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Money Tree: Snipe Those Items

by ohheyreplay


The Money Tree, a colossal tree filled with great mysteries around every branch and treasures as deep as its roots. For those who haven't heard of this attraction, (since you are probably richer than me), the Money Tree is a wonderful place where Neopians can scamper to receive items of every sort that lie under those magnificent branches. Ever wonder where your money goes when the wandering ghost appear and take it? Or where your outdated donated items go? The Money Tree, obviously. The Money Tree is the center of attention in Neopia Central, and can grant people their wishes from other people's generosity. However, this old tree holds a lot more dark secrets that you might know about. Never had the luck of grabbing one of those rare valuable items that isn't a soggy old box or piece of wool? Then keep reading on to figure out the secrets of the Money Tree.

Tip 1) Don't be greedy

Remember, you are feeding off of other people's generosity here, and if you want a Super Attack Pea to just show up, this isn't the place. So don't go looking for the most expensive items, because even if they are there, they'll be stolen quicker than candy in piñatas. Just look for items that seem unusual or uncommon. Those usually are the ones that are more rare and equal more neopoints in the end. This is a good place for pocket change, not huge amounts of neopoints.

Tip 2) Learn to train your eyes

So, you aren't supposed to look for those impossible items, but you don't want rainbow dung clogging up your inventory. Well, then train your eyes to look for items you don't normally see. So learn to skip the swirls of rainbow and go for items like stamps, toys, or unusual food. They could be worth a couple grand and much more than the usual broken fishing pole. Also, if there is, by chance, a very rare item that sneaks up in there by accident, you'll know right off the bat that it could be worth more money than most, and take it without hesitation.

Tip 3) Skip to the bottom

Depending the time of day, the Money Tree can either be filled to the brim, or deserted. This section is if it's filled. Since most people can be rather lazy or see some expensive prize, they stay at the top, leaving some great prizes hovering toward the bottom. So, as soon as the page loads, scroll to the bottom line of the Money Tree screen and click at one of the prizes. That doesn't mean you can't try for a nice prizes towards the top, just know your chances decrease the higher you are. At first, I would just go right to the bottom and click the first prize you see. Chances are, it'll be junk, but once you get good at clicking fast enough for prizes, you can move on to trying to select which items to go for!

Tip 4) The more deserted, the better

If after a few refreshes you don't see many items popping up, that isn't necessary a bad thing! That means that even though a lot of people aren't currently donating, many people might not be lingering around, giving you a few extra precious seconds to snatch an item. It can also mean that you can grab better items in a shorter time. However, if all you see is the message that the wandering ghosts have taken all the items, you might just want to take a break and try back at a later time when there are more donations.

Tip 5) Have quick reflexes

If you want the better prizes or the various amounts of neopoints, then you need to get quick reflexes. Practice if you like using a mouse or a laptop touch pad better for the easiest and most comfortable movement. Or, you can practice juggling. Yup, juggling can improve hand-eye coordination. Or play more video games.

Tip 6) Have a quick service

Try getting items with different browsers your computer has, like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox. I use Google Chrome and it seems to work well, but you might find others better to your preference. The reason you want a quicker service is because the quicker your page loads, the shorter time the items have been seen by others, and the more time you have to get a better item. For example, if it takes five seconds to load the page, that's five more seconds those items have been out there for everyone to grab, and five less seconds you have to grab an item. It just takes repetition to find the server that works for you and the way you snipe those items.

Tip 7) Practice makes perfect

This is pretty self-explanatory. I know it's easier said than done, but truly, if you use multiple browsers or methods, you can come as close to perfect as you can. Just don't get discouraged with getting junk and you'll do just fine, promise. Just keep on going and you'll keep getting better. Simply put.

Tip 8) Patience is key

If you see yourself viciously throwing around your mouse screaming at the top of your lungs because you didn't get that rare guitar that was lingering around the roots, take a deep breath, go for a walk, and sing a song. As long as your patient, even more, better items will come. It takes a lot of time and a lot of unnecessary junk to fill your inventory before you see that beautiful morphing potion. So just keep going every day till your ten items a day is filled, and eventually you will get that item you've been waiting to add to your gallery of plushies.

Tip 9) Reciprocate the generosity

If you are getting aggravated at the lack of getting good prizes in the Money Tree, then maybe donate some yourself! This can get the popularity of the Money Tree up and cause more generous Neopians like yourself to donate more! Just a few neopoints here and there or an extra stamp that's cluttering your inventory can make a difference. Plus, all that donating can kick in that good karma for you and your future visits to the Money Tree.

Happy hunting!

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