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The All New Colors of Year 13

by 1engel


Also by pillepalle77

We have seen many notable events in Year 13 happen in Neopia. There was the Festival of Neggs, Trillionftw Auctions (best event ever!), the Altador Cup VI and the disappearance of Krawk Island to name just a few. Year 13 also brought us four new colors – up to now only available for some selected species, but I am sure that will change soon enough. Do you remember all of them?

The first new color introduced in Year 13 was 8-bit. The 22nd March (Chomby day) brought us two new colors for Chombies – a Glowing Chomby and the all new 8-bit Chomby. An amazing color! The gamer in me simply adores it. It always reminds me of games I used to play when I was younger. I was waiting eagerly for more species to be available in this color. And I did not have to wait for long. Only one month later an 8-bit Kougra was released for Kougra Day. Since Kougras are my favorite species, I decided that I had to have one of these. Even more Pets followed. Up to now you can also paint Grundos, Moehogs and Aishas in this adorable color. Of course there are also several petpets available in 8-bit to match the Pets – namely Drackonacks, Gobblers, Kadoaties and Slorgs can be painted with this gorgeous color.

Unfortunately 8-bit is a Lab-only color. You can get it only by zapping it with the Lab-Ray. But be aware if you choose to do so – serious damage may happen to your Pet during zapping. You might even end up with a Green Uni instead of the desired 8-bit painted Pet.

The next new color introduced in Year 13 was Swamp Gas. On 21th June the late Kau day introduced a Skunk Kau to us – together with the Swamp Gas Kau. To be honest, I do not like this special color very much. Somehow it looks "smelly" - don't you think so? Anyhow more species followed. Roughly a month later the Swamp Gas Tuskaninny was presented for Tuskaninny Day. The Swamp Gas Ogrin as well as a Swamp Gas Techo followed at the respective species special Days. There are not yet any petpets paintable in this color, but I have to say that I truly do not miss them. However – in case you like Swamp Gas Pets, be prepared to spend a lot of money to get it. I think the Paint Brushes go for 7.000.000 NP – 9.000.000 NP. You better start saving right now. Or you gamble a bit at the Alien Vending Machine. I have heard rumors that you may be able to win a Swamp Gas Paint Brush there....

Fortunately the next new color was a more favorable one. Since Kyrii Day (30th August) you can paint your Kyrii in two new colors – silver and the beautiful, all new Water color. Whenever I see a Water painted Pet I feel like I am inside a great ocean and I expect a fish to swim by every moment. I think you have to agree that "Water" is a gorgeous color. The art is amazing! Only one week later a Water Draik was released for Draik Day and more Pets followed. As of now, eight species can be painted in this lovely new color. This includes the already mentioned species Kyrii and Draik as well as Jetsam, Uni, Yurble, Usul, Wocky and Gnorbu. Unfortunately no Petpets can be painted Water yet. That is really a pity since I would love to own a Water Pet with a matching Water Petpet. Since the Water-colored Pets are well liked, it is no surprise that the Water Paint Brush is really expensive. You can get one for 20.000.000 NP – 25.000.000 NP at the Trading Post. Not the cheapest color to paint to your Pet, but in my opinion, it is well worth it. There are also some Morphing Potions out there – namely a Water Kyrii Morphing Potion and a Water Draik Morphing Potion. So you may as well try to restock them at Kauvara's Magic Shop. Best of luck getting one! In case you really fail at restocking (I do) and you know it will take you forever to save up 20.000.000 NP – go and try the Alien Vending Machine – you might be lucky and get a Water Paint Brush there.

The last new color was introduced to us on 26th October. Two new colors for Korbats have been released to celebrate Korbat Day – Sketch and Wraith. Guess which one is the new color... Wraith? Right! The brand new color is eerie and beautiful at the same time. Maybe it is a leftover from the Faeries' Ruin Plot? Do you remember all the Shadow battledome enemies during the plot? In case you forgot all about looks, just take a glance at a Wraith painted Pet. I am sure your memory will return in an instant. Within the next two months three more species became paintable in Wraith: Pteri, Bruce and Ogrin. I hope to see more of them in the near future. A Wraith Draik or Krawk would be simply stunning! There is also one Wraith Petpet available – the Captive Shadow Wraith – which was a prize for participating at the Faeries' ruin plot. I think this is one of the rare cases (if not the only one) where a certain color was available to a Petpet before the respective Pet Paint Brush was released.

Again you have to pay a huge sum in case you like the Wraith color and want to paint one of your Pets. There are only a few Wraith Paint Brushes available at the Trading Post and they go for about 20.000.000 NP – give or take a million – depending on the seller. Or, as usual, try the Alien Vending Machine. There is always a small chance that you will get a Paint Brush – maybe even a Wraith Paint Brush....

These four new colors – 8-bit, Swamp Gas, Water and Wraith really made my personal Year 13 a good one. Well, maybe only three of them since I just can not get used to Swamp Gas Pets. Anyway I really hope to see some more all new, beautiful colors around in Year 14. The first one, Eventide, has already been introduced and I am looking forward to see plenty more.

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