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Why Everyone Should Own a Kacheek

by babygirl122187


Also by layeredcrazy

Each year, the twenty-ninth day of Sleeping marks the annual celebration of Kacheek Day. You may ask yourself why you would ever want a Kacheek. The real question is: why wouldn't you? Kacheeks are the second most popular Neopet (following Shoyrus). There have been over 16,701,000 Kacheeks created on Neopets! That is even more minions than Dr. Sloth has! The Neopets Team describes Kacheeks as "fun loving, peaceful, and very modest." While this describes Kacheeks as a whole, why not adopt one today and give him or her their very own personality? In this article we will be explaining the top reasons why you should own one of these special Neopets.

One of the very top reasons for owning a Kacheek is their fabulous ability for spectacular customizations. Kacheeks are unofficially the easiest and most fun pets to customise. Why, you ask? Wigs, of course! Kacheeks have large, round heads just waiting for a wig to be placed on top! There are all kinds of wigs that Kacheeks can wear. The most desired wig is an NC Mall item (rarity 500) called the Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon. Placed upon your Kacheek's head, this wig is hard not to "oooooh" and "ahhhhhh" at. The most popular Neopoint-item for Kacheeks is the Kacheek Pyjama Cap. The cap is decorated pink with a cute little star at the end. You better skip the extra Chokato Sundae to be able to afford this cap though as it does not run cheap! Once you break open your Coconut Bank, it will be well worth the wait. This adorable little cap actually is part of an entire set! Match your Kacheek Pyjama Cap with a Kacheek Pyjama Gown, Kacheek Pyjama Doll, and some cute Kacheek Pyjama Slippers. This outfit alone is enough to make you want to own one. If not, read on! If you already rushed to go create/adopt a Kacheek, please continue reading for added persuasion.

If you are a big battledome fan, having a Kacheek can be a great advantage. The reason for this is three simple words: Kacheek Life Potion. If you are in a battle and still have over thirty-three percent of your maximum health left, you can use the Kacheek Life Potion and it completely heals your pet! This is only if you have a Kacheek, of course. Even if you have less than thirty-three percent, it will fill your Kacheek's hit points to thirty-three percent of your pet's total health. Not only is Kacheek Life Potion an AMAZING weapon, but it is also a great deal! This potion is not too spendy on your piggy bank, so you will still be able to save for those fourteen other Kacheek morphing potions that you were hoping to buy. If you are hoping to turn other pets into Kacheeks (a wise choice if you ask us!), perhaps you should invest in another item called Kacheek Flour. Kacheek Flour is a battledome item that will turn your opposing pet into a Kacheek! While this can be quite mean, it also can be quite nice. It is common courtesy to let someone know if you plan to use this, though! What many people do is have Player A equip the Flour then have Player B steal the Kacheek Flour using a stealing item in the battledome. Player B then uses the Kacheek Flour on Player A. This practice is much cheaper than having to repeatedly buy Kacheek Morphing Potions if you wish to turn pets into one. Please remember that this item is one-use only! Kacheek Flour is a wonderful item that is also a great investment.

If you are still not convinced to go adopt or create a Kacheek, perhaps we will tell you about some of the more famous Kacheeks of Neopia. One of the most well-known Kacheeks today is Eliv Thade. He lived his life as the greatest puzzle solver to ever walk Neopia. He drove himself mad trying to figure out the only puzzle to ever stump him. Now, in death, Eliv roams his castle waiting for those silly enough to enter. Another almost equally famous Kacheek is Samrin, the hero of Extreme Herder. This petpet lover has saved his little friends on numerous occasions. He works day and night to make sure Balthazar doesn't make his precious petpets into his next meal. You may have also heard of the notorious Mr. Chuckles. This seemingly harmless Kacheek is anything but! He hasn't always been the bully everyone knows him as now. He used to be a normal Kacheek just making a living. When the Neopian economy took a turn for the worse, he was fired to cut costs. He now takes his vengeance out on anyone who threatens him in the battledome.

Another reason to love Kacheeks is their cleanliness and happiness. Kacheeks are the type of pet that loves to be pampered. You may have a Skeith and he's probably very dirty and not to mention smelly. The very moment he is morphed into a Kacheek, something *clicks* into his head to change his whole demeanor. Now, I could go on for twenty minutes explaining the chemical reaction that happens within the brain, but that would just be boring. So, instead, I will spare you the pain. Your precious Kacheek may be the sweetest thing in the whole world, but when not taken care of properly, can cause a huge uproar. It is for this reason that we paint them. Since there are very few Morphing Potions that contain the color that your pride-and-joy desires, it is safe to assume that many pet-owners shell out millions of Neopoints to make their precious happy. One pet might want to be painted White to make their clothes look just that much better. Another might want to become a Plushie. Whichever color you choose, we are sure your Kacheek will look spectacular.

While you may have a different opinion on what the best type of pet to have is, we hope that this article has made you appreciate Kacheeks enough to consider owning one yourself. To be a great pet-owner, you have to be able to put the high-maintenance of the Kacheek behind you to really appreciate how fantastic they really are. Now what are you waiting for? Go adopt your very own Kacheek today!

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