's it, all of them are cold games to refresh with.


Before this article was brought to light in the new issue of the Neopian Times, we showed it to some randomly selected Neopians to give us their opinion.

"Useful tips. This month has been always hard to pass through. I used to always make a wish at the Wishing Well. A big Kookith Paddling Pool was always what I wanted. In fact, I never tried to find another solution to overcome this heat. So I'm really glad to have read this," an old Acara said on her way to the National Neopian Bank.

"What a waste of time! I have a big neohome in Mystery Island. Whenever I feel like, I just go to outside and a few steps away I'm across from the beach. Poppycock! Don't bother me and get out of my way!" a grumpy red Krawk yelled, a lot of shiny little rings on his fingers.

"People who read this article should remember these tips perfectly well," added a Faerie Uni who was picking out some flowers near the Neopian Auction House. "For the owners of all the pets around Neopia, sometimes it gets really difficult."

"Why don't you put more interesting articles in the Neopian Times like 'The best weapons to fight with in the Battledome', 'The best teams in the Altador Cup in all of history'?" a young blue Blumaroo suggested. His face was painted with the colors of the Darigan Citadel's flag.


And that's all, readers. Hope this can help you. Don't forget to read the Neopian Times every week. And have a nice month of Swimming!

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