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Kadding Your Way to an Avatar!

by ayeitsgabby


If you want to learn how to feed those pesky little kadoaties, you have came to the right place! If you're going for the "Kadoatery-Mew!" avatar or just feeding for fun, it is always quite rewarding and a fun activity to take up. To start off, you do not have the be super "rich" to feed these cute cat-like petpets. Most items are very cheap; they can be from 1 neopoint - 2 million neopoints! You just have to get lucky when you feed. You can feed on any internet connection. To those who have dial-up, do not get discouraged, still try!

If you are unfamiliar with the Kadoatery, it is located in the Neopian Plaza. It sits right beside of the Wishing Well, in the upper left hand corner of the screen. When you first get into the Kadoatery, do not feel the need to buy the expensive items first shown. Those items on the top two rows are called unbuyables, meaning you cannot find them on the Shop Wiz. There are certain times when the Kads ask for more cheaper food, you will learn all about this further into the guide!

If you are thinking, what time should I go to the Kadoatery and refresh?, there is a special board with all the times. If you go on to the game boards, you will see a board with the title with "Kadoatery Feedings Time" or something very similar. You will want to click on there, and go to the latest page to see the time. There are kind Neopians that take time out of their day to keep track of the Kad refresh times. (This board is up and running 24 hours a day, so don't worry.) You will see posts from fellow users that look like this "main pending rf@ :30". This means you want to watch the clock and refresh with the minute gets on "30" and when the seconds are on "20". So an example of the time you want to refresh would be "7:30:20". All these times will be in Neopian Standard Time, so watch the block on your navigation bar, not the one on your computer!

Now that you are familiar with how the times work for the refreshes, now we can go on and talk about the different styles of feeding Kads! There are three common ways: inventory feeding, Shop Wiz feeding and safety deposit box feeding. All are very common and easy to learn how to feed off of. I like to Shop Wiz feed, I find it quite easy for myself, but everyone likes different things!

The first, and most common method is inventory feeding. This is when you get a group of items that have something in common, such as "Chia Pops", "Fruit", "Cheese" and etc. There are many Kad food lists floating through out Neopia. Your inventory can hold up to 50 items, so there you want to have 50 items in your inventory to feed those hungry little Kads. If you have a problem finding a food list, please neomail me and I will send you one. It is also very nice to have three tabs open when you feed; one for the board, one for the Kadoatery and one for your inventory. When you see a food item that a Kad wants in your inventory, you can click on the Kad, and bam, you feed a kad!!

There is a second way of feeding, and it's called safety deposit box feeding (SDB Feeding). This is where you can hold hundreds of thousands of food items in your SDB. You'll want to get a food list and go through and buy whatever items please you. For this type of feeding, it's best to not have pins in your SDB; it saves a lot of time. Once again, you'll want to have three tabs open, for the board, the Kadoatery and your SDB. You will notice in your SDB there is a little search bar. If you think you have the item a Kad wants, you copy and paste the item name into the box. If you have it, remove it and then click on the Kad and then you have a Kad fed! Woo hoo!!

This is the last way to feed, and it is my favorite of them all. The last method is called Shop Wiz feeding. This is where you have the Shop Wizard open in another tab. Once again, I recommend having three tabs open. One for the board, the Shop Wizard and the Kadoatery. For Shop Wiz feeding, you will have to search and buy the food for the kad. This may seem hard, but it just takes a few tries. When you see the Kads refresh, you want to copy and paste the item name into the search bar and buy it. Once you have it, you can click on the Kad and feed it! Make sure you have at least 50,000 neopoints out, since the prices of items vary. Also make sure you have your Shop Wiz finding the IDENTICAL to your phrase.

Here are some useful tips that don't fit into the parts above. I find it easier to feed when there are like 20,000 people online. The fewer people on, the better chance you have feeding a kad. There are people that are called "over feeders"; they are more experienced, and have a tendency to beat you on feeding a kad. Don't get discouraged, I have gotten beaten by SEVERAL of them. Just don't give up hope. If you notice a lot of over feeders are feeding right now, just wait a little bit.

Kad feeding is very addicting and a fun little hobby to take up. You can earn a nice spiffy little avatar once you feed enough of them! You also earn nice trophies along the way! Practice makes perfect, so just keep trying. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to neomail me. I'd love to help you out! Have fun and happy feed all!

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