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Saving Silver

by skystreamer61


"Heads up!" yelled Snowy, a pure white Xweetok, as she threw a snowball at her blue Kacheek friend, Dixi.

      "Oof!" yelled Dixi as the snowball hit the side of her head. "This is a nice snow day, so don't ruin it with uncalled for snow ambushes!" Dixi joked, returning the hit.

      "Owwie! You hit my face," Snowy said, right before tackling Dixi as they started to play fight.

      "Girls, want hot cocoa?" their owner, Nari, asked.

      "Hot cocoa at 8:00 AM?! BONUS!!!" Snowy yelled, followed by Dixi's woot of approvement. Nari laughed and let the Neopets in. An hour later, with cocoa gone and energy restored, the two went outside again.

      "I love cocoa and snow," Dixi stated.

      "Too bad cocoa melts snow or is cold because of snow," Snowy complained jokingly. The two laughed and continued to play in the rare Mystery Island snowstorm. About three hours later, the snow started melting, and the girls heard a whimper coming from the bush.

      "What, Snowy?" Dixi asked.

      "I didn't say anything!" Snowy replied. Dixi looked at her for a second, until they heard the sound again.

      "It came from that bush," Dixi stated, pointing at a bush covered with snow. They walked over there, paws crunching from the snow below. Snowy opened the bush so the two could see through it.

      "It is an Abominable Snowball! He must've come here when it snowed... Poor thing, he'll melt soon after the snow is gone!" Snowy exclaimed.

      "We should take him inside. We have air conditioning; it will be enough, right?" Dixi asked. Snowy nodded.

      "I read a book about it. At least 60 degrees and lower will keep him whole. Usually it's 90 degrees out here most of the time..." Dixi's eyes looked worried as Snowy explained what she read. They decided to bring the Abominable Snowball inside with them.

      "Nari! Nari, can we keep this Petpet? He'll die in the sun. PLEASE!!!" Dixi asked Nari once they were inside their Neohome.

      "I'm sorry, Dixi, we can't afford another person under this roof, but we can take him to Terror Mountain," Nari offered. However, at that, the Petpet started whining.

      "Nu, nu, not Tewwow Mountain!" it said.

      "Oh my gosh, he can talk!" Snowy exclaimed.

      "Yesh, I can tawk. But now vewy gewd," he replied.

      "That's so cute, but why not Terror Mountain?" Nari asked him.

      "My owld famiwy is 'dere! Dey were mean tew mee! I wan away on purpose!" the Petpet explained.

      "We can take you to Shenkuu?" Nari offered. The Petpet shook his head.

      "Nu! It wun't be 'da same 'dere eider!" he protested.

      "Dixi, Snowy, if you like him that much, you can take him to the Petpet store," Nari whispered to the two.

      "We will!" Dixi and Snowy lied, reading each other's minds. They took the Petpet and headed to their friend Lupe's (Jo's) house. They knocked on the door until Jo came to answer it.

      "Hi, Dixi, hi, Snowy! What brings you here?" Jo asked when he answered the door.

      "We need you to do us a favor," Dixi explained.

      "If I can do it, I will! What is it?"

      "We need you to watch this little guy for us," Snowy said, showing him the Abominable Snowball.

      "Can do, my owner loves Petpets! And he knows everything about them, especially this species! What's his name, though?" Jo asked.

      "I have nune," the Petpet said.

      "He talks?! Wicked!!!" Jo said. "Oh, and he doesn't have a name?"

      "No," the two Neopets said.

      "I wunt to be named Silvur!" the Petpet said.

      "Silver?" the three neopets chorused. The snowy Petpet nodded.

      "Silver it is!" Snowy announced. Snowy and Dixi said bye to Jo and Silver, and promised to visit them. They finally made it to their Neohome and stepped inside.

      "Did the Petpet store take him?" Nari asked.

      "Yes," the two said, acting extremely sad.

      "I'm sorry, girls... Maybe someday you can have a Petpet. At least that little guy is safe," she assured them. The two kept acting said until they were upstairs in their room.

      "She fell for it!" Dixi exclaimed.

      "I feel bad for lying to her, though... It just doesn't feel right," Snowy said guiltily, and Dixi nodded her agreement. They then went to bed after chatting a bit and eating some Giant Omelette pieces.

      The very next day, the girls were awoken by a ring at their door. They went downstairs, saw Nari had already gone to work, and answered the door.

      "Hi, girls!" Jo said.

      "Hewwo hewoz!" Silver said excitedly, running up to hug them.

      "Hi, Jo, what's wrong?" Dixi asked. "Did your owner say no to keeping Silver?"

      "No, he was thrilled, but yesterday our AC broke, so we can't keep Silver!" he said. "And it's not snowing anymore."

      "Oh no! What are we going to do?" Snowy gasped.

      "We could keep him, but it will have to be a secret; we can make a bed for him in our room," Dixi offered.

      "I can help with taking care of him. My owner will borrow me money and not tell if we tell him why," Jo also offered.

      "Okay, then. It is settled. We keep Silver here!" Snowy announced happily. That night, when Nari came home, the girls hid Silver in their room.

      "Hey, girls! What did you do today?" Nari asked.

      "We went to check on the Petpet we saved, but he was adopted!" Dixi lied, in case Nari would try to see if they did bring him there.

      "I'm sorry, you two..."

      "It's okay," Snowy said. "We're tired; we're gonna go up now."

      "Okay. Good night, Dixi! Night, Snowy!" Nari said.

      "Good night!" the girls said.

      It was a week later, and Silver was still not found out by anyone but Jo's owner, Jo, and the girls. However, they had been having trouble for a couple days. Silver was sick, and was acting very fussy, causing a lot of noise. It was then that Nari came to check on the girls, wondering why they were upstairs so much. She came in unexpectedly while they were feeding him.


      "Jo's owner is taking care of the expenses!" Snowy tried to explain. That calmed Nari down a bit, but she was still mad.

      "However, you two still disobeyed me. Why?"

      "We gave him to Jo, but then his AC broke. We don't want to take him to the store to be sold to a stranger that doesn't know his needs so we kept him!" Dixi explained quickly. Nari blinked sympathetically.

     "Girls, we can't use Jo and his owner for a Petpet they don't own. We can tell the Petpet store owner to make sure they sell him to an expert," she offered.

     "No, we'll miss him!" Snowy protested. Just then the doorbell rang. They all went down to open it.

      "Jo? Why are you here so early?" Dixi asked.

      "My AC is fixed, we can keep Silver... I mean, hi Nari!"

      "Don't worry, I know," Nari said.

      "Oh, okay!"

      So Jo took Silver in his care, and they all were able to visit each other ever since.

      Moral of story: Stick to whatever you think is the best thing to do.

The End

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