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Tips for a Safe Ixi Day

by rainingzomutts


As Neopians from around the globe gather in Meridell this month to celebrate the discovery of the Ixi, one must be aware that there are certain dangers that can be encountered. We at the Official Ixi Day Committee will be providing pamphlets to all those in attendance. Please make sure to read your pamphlet and if you have any concerns, there will be several Committee members available to answer any questions.

Tip #1: Watch for those sharp pointy horns.

An Ixi’s horns are not just for decoration. They provide the Ixi with a valuable weapon when needed. As there will be a lot of running during the festivities, please be aware when Ixi are running anywhere near you, especially if the direction of travel is towards you. This tip follows the same line as don’t run with scissors. They are sharp and pointy and you could stab your eye out with them.

Tip #2: Beware an Ixi’s hooves.

An Ixi’s hooves are very sharp. They are very hard and can cause a lot of damage to an unprotected foot, paw, or fin. Please wear sturdy shoes to the festivities, as there will be a lot of Ixi around who may be less concerned with your footwear. Large crowds of neopets will cause a fair amount of jostling. Please make sure you are aware of where your neighbor’s feet are and that your own feet steer clear of any hooves near you.

Tip #3: Hold tight to your purse.

As we all learned last year, there are thieves amongst the famous Neopians. Hanso, being the newest member of this elite group, and an Ixi to boot, is sure to be present at this year’s Ixi Day festivities. Please make sure all of your valuables are accounted for and if you cannot stand to lose it, leave it at home. Hanso is known for his sticky fingers, his quick reflexes, and his attraction to shiny objects. If you must wear your most sparkling jewels and spend quite a bit of neopoints, please keep your purse strings tied tightly and check constantly for your jewelry.

Tip #4: Carry your identification on you at all times.

We are expecting a great number of folks this year. And as such, there are always problems of separation. Please make sure to carry your identification on you at all times so that if you become lost, the proper people can be notified.

Tip #5: Where’s your buddy?

Make sure to bring someone with you to this year’s festivities. They should be responsible, dependable, and trustworthy. We can’t have you losing your buddy or vice versa! There will be lots to see and even more to do and we don’t want any accidents happening. If you do get separated from your buddy, we certainly hope you followed Tip #4.

Tip #6: No outside food or drink.

As Meridell is in such close proximity to Darigan Citadel, and as hostilities have been open before, please make sure you purchase food and drink only from licensed official venders on site. Anything that you bring yourself must be left at the gate. This is for safety and security reasons. No one wants an outbreak of food poisoning because you ran into a shifty stranger or meepit on your way to the gate.

Tip #7: Avoid clothing decorated with bullseyes.

Meridellians are known for their archery. There will be an archery contest held this year. Avoid wearing any bullseye-decorated clothing for your own safety. This includes jewelry, belts, bags, and any other items that may be decorated with that pattern. If you are found wearing anything with a bullseye pattern, you will be taken to the Security tent and your clothing replaced with a rotten potato sack.

Tip #8: Avoid the mortog pool.

Mortogs are a very valuable petpet to Meridellian society. However, they are highly nervous petpets and do not like crowds. During the Ixi Day festivities, all normal activities and games are suspended, as there are too many folks around to assure safety. Mortogs have the unusual ability to explode upon contact. When they are nervous, this ability is heightened and unpredictable. Please avoid the mortog pool at all costs. They stain clothing when exploded. If you do come in contact with these petpets, please see the nurse in the medical pavilion immediately.

Tip #9: Stay away from the King.

King Skarl is not an affable fellow at the best of times. He is a very suspicious individual. Avoid eye contact, sudden movements, and telling him horrible jokes. King Skarl is likely to send you to the dungeon for the day if you tell him an awful joke. Please assume that any joke you may tell the King is terrible. You will not be able to leave the dungeon until the King is ready for you to leave. He has been known to leave poor neopets down there for months before remembering their existence. Simply stay away from the King.

Tip #10: Watch out for flying potatoes.

The Wocky who runs Extreme Potato Counter has quite an excellent arm on him. He has been known to hit other neopets with rotten vegetables if they guess the wrong number of floating potatoes. If you guess incorrectly, we suggest you run very quickly in a zig zag pattern until you are past the Giant Marrow.

Tip #11: Keep youngsters away from the Rubbish Dump.

The Rubbish Dump is NOT a playground. It is where all of Meridell dumps their trash. Do not let youngsters play there. They can be hurt, pick up awful diseases, and be bitten by moquots. There are designated play areas in Meridell. Allow your youngsters to play in the designated areas only. Please. King Skarl has stated that he will not be held responsible for any injuries or illness associated with the Rubbish Dump. This is Royal Decree and you have been warned.

Tip #12: Do not climb on the Giant Marrow.

The Giant Marrow is a vegetable and not a toy. Meridellians take great pride in growing the largest marrow in Neopia. As such, if it were to be damaged by poking, prodding, or being climbed upon, severe punishments will be administered. If injuries are associated with climbing on the Giant Marrow, the responsible party will be escorted out of Meridell immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to read this safety pamphlet. This pamphlet is intended to make this Ixi Day the safest in history. If you have any questions, please see our Committee members. If you have any complaints, you may kiss a mortog. Have a happy and safe Ixi Day this year!

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