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Guide to the Avatar Chat

by indicula


The Avatar Chat can be an amazing place to make new friends and hang out, but it can also be a daunting area for newcomers. If you have just started collecting avatars and are confused by the many acronyms and terms of the board, do not fret! You are not alone!!

This guide is an introduction to the Avatar Chat and I hope it will explain the things that took me several months to learn.


The Avatar Chat is home to a plethora of acronyms and terms and it can be easy to get lost in the busyness if you are not familiar with them. This section will elucidate common examples.

The AC: The Avatar Chat is often called the AC.

ACers: The people who chat in the AC frequently are often referred to as ACers.

Avatar Simon: A game played in the AC that is very similar to 'Simon Says'. The players must change their avatar to the avatar the leader uses. If they have the avatar, they get a point. The player with the most points at the end wins.

Avatar Pets: Many avatar pets have been given short forms.

FB = Fire Blumaroo

MR = Mummy Ruki

Coco = Coconut JubJub

OG = Orange Grundo

WL = Halloween Lupe

IQ= Island Quiggle

Avatar items: Many avatar items have been given short forms.

FQD = Faerie Queen Doll

ZDAP = Zafara Double Agent Plushie

BGC = Bony Grarrl Club

MSPP = Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TGC)

SuAP = Super Attack Pea

Competitions: Many Neopet competitions where avatars are awarded have been given short forms.

BTY = Better Than You

CC = Caption Contest

LC = Lenny Conundrum

Games: Many Neopet games where avatars are awarded have been given short forms.

LC = Lenny Conundrum

IoM = Invasion of Meridell

PT = Plushie Tycoon

NQ I = Neoquest I

NQ II = Neoquest II


As the name implies, the topics found in the Avatar Chat are avatar related. Below are the ones that are most commonly created.

Avatar Alert Boards: Some avatars can only be obtained on certain days or at certain times. Boards are created to alert Neopians that a certain avatar is available.

Chat Groups: Over time, Neopians with similar interests and goals have collaborated and made chat groups. For example, the MSPP/SuAP Lendees, TBGCC, or the Kadfriends. They are a great way to meet people and accomplish your neo-goals at the same time!

Avatar Related Games: Several games related to avatars have been created by Neopians that are played in the Avatar Chat. For example, Avatar Simon. Not only are they super fun, they give avatar collectors a chance to use and show off the many avatars they have achieved!

The Random, Just-For-Fun Boards: The Avatar Chat is full of boards such as, "Guessing avatar counts", "Do you know the person who posted before you?" and "Rating fonts"! These are made purely for fun and laughs.

Play __ With Me Boards: Company is the best when practising for some of the more challenging avatars! These topics are those where people work on a particular avatar together. Share your progress and tips with others!

Avatar Guild Advertising/Guildless Boards: There are many guilds that are structured around avatar collecting and frequently advertise in the Avatar Chat. Many avatar collectors also make "Guildless" boards which are boards where the original poster searches for a guild. Avatar guilds are a great way of making long-lasting friendships!

Guides: Several Neopians have made guides with strategies and tips for helping others to get certain avatars. These guides are often advertised in the Avatar Chat. Make use of them!

Lend Me/Lending Boards: Several avatars are obtained through the possession of a particular pet, petpet, petpetpet or item. Many Neopians who have these particular things have offered to lend them out to others through lending boards. People have also chosen to make their own "lend me" boards as a method of finding a lender.

Avatar Pet UFT Boards: Avatar pets are adorable, but nevertheless, are traded frequently. Avatar pets that are up for trade are often advertised in the Avatar Chat.

Buying/Selling Boards: Many avatars are associated with particular items. These items are bought and sold, and like any other items, are a part of the Neopian market. The Avatar Chat is used to find buyers and sellers for avatar related items.


1) Be honest and respectful. People do not mind if you are not familiar with avatar collecting or have questions but they do care if you are rude. Do not purposely stretch boards or post completely irrelevant comments. Most importantly, obey the rules set out by TNT!

2) Ask questions! Avatar collecting can be tricky and difficult. Avatar collectors don't bite. Do not be afraid to ask them a question! Use the experience of Neopians around you!

3) Work on your goals with friends. Chat groups and topics formed by people working on the same goals are not random! They exist because they make avatar collecting a lot more fun.

4) Collaborate. There is often more than one strategy that can be applied to achieve avatars and each one has pros and cons. Incorporate your findings with other people's. If you are receptive to suggestions, avatar collecting will be much easier!

5) Have fun and keep a positive attitude. This is what I consider the most important tip. It makes for a more lively chat and a much more fun avatar collecting experience!

This is the end of the guide! The Avatar Chat is a truly wonderful part of Neopets and of avatar collecting. I sincerely hope that the guide was useful and that you will have many fun experiences! If you see me around, please say hello. :)

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