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Customization Guide: Helpful Dressing Tips for MSPPs

by lute248


Introduction to Your MSP Poogle's dressing needs:

So you have just traded your pretty pet in exchange for an elusive Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle (MSPP) or finally managed that lucky MSP lab ray zap on your Poogle; well, congratulations.

This infamous and popular pet is sure going to make your friends jealous and shudder as they stare in awe and fear at your Poogle's one million neopoint conniving smile.

However, the question that pops on many MSP Poogle owners is finding those perfect wearable items to match their MSP Poogle's customization theme so as to bring out the true sinister nature of their Poogle's smile. Well, here in this guide, I would explore some of my personal favorite wearables that would definitely complement your MSP Poogle's bright whitening smile.

The Stylish Wearables:

1) Item Name: Gothic Inspired Makeup

Item Type: Neocash Mall Item (Rarity 500)

Where to obtain: This was a Bronze Tier Gothic Machine prize from the Bigsby Shadington's Wonderclaw game. (Still currently available at the time of writing this article.)

Comments: One of my two favorite makeup kits out of all the makeup kits available in the NC Mall. This is primarily because the gothic make-up blends in perfectly with your MSP Poogle's deep ruby eyes and white sharp teeth to give him/her a sense of menace to his/her surroundings.

So as a result, many customizable themes would definitely match with this make up kit, not just Gothic style. I have personally used this make-up kit to customize my MSP Poogle ranging from the Krawkly inspired Halloween costume to a mysterious banker in Neovia and even a mischievous circus freak.

2) Item Name: Mr. Chuckles Make-Up Kit

Item Type: Neocash Mall Item (Rarity 500)

Where to obtain: This item retired from the NC Mall so it can no longer be obtained from the NC Mall anymore.

Comments: Like the Gothic Inspired Makeup, this make-up kit complements both MSP Poogles' eyes and teeth so as to give your Poogle a sinister look.

However, I personally recommend this Make-Up Kit over the Gothic Inspired Makeup if you're essentially looking for a Mr. Chuckles or Carnival of Terror themed customization. That is because the red nose and the additional make up markings on the Poogle's forehead are those minor touches that definitely evoke a sense of sinister threat for onlookers and this is certainly one jokester you don't want to mess with.

3) Item Name: Cover of Darkness Foreground

Item Type: Neopoints Item (Rarity 101)

Where to obtain: This was one of the prizes awarded for the 2010 Game Masters Challenge

Price: 105k at the time of writing this article

Comments: Kudos for TNT creating this magnificent foreground that would be a perfect match for any sort of Spooky Haunted Woods or Halloween related Backgrounds. (Neovian Twilight Background and Jack-o-Lantern House Background definitely come into mind.)

I personally feel when a MSP Poogle wears this magnificent foreground, there's a shroud of mystery that comes into your question about the true agenda of your Poogle.

As a result, you can customize many mysterious themes for your Poogle using this foreground such as Detectives, Bankers and even spooky witch costumes.

4) Item Name: Any colored Warlock Wig (I personally recommend Grey or Orange Warlock wig in order to match the base colours of a MSP Poogle.)

Item Type: Neocash Mall Item (Rarity 500)

Where to obtain: This was one of the prizes awarded for the Castle Nox – Corridor of Chance game but it is no longer available.

Comments: This is the very wig that scared the living daylights out of me when I tried it on my Poogle the other day. As a person who has a very picky taste in choosing the wearable wigs for my MSP Poogle to wear, I personally adore how the wig is styled slicked up as compared to the other wearable wigs where the hair is worn down or tied back.

As a result, I can see many customization themes involving mad scientists and wizards that can be done on your MSP Poogle using this peculiar and stylish wig.

5) Item Name: Brown Suit Coat

Item Type: Neopoints Item (Rarity R80)

Where to obtain: This item currently restocks in the Neovian attire shop.

Price: 2.5k (Yes, it really is so cheap.)

Comments: This slick brown suit coat has gotten wonderful praise from an avid customizer like me, especially on how awesome it fits with the facial expression of your MSP Poogle and gives your MSP Poogle that professional businessman look unlike no other.

Many customizable themes can be explored using this nifty coat such as a businessmen, wealthy millionaire, and news reporter. Best of all, this item is extremely cheap, so any MSP Poogle would immediately rush to the Shop Wizard and buy one straight away after reading this article.

6) Item Name: Royal Boy or Royal Girl Poogle Paint Brush Clothing

Item Type: Paint Brush Clothing (Rarity R101) No trade

Where to obtain: You can only obtain the clothes by painting one of your other Poogles using the Royal Paint Brush. The Royal Paint Brush can be bought from the Hidden Tower.

Cost: 1.75 million neopoints from the Hidden Tower

Comments: I have saved the best for last because out of all the Poogle paint brush clothes that I own, the royal paint brush clothing definitely stands out particularly because of how the colors of the cloak, gown, blouse and crowns match appropriately with the correct choice of backgrounds and foregrounds so as to emphasize the importance of your MSP Poogle's worth.

You can easily utilize these beautiful Royal clothes if you're planning to do a royalty and wealthy millionaire customization. Please be aware that the focus on those themes is the immense evil wealth and power of these MSP Poogles, not necessarily the menacing physical threat the other customizable themes have focused on so far.

Final Styling Tips:

So as we conclude this article, please be aware that the gender of your MSP Poogle affects the way you customize your Poogle to his/her particular theme. So feel free to use any other appropriate wearables to match your Poogle especially since the colored Warlock wigs are better suited for Male MSP Poogles instead of females.

Feel free to mix and mash with any other wearables that I did not mention in this guide, but please be aware not to over-customize your MSP Poogle with too many wearable items, as there is a higher chance that it would deviate from your Poogle's desired customization theme greatly.

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