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Pet Trading Tips!

by _unis4ever_


NEOBOARDS - Even if you are not a regular of the Pound Chat, you have probably wandered onto the board at some point or another. Perhaps you were trying to click on Neopian Writers, or even the Newbies board. Or perhaps you were looking for a place to "learn about Neopets that other users are going to abandon and find out stories about other Neopians who have adopted Neopets." Ha ha ha, why would you be looking for that on the Pound Chat?

Whatever the case may be, you will have seen that this Neoboard is one of the fastest-moving and confusing places in Neopia. One of the most confusing things about it is there seem to be unspoken rules and guidelines that are utterly befuddling to the average Neopian. In order to help you out, I've compiled some tips that will help you trade your pet.

1. Know the lingo before you go.

People on the Pound Chat, or PC, seem to have the strangest abbreviations. If you want to fit in (or just not be lost!), make sure you know a few basic abbreviations.

UFT = up for trade

UFA = up for adoption

UC = unconverted (old-style artwork)

D/UC/K or DUCK = Draik, unconverted, and Krawk

WN/DN/BN = well-named, decently-named, badly-named (add a V for very)

BD = battledome (a pet with stats)

RW/RN = real word or real name

OTB = offer to beat

NTY = no thank you

There are plenty of other abbreviations, but these are the most commonly used and therefore the most important. If you hang around the PC enough, you will easily get the hang of it!

2. Feed your pets.

It sounds simple, but many people neglect to keep their pets happy. It goes a long way to see smiling faces on neopets, instead of sad, crying eyes. Not only does it make the pet you are trying to trade seem more appealing, but it shows that you are an owner who will not treat your pets badly. Along the same lines, it is also helpful to customise your pet with a simple background or garland. Doing so will help to show off your pet and complement his or her beauty.

3. Know your "values".

Now, we all know that you can't put a value on love, but in the world of pet trading, some pets are "worth" more than others. This is because certain colours or species are harder to obtain and are therefore rarer. In order to avoid over- or under-offering, make sure you know what kinds of pets the pet you are trying to trade are generally traded for. For example, basic pets, unless limited edition, cannot be traded for very much at all. D/UC/Ks are the most rare, so they generally only trade within that category. WN pets are much easier to trade than BN pets.

Psst, see how I'm trying to incorporate the abbreviations to help you learn faster?

4. Be clear with your title and first post.

Once you decide to make a board, it is very important that you do not use a false title or otherwise aggravate the chatters of the PC. (Some are very easily aggravated!) For example, a title like "DN White Shoyru UFT, seeking Poogles" will get you more offers than a title like "OMGGG I FOUND A DRAIK IN THE POND LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHIFT1!!" and will create a lot less drama.

In your first post, list your pet's name, species, colour, and BD stats if applicable. State clearly what kinds of pets you are seeking. If you're not sure what to look for, that's fine! You can write "Looking at all offers" instead. If you do, be prepared for a wide array of offers, though, including ones that might not necessarily be worth your pet.

5. Be patient.

Good things really do come to those who wait. Unless you are an extremely lucky person, you probably won't find exactly what you're looking for within ten minutes. Although the PC seems very fast-paced and exciting, you will soon find out that most of it is just mindless "bumping" – reposting on your topic over and over again to bring it back to the top of the topic list. You can entertain yourself by dragging a friend along to chat with, playing Key Quest, playing Neoquest, or anything else your heart desires.

Even if you don't find what you want in one day, you have plenty of other chances. Trading is all about luck and persistence. Try coming online at different times of the day. Don't give up after only a week. As many of the most successful traders will tell you, some trades take a year to find, while some only take a few minutes. If you keep advertising, you will most likely eventually find something.

6. Don't keep OTBs waiting forever.

A bad habit that many PCers have is never answering back their OTBs. People do this for a variety of reasons. They may have simply forgotten, in which case it's always best to check with the person yourself if you are the OTB. Many times, though, traders just take a very, very, VERY long time deciding – usually because they are always holding out for a "better" offer.

Don't be this person. It's fine to tell an offer that you will let him know your decision to trade or not in a week, or even two weeks. But please, if you're going to take longer than that, at least don't be angry when you mail him back to trade and he says he has already traded. After all, when he offered on your pet and you didn't accept right away, that doesn't mean he has to stop offering his pet to wait for your answer.

The best tactic to avoid this situation is to make up your mind quickly. If you really do think you can get a better offer, then go ahead and reject the offer so that person doesn't have to be stuck.

7. Last but certainly not least, be polite.

The PC can be a scary place, yes, but it doesn't have to be mean. Always treat others with respect and kindness. If someone is really becoming a problem or won't leave you alone, block them. Don't let a mean player rule your feelings over the internet. And don't hurt other people, because even though you know the rules of trading now, someone else might not. Everyone was a beginner once, so instead of harassing the newbies, try to help them out.

Good luck in your trading endeavors!

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