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Why I Love Being a Long Time Neopian

by 1engel


Also by vapor647

I have been around at Neopia for about six years now and I loved every single one of them. Although I have to admit that I did not play six years straight. I took several breaks and ended up missing some really amazing site events like the "Lost Desert Plot" and "Cyodrake's Gaze" – but I also participated in many great Neopian events like the "Tale of Woe", "The Faeries' Ruin" and "The Atlas of the Ancients" to name only a few of them. So I think I should not be too depressed about those that I did miss...

But apart from the fantastic site events that I have been able to enjoy, there are some more reasons for me to love my old account – and here are some of them:

1. Hidden Tower Discount

*happy dance* Come on – who does not like discounts? You have to be at least four months to get access to the Hidden Tower – and at least 60 months to get a 3% discount every third Wednesday of the month. And what lovely things you can find there... a Baby Paint Brush (discounted only 582,000 NP; a real deal, don't you think?), oh – and look here – the lovely Faerie Queen Doll, only 1,940,000 NP for all you long-time-Neopians. What a bargain!

Or maybe you are more interested in Battledome items? Come – get your super discounted Ghostkerbomb for only 7,275,000 NP and save 225,000 NP. Or go for the Twin Faerie Blades and save 390,000 NP on discount day – that way you can get your Royal Petpet Paint Brush (without discount 400,000 NP) basically free. You have to admit the Hidden Tower Discount is just great!

2. NC Mall Experienced User Shop

I really love customizing my Pets. You too? Yes? Great – I knew your answer before I even asked... The NC Mall is great – no question here – but in case you are looking for something special, why not try the NC Mall Experienced User Shop if your account is at least 49 months? You can find there such lovely things as the Garden Gate Foreground, a Delightful Heart Lute or – my favorite – the Floating Happiness Faerie Doll. Come shopping and get your Pet something really special. I am sure you will both love it – go ahead and try it!

3. Almost Abandoned Attic

Shout "Hooray" if you have been a Neopian for at least 36 months – you can now enter the Almost Abandoned Attic. What a great day for you and your Pets. Take a look around at all those magnificent things that can be found here. Let me just mention briefly that the attic can stock items ranging from rarity 80 to rarity 99. This means that you might be able to get your Draik Egg or your Krawk Morphing Potion at the attic. You have to admit that this is really exciting! All the items at the Almost Abandoned Attic are priced based on there "estimated value" - therefore, you can make some real bargains here. You might be super lucky and get your Red Draik Egg here for only 70,000 NP. I am not sure about their price at the Trading Post, but I think it is safe to assume that it is far more. I would guess something like 7,000,000 NP – so you really made a deal here. What are you waiting for – go and get yourself something good at the Attic!

4. Extra user-to-user pet transfer

As you might recall, you have a certain amount of user-to-user transfers per month. Starting from 1 incoming and 1 outgoing transfer at an account age of 1 month, you get one more incoming and outgoing transfer for every two years, so you end up at 6 incoming and 6 outgoing transfers if your account is older than 120 months. Although I generally hate the idea of giving any one of my pets away, I still think the feature is just great in case you are trying to trade up for your dream pet.

5. Enlarged neomail-inbox

Yet another feature that you will highly appreciate once you get it. Usually your inbox can contain only 100 messages. Once you reach that limit, no one will be able to send you a neomail. So none of your neofriends can contact you. It is really a pity. Their only choice is to send you an item as a reminder for you to clear your inbox. But starting at the account age of 36 months, your inbox can contain 10 additional messages for every three months of account age. Got it? This means that accounts of 63 months or older can have up to 200 messages in their inbox without clogging it. That's just great! You basically never have to worry again about the amount of messages in your inbox, and all your neofriends will find it much easier to contact you.

6. Reading books to your Pet without them vanishing for good

I promise you that you will be very fond of this special feature. Just imagine your Pet really likes to read a lot of books and you – as a very good owner try to get him/her as many books as you can. It is inevitable that you will end up some day at the really expensive books. And now just think about your joy if your recently bought, super expensive book does not vanish once your Pet reads it. You can go and trade it for yet another book your Pet has not yet read. And this can already happen to accounts of the age two years – that is just awesome!

Of course these are not all of the special features available to aged accounts. There are a couple more, but I do not want to spoil your surprise by telling you all of them – go and try to find some more on your own. I am sure you will be surprised!

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