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Tropical Delights: Ten Ways to Enjoy Lutari Day

by horreur


Neopians all over are gathered in celebration of Lutari Day. Many are preparing to embark on a journey to Lutari Island, the mystical origin of the Lutari. Whether you own a Lutari or are simply looking to celebrate Lutari Day for the unique and fun holiday that it is, I strongly implore you to visit the island. This guide may help you find excitement and great fun in every aspect of your trip to the mysterious and beautiful land.

1. Enjoy a Rainbow Lutari Cone.

Lutari Island is known to be the closest thing to paradise in Neopia. With its exotic geography and stunning sunsets, one honestly couldn't bear not visiting it at least once. The inhabitants of Lutari Island are also among the friendliest you are likely to meet -- and they are especially fond of offering Rainbow Lutari Cones to tourists!

Rainbow Lutari Cones are just one of the island's many delicious treats. The cone is shaped like the tail of a Lutari in true spirit of its name and a single scoop of ice cream sits atop its base. One large, sweet-flavored cherry is added as a token of welcome. The ice cream scoop is rainbow, much like the colourful feathers signature of Lutari Island. Each colour tastes a different flavour, but each flavour is more delicious than the last.

It just wouldn't be Lutari Day without a Rainbow Lutari Cone fresh from the island.

2. Begin an exploration of the beautiful Lutari Island.

Now that you've arrived and sampled your first taste of the Island (literally!), you are ready to embark on a memorable journey of Lutari Island's spectacular terrain. Either explore solo, with your Neopets, or with a guide. (This is actually recommended unless you have experience already navigating through difficult areas such as the Lost Desert, as the thick jungles of Lutari Island are often hard to travel through.) Be sure to pack plenty of the island's native foods -- such as a Lutari Pop or two -- should you become hungry throughout your journey.

You will find yourself amazed by the sheer beauty of the island as you explore it. The lush jungles, the invitingly glimmering pools and the ever-abundant supply of gorgeous feathers are all signature amenities offered in sight by Lutari Island. The land is so large that you may find yourself on a return visit in order to see everything.

3. Refresh yourself with Lutari Cocojuice.

The delightful shores of Lutari Island are filed with many hospitable residents. As you visit the island for Lutari Day, you will without a doubt be given the chance to drink Lutari Cocojuice. It's a good thing, too, as exploring the island at daytime can become quite tiring.

The Cocojuice is served in a rainbow coconut bowl, again representing the carefree nature of the island's colours. The juice is actually naturally found inside of the coconut. The coconut trees of Lutari Island grow year round and are quite taller than your typical trees. Therefore, it is common to present tourists with the fruits of the island that represent its perpetual growth. The Cocojuice is, in one word, delicious. You will find yourself completely rejuvenated after a hot day traversing the island after drinking only once. More sips will further enlighten you as to the remarkably tasty properties of the Cocojuice. It is a slightly fruity flavour that tastes strongly of tchea with an indescribable element that must be unique to Lutari Island.

Drinking a Lutari Cocojuice will make you feel more at home at Lutari Island, and most definitely a lot less tired!

4. Learn more about the fascinating lore of Lutari Island.

Even though the island is now accessible, there is still much to be learned about it. Its origins are a complete mystery to tourists and foreign scholars of Lutari Island. All that is hypothesized about the jungle-like paradise is that it rose out of the sea long ago and began migrating, someday to return back to its depths.

The islanders would be happy to provide you with much more lore (though one islander will not usually agree with another as to its legitimacy) as you become more familiar with Lutari Island. They are always overjoyed when a visitor takes interest in their history. Even if your Neopet is booked into the Neolodge during your stay at the island, you will at least be able to tell them a thing or two about your visit apart from how fabulous it was!

5. Adopt a Lutari.

Lutaris are very rare, mysterious creatures. Their personality is free, playful, and incredibly trustful. You cannot trade for them with other users, you cannot adopt them in the typical sense of the word, and if a cruel user deposits one into the pound, it will return to Lutari Island. However, these wonderful pets seem to be much easier to find on Lutari Day. If you are lucky enough as you pass by Lutari Island to meet a friend who is interested in joining you and your pets, you shouldn't miss your chance of adding a wonderful pet to your family. Keep in mind that Lutaris often long for their own culture and that you should plan to return to Lutari Day ever so often should you make the wise choice of adopting one.

6. Loosen up and throw Lutari Water Balloons!

Now that you've visited Lutari Island and have completely taken in the breathtaking atmosphere, it's time to let your hair down and experience the true carefree life of the inhabitants.

A popular game on Lutari Island is throwing water balloons. With its many shining pools and lush surroundings, there are many opportunities for hiding and throwing balloons without worries. Lutari Water Balloons are extremely sensitive to impact and will explode with even the wimpiest throw. Instead of splashing your target with a small amount of liquid, the water bursts into multi-coloured splashes to shower them with colourful fun.

7. Unleash your creativity by painting on the island.

While many of the islanders on Lutari Day are participating in water balloon games, some of the more mild inhabitants can be found painting in celebration of their special day. Some of the more mischievous artisans may even paint the Lutaris pelting the tourists with balloons!

Although painting is an inherently traditional practise on Lutari Island, you will find that the painters are more than happy to include you in their work or even teach you how to paint the way that they do. The paintings of Lutari are generally very brightly coloured (again, keeping in spirit with the bright feathers characteristic of the island), using tropical greens and sweet island blues. Lutaris find it important to paint scenes that represent daily life and the endless fun that blossoms around them. They would be elated to teach you how to create a painting using their best-loved techniques.

8. Take time to relax on your own.

A little time to yourself after such an exciting day can be most refreshing. Take time to drink in the wonderful scenery of the neat little island hut, complete with a Lutari Feathered Chair and a Lutari Feathered Dresser -- and don't be afraid to ask the natives for some assistance, as a Lutari Cocojuice may be in order.

If you've adopted a Lutari in the duration of your stay, you may take this time to learn more about him or her and, if you aren't alone, introduce them to the other pets in your family. Much bonding can be done. Regardless of what you decide to do, you have a very special night ahead of you, so be sure to take a breather until you are fully rejuvenated once more.

9. Observe starfish in the pools at night.

There is one element of Lutari Island that is almost a secret to tourists: the starfish. Beautifully coloured and only to be found on Lutari Island, these starfish can only be observed during the nighttime, while most tourists leave at some point during the day. Observing the starfish is an excellent opportunity; the same starfish will never be seen twice, and different coloured starfish appear at various times of the night. One extra thing that makes Lutari Day special on Lutari Island is that the most starfish out of the entire year appear in the pools on this day.

10. Say your farewells and reflect on your stay!

After deciding to conclude your visit at the island, be sure to say goodbye to all whom you have met on your exquisite stay. Always remember the kindness the islanders had for you and all other visitors, and if you've adopted a Lutari, that adds even more value to your incredible day. Tell your Neofriends all about the breathtaking sites you witnessed, the things you've learned, and, of course, all of the fun you had on Lutari Island.

As you leave, the inhabitants may present you with a golden feather: their token of welcome for next year.

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