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Cheeky Colours: Which Best Describes You?

by fireairshadow


Who doesn't love a Kacheek? Their enchanting smile, those cute button-eyes, that happy swish of the tail as they merrily wander around Neopia... In fact, Kacheeks are reported to be the second most popular species on Neopia, with 16,701,422 created! Wow!

There are currently 48 Kacheek colours available – from the popular white, plushie and royal, to the totally edible chocolate, jelly and strawberry, and the spooky zombie, Halloween or mutant – every Kacheek of every colour are treasured and loved by their owners. So, if you are an owner of one of the 16,701,422 Kacheeks out there, or if you'd just like to join in the celebration, take this quiz and find out what Kacheek colour best describes you! Happy Kacheek Day!

1) It's Kacheek Day! Where are you most likely to be found?

a) Shopping for that perfect dress. If there's one day to look your best, it's today!

b) Enjoying a hot borovan on a Super Soft Faerieland Sofa, in a luxurious room on a terrace with beautiful views – while being waited on hand and foot.

c) Baking cupcakes and ensuring there are enough Kacheek Marshmallows on a Stick to go around – you wouldn't want anyone to miss out on the celebrations!

d) Getting your supply of Kacheek Pebble Lobbers ready – what's a celebration without some mischief?

2) The perfect weather for Kacheek Day would be...

a) Not too warm, not too cool. Wouldn't want to ruin your makeup!

b) Whatever you feel like on the day... Yes, you wish you could control the weather too.

c) Beautiful sunshine and fluffy white clouds. Is there anything fluffier than a cloud?

d) Raining! Hehehe.

3) Your perfect outfit for Kacheek Day would be...

a) Something stunning! That way all eyes are on you - like they should be!

b) Something expensive, rare, and well-sought-after. That way people know to respect you.

c) Whatever is comfortable, and suits the occasion.

d) Giant Moach Costume

4) Your favourite Neopian destination to visit on Kacheek Day...

a) The malls of Faerieland! That's the ultimate destination to see and be seen! The shops should totally give discounts to Kacheeks on Kacheek Day.

b) A quiet stroll on the boardwalks of Shenkuu...

c) Volunteering your time with the Soup Faerie in Neopia Central – giving is receiving!

d) Jelly World. Uh... Roo Island?

5) Kacheek Day wouldn't be complete without a meal of...

a) Kacheek Fruit Salad Sandwich sounds good. You've got a figure to maintain – the best dresses only come in certain sizes, you know.

b) A selection of Tea Sandwiches, followed by Black Caviar, followed by some Iced Illusen Tea... Only things fit for your high tastes, thanks.

c) Cupcakes, lollipops, sorbets, marshmallows...

d) Kacheek Transmogrification Potion – trust us, it tastes good!

6) Kacheek Day wouldn't be complete without a game of...

a) Fashion Fever! Or Usuki Frenzy! Or Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure!

b) Any game you can win at. You can never have too many trophies!

c) Petpet Rescue, Sophie's Stew, or perhaps Berry Bash.

d) April Fools! What do you mean it's not April yet?

7) Before Kacheek Day is over, you make sure you have...

a) Been noticed, and complimented on your outfit, at least once.

b) Enjoyed yourself – that's all that matters, right?

c) Made someone smile. :)

d) Given out at least 100 piles of dung. What? Sharing is caring!

So, what did you get?

Mostly As

You are best described as a white Kacheek! These little critters have the ideal height, weight and posture to be considered as a NC Mall model. They are usually the first to be pampered with all the latest fashions to come straight out of the catwalks of Faerieland. The owners of white Kacheeks tend to be very fashion-conscious, and it's rare that you will see a white Kacheek whose outfit is not perfectly planned. Like white Kacheeks, you are beautiful, charming and an eye for style. Just don't forget the power of inner beauty!

Mostly Bs

You are best described as a royal (boy or girl) Kacheek. You love to be pampered, to be waited on hand-and-foot, and to be given what you want, when you want it. And who doesn't? Whether by birth or achievement, you like to ensure that your elite status is not overlooked. Your account is likely to be adorned with trophies, stamps, avatars and an NC Mall album that others can only dream about. And you thoroughly enjoy showing them off. But remember to always be courteous and friendly, even to those of lesser achievement than you – you never know whose help you might need, one day.

Mostly Cs

You are best described as a plushie Kacheek. These Kacheeks are simply adorable, and can hardly walk out of home before being asked for a hug! Your heart is as soft and warm as these plush Kacheeks appear to be, and nothing delights you more than making someone else smile. Often you do not enjoy being in the limelight, and would prefer to work your magic behind the scenes. You are friendly, kind and down-to-earth, and everyone's favourite friend. Don't forget to take the credit for your hard work every now and then, though – you totally deserve it!

Mostly Ds

You are best described as a Darigan Kacheek – and I bet you're happy to know that! Fun-seeking though mischievous, you enjoy seeing other people's annoyance, and your work is not done until someone has been successfully pranked. No wonder others admire and fear you alike! You don't care what others think of you, but would it really hurt to be considerate of others sometimes? Perhaps your nonchalant bad-boy attitude is sustained by the inner-knowledge that while annoying, your pranks are never truly malicious. Your antics can always make someone smile – and that's not too bad a thing at the end of the day, right?

And that's the end of our quiz! Remember, there are 48 Kacheek colours in total – and only 4 have been used here. I have made some generalisations, and it's important to remember that each Kacheek is unique, and has his or her own personality. But every Kacheek, and every Neopet, wants to be loved! If you would love another member in your family, why not celebrate Kacheek Day by adopting a Kacheek from the pound? They are definitely one of the best species in Neopia.

Happy Kacheek Day!

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