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The Top 10 Space Faerie Approved Foods

by kali00


Flying through space, rescuing Neopians in danger, and making the world a better place... It sounds like the perfect life, doesn't it? I constantly hear chatter about how amazing it would be to become a hero, but I never see anyone dusting off their gear and flying into action. Well, I am here to change that. Any hero needs the right foods to stay energized and focused, so I tracked down one of the most heroic faeries in the history of Neopia to get her take on the best foods to get your hero juices flowing. You are about to be given some very exclusive information that I acquired during my brief encounter with the Space Faerie. How did I manage to find her, you might ask? Well, let's just say that I have some superhero powers of my own.

Space Faerie Cereal

This one is probably the Space Faerie's favorite food of them all, and it's not because of the perfect name and gorgeous colors. (Though that is definitely a plus.) The Space Faerie cereal makes for the perfect early morning snack with its ridiculous amount of sugar and great flavor! Though this cereal will do nothing for your stamina, the stars are the perfect thing to get you pumped and inspired first thing in the morning. The Space Faerie likes to have a big bowl waiting for her every day when she wakes up.

Cinnamon Oatmeal

When you want breakfast, you want to reach for a hot bowl of cinnamon oatmeal, because heroes don't eat cereal for breakfast. This oatmeal is made from the finest oats in Neopia and the dash of cinnamon gives it the great flavor that we all know and love. Not only will you feel healthier after eating it, but its thick texture is enough to fill your stomach for a day's worth of rescuing and whatever else you superheroes like to do. Eat this with a piece of turkey jerky and you will be ready to start your morning right.

Mixed Berry Fruit Cup

Saving Neopia from the evil villains can be a tough job and when you need a quick burst of energy and happiness, the mixed berry cup will energize your spirits as soon as it hits your mouth. With so much flavor and vibrant colors packed inside of this tiny cup, your taste buds will be just as happy as the blumaroo you just rescued. This is best to eat when your mood is not the brightest because it will cheer you up in no time.

Mega Asparagus Protein Smoothie

This is the one that you have all been dreading, but hey... I didn't make the rules. The mega asparagus protein smoothie is the perfect treat for the budding hero even though it may not be the tastiest. With all of the vitamins and iron that you need to stay strong blended into a single smoothie, you can have your nutritious snack quickly or on the go. (For those of you who are not too fond of asparagus, try holding your nose while sipping.) The Space Faerie likes to chug one right before a big fight so she can feel powerful and fly with pride.

Crazy Crisp Taco

Filled with the yummiest beans, vegetables, and spices that you have ever tasted, the crazy crisp taco is the perfect lunch to fill your stomach. This taco has enough meat and nutrition to give you a midday boost. Although the taco tastes delicious as is, your adventurous side may enjoy this taco with a sprinkle of cheese and chilli chia hot sauce. This adds the perfect kick to your day.

Galaxy Energy Drink

So, you have been flying around defeating the bad guys all day and your eyes are beginning to feel a little heavy. You would love nothing more than to climb into your Space Faerie bean bag and take a nap, but there is a better solution! That's right... even superhero faeries need a little boost now and then. The Galaxy energy drink is the perfect boost of energy to wake you up and get you through the last few saves of the day. With its thick and juicy flavor, you will be flying at full speed in no time. Just a little tip from the Space Faerie: don't drink more than one at a time. They can become quite addicting.

Fresh Sushi Roll

According to the Space Faerie, you can never go wrong with sushi. If you want to be a true hero, you can't be scared away by a little raw fish. Wrapped in tasteless yet filling seaweed, this sushi roll is made from the freshest fish and vegetables. This snack is full of energy and the sticky rice will stay in your stomach keeping you fuller longer. Although it may take some getting used to, you just might fall in love with the exquisite taste of fresh sushi.

Sugar Coated Leaf

The sugar coated leaf is typically eaten for only the most special occasions and in my opinion, every day is special when you're a hero. Being a hero takes a lot out of you and you deserve to sit back and indulge in the fruity, sweet flavor of this unique treat. You can choose to simply eat the sugary substance off of the leaf, or you can eat the whole thing. After all, they say that leaves are full of nutrients! According to the Space Faerie, "This is the best way that you congratulate yourself for saving Neopia from another attack!"

Celestial Salad

The celestial salad is absolutely beautiful and it tastes even better. No, really. You can eat it. This salad is made from the freshest and most magical greens found in all of Faerieland. Your mouth will be humming in joy with every single bite and you may even forget that it is healthy. You can enjoy it alone, or you can drizzle a bit of green herb dressing on top to complete the taste. With its extremely low amount of calories, you can enjoy as much as you want without worrying about it slowing you down. If you happen to overindulge yourself with the sugar coated leaves, this is the perfect way to make up for it.

Sparkling Space Cocktail

After a long day of being a superhero, you deserve to relax. After all, it is not an easy job. The sparkling space cocktail is the best way to start off your night. This special cocktail is not for the weak. With so many great and mysterious flavors, you will be floating through space with each sip. What they say is true. This one really is "out of this world". Have one or maybe even two!

This one is on me.

So, there you have it! All you need now is a super original costume and you will be ready to get out there and save Neopia from all evil. If I ever manage to track the Space Faerie down again, I will definitely ask her for some costume advice. Until then, be brave and eat like a hero!

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