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S.M.E.L.T. Game Guide

by prada_prince


For those of us who are not sure what Smelting means to begin with, it’s a process where you get metal pieces from ore. Simply think cookie cutters when you’re baking. You are tasked to cut out specific shapes to construct a requested item by your client. Don’t worry, you do not need to construct the actual objects, silly. You just need to cut the metal pieces. Here are some tips for you that might be handy when you cut your metal pieces.


This is very important; before you start cutting for the specific level, take note of the number of parts and how many Smelts you have. This can help you estimate how much spaced out you can cut your shapes away from one another. The more parts you need to create, the more you should try to squeeze your shapes into the Smelt Metal Piece. However, if you run out of space, do not worry as you may have more Smelt Pieces to cut from. This is why you need to OBSERVE such information before the levels.


About the Smelt Pieces, I would highly recommend to squeeze as many shapes as you can onto the first piece. As you go on to consecutive pieces, they get smaller in size and you can cut out fewer shapes from them. Another downside of using more Smelt Pieces is that you might lose time as the Smelt Pieces would take time to load before you can cut them. However, it IS NECESSARY for you to use more than 1 Piece of Metal to complete certain levels. Just try your best to cut and squeeze as many shapes from your first Metal Piece.


If you are going for high scores, you would want to consider the Time Bonus Points. Complete each round as fast as you can. The more time you have left on the clock, the more points you get. However, Time Bonus Points are pretty little, but it might make that slight difference in the first few levels where you can earn 10+ Time Bonus Points. Each second you have left awards you with 2 points.


During your first few levels, try not to overlap the pieces. You can achieve Perfect Cut Points for every perfect piece of metal you cut. However, in the higher levels, you would possibly not have enough time to carefully and accurately position your cutters to get perfect shapes. Do not worry about slightly overlapping the previous cut out shapes in the later levels, as TIME is more important, because you are given so little time to complete per level later on. This does not mean you go on a spam fest clicking hazard and click everywhere. You will still need to click correctly, so I suggest do it speedily but smartly.


Some people might find the box on the lower left useful as it tell you the next shape that you will be cutting from. Personally, I find it a distraction and in a rush for time to complete the level(s), usually I would just ignore it and focus on clicking on the metal piece to cut the respective shapes. It’s all about how fast you can think on your toes (not literally) as to how to fit in those shapes to cut. :P


One very great thing about this game is that you can repeat the same level again and again if you fail to complete the round. If you cannot complete that particular round, just keep practicing. Memorize the order of shapes because they are always in the same order for their respective levels and you should preplan and think ahead if you’re reattempting that level. Know where to place certain cutters and effectively use the metal space.


It’s best that you understand that certain cutters are best utilized on corners or edges, while some bigger pieces can only be fit in center areas. Rectangular Cutters or Angular Edged Block-like Cutters could be used on edges and sides. Circular Piece and irregular shapes fit in the center regions; and lastly the smaller and tinier shapes could squeeze in between bigger pieces. Practice a lot and over time you will understand better and would be able to cut faster at first glance of the shape cutters. Sometimes you would not get it on your first try. It’s alright. (:


For those pieces you are trying to get that last bit of the shape to fit, you can use keys X and Z to rotate. To turn your cutter piece in a Clockwise Direction, hit the X Button. The Z Button would be for an Anti-Clockwise Direction. I would suggest that you hold down your Button for 2-3 seconds if you’re doing a large rotation instead of 4-5 taps on the button. Tapping takes more time and each single second as you might already know is crucial. It could mean a pass or a fail in the level. You don’t want to restart the level cause you’re 1 second short, don’t you? ;)


For each second you have left on the clock, you will be awarded with 2 points.

For every shape that you cut out for the level, you will be awarded 20 points.

And for each perfect cut that you achieve, you will be awarded 1 point.


Hence, if you notice the point system here, you will get most points for completing shapes and moving on to the next level. So my suggestion is not to worry so much about accuracy and click as fast as you can on appropriate spaces. You would rack up more points if you were to complete more levels with more pieces to cut. It is just not worth the time to waste 2 seconds on accuracy to get that 1 extra point. With this, I bid you the best of luck cookie cutting. :P

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