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An Easter Hunt Throughout the Lands

by amitybelle


Everyone loves Easter; who doesn't hope the Easter Cybunny will bring them an abundance of chocolate and candy?! Oh, you don't..? Alright, then, get back to your Organic Spinach Salad; this article will be of no use to you. As for the rest of us, no complaints!

As much as I enjoy yummy Easter treats, I can assure you my Neopets are bigger fans of the holiday than I. I thought it would be fun to check out what's available to eat during Easter in a few Neopian lands and locate some hiding places. You don't have to confine yourself to chocolate; if your Neopet prefers cookies, marshmallow or ice-cream, then by all means opt for these. Oh yes, you CAN hide ice-cream without fear of it melting! You just have to know where, so read on!

Kiko Lake

Spoogentberry Kiko Candy Floss

What's so special about Kiko Lake?

Have you ever been shopping at Kiko Lake Treats? I must say, those Kikos must have quite the sweet tooth... they take their candy seriously. Many of their tasty morsels stare at you with those familiar happy, smiling faces; I almost feel bad gobbling them up. Almost.

Where is a good hiding place?

Seeing as the candy floss is inside a sealed bag, use a rock or large stone to anchor the bag to the bottom of the lake and have your Neopet take a dive! Of the three other candy floss flavours, Dulaberry is another good option. However, because of their colours, Twirly Fruit and Aquaberry may blend into the water and be difficult for your Neopet to find, so these two are not advisable.

Other options include: Freshwater Kiko Taffy, Bag Of Kiko Treats and Pink Rock Stick. There are plenty of other rock stick flavours to pick from, but I can't go past pink myself!

The Lost Desert

Desert Kiko Snacks

What's so special about the The Lost Desert?

It isn't exactly lost anymore, is it? Anyway, there are two thriving towns in this vast desert, Sakhmet and Qasala, the former being a more interesting place to visit in my opinion. I realise the place is covered in it but don't be alarmed, Desert Kiko Snacks are not made of sand! These cuties are crunchy treats with a creme filling on the inside. You will find a few foods to be sand-ridden, but there are still many that aren't. If your pets are fond of eating sand, however, there are plenty of Sutek Muffins to go around.

Where is a good hiding place?

Desert Kiko Snacks are certainly the right colour to hide among the sand; the desert does cover a large amount of land, though, so do try to remember where you put them... perhaps near a palm tree or within Qasala rather than in the middle of the Sakhmet Desert. Both towns are rich in colour for items such as Gebmid Jellies that won't blend into the sand.

Other options include: Gebmid Jellies, Lost Desert Pyramid Cupcake and Suteks Revenge (revenge is alright when chocolate and cream are involved).

Mystery Island

Sprinkled Doughnutfruit

What's so special about Mystery Island?

If you have heard that fruit is nature's candy, this statement is quite correct. There are so many delicious treats on Mystery Island that are actually good for you. Easter doesn't exactly promote healthy eating, so you may be dealing with a stroppy Neopet who was expecting candy, but they can't be eating nothing but rubbish all day... they will perk up once they take a bite of a yummy piece of fruit.

Where is a good hiding place?

On the ground is probably not the best of ideas; like the Lost Desert, Mystery Island is covered in sand. If your Neopet is able to climb, make use of the island's many palm trees. The Lost City of Geraptiku, albeit an eerie location, is teeming with bushes of all kinds to cater to those ground-dwelling species.

Other options include: FruitMallow, Cocoa Juppie (this fruit actually tastes like chocolate!) and you can't go wrong with a Chokato, another chocolaty delight.

Terror Mountain

Frozen Cybunny Treat

What's so special about Terror Mountain?

Remember when I mentioned there is a place you can hide ice-cream outdoors without fear of it melting? This is it. You may see a flower or two trying to push their way through the snow in Happy Valley during Spring, but for the most, Terror Mountain is a winter wonderland throughout the year. This doesn't mean its residents aren't fond of Easter, though. Their frozen treats are perfect for cooling off after a frantic Easter hunt.

Where is a good hiding place?

Frozen Cybunny Treats are the perfect shade of icy blue to be hidden in the sparkling Ice Caves, located halfway up the mountain. Happy Valley is more heavily populated and therefore boasts more hiding places, such as the wall used in Snowball Fight. If you plan on hiding out in the open, be sure to check it isn't snowing too heavily, or your treats will soon be blanketed by it.

Other options include: Moehog Lollypop is another item with colouring that should blend in if hidden in the Ice Caves, Snow Brucicle is a good option for hiding on the top of the mountain and any Chia pop or shaved ice flavour for the more colourful Happy Valley.


Tobbie Fruit Gumballs

What's so special about Kreludor?

Kreludor is Neopia's moon. It's not a large place and there isn't a whole lot to do, but the hard-working Grundos at Cafe Kreludor are known to create delicious cakes, cookies and interesting candies which cannot be found anywhere else in Neopia. If orange and purple happen to be among your favourite colours, look no further!

Where is a good hiding place?

For absolutely anything your Neopet might like, in a crater, of course! My Cybunnies enjoy hopping in and out of them, as do Blumaroos and Kougras, and there are shallow ones if your pets aren't very good at jumping. Steer clear of Kreludan Mining Corp., unless you want to get shot at by a robot with lasers; this is a less than ideal Easter treat...

Other options include: Fruit Ice, Orange Chocolate Bar and Sticky Glob Sticks (beware, these are VERY messy, prepare to have a sticky Neopet to wash up).


Faerie Bonbons

What's so special about Faerieland?

If it's sweet you're after, you will find nothing but in Faerieland. Everything that's sold at Faerie Foods is an edible work of art and tastes phenomenal. Many of their items are pink and purple in colour, but don't let this put you off; even the toughest male Grarrl will sing with delight when eating a Faerie creation.

Where is a good hiding place?

If the item you want to hide is in fact pink or purple, it doesn't really matter where you put it. Particularly in Faerie City, you can't take so much as a step without running into something smothered in one of these colours. Green and white work well too considering lush fields and fluffy clouds are both abundant. The Faeries are only too happy to help if you need inspiration.

Other options include: Faerie Marshmallows, Faerie Rock Candy and any of the five Nova Pop flavours.

Haunted Woods

Brain Candy Mix

What's so special about the Haunted Woods?

The Haunted Woods is the obvious location for trick-or-treating during Halloween, not so much an Easter destination, I know. But Halloween isn't until October, and we want candy NOW.

Where is a good hiding place?

You can't go wrong hiding treats behind a tombstone; there are so many in these parts that your Neopet will get its exercise running from one to the next. As a bonus, there aren't too many creatures wandering about the graveyards looking to terrorize you. If your Neopet is afraid of the Haunted Woods, Neovia would be your best bet. There aren't any Ghost Meepits running rampant and the small city is decently lit. In front of the Neovian Printing Press, there is a well equipped with a bucket in which you could put something. Try not to fall in, though; there are Driblets and Slorgs down there.

Other options include: Candy Peas, Gummi Worms and Spider Liquorice (if you are rather fond of liquorice (yuck), watch out for these spiders - one in 100 are real!).

Jelly World

Jelly Asparagus


I know, I know... this "Jelly World" doesn't exist. But let's pretend, for just a few minutes, that it does. Everything in Jelly World is made of jelly, so even asparagus and courgette taste good here. I'm serious. You can even eat the furniture if you really want to.

Alright, fine... Jelly World "exists." *rolls eyes* Where is a good hiding place?

There is a bridge as you enter Jelly World which you could utilize, as well as a statue of the Jelly Chia and a few trees dotted about the place. I wouldn't suggest venturing too far into the town in case you get stuck. Swimming through jelly is not an easy task.

If they existed, other options would include: Really, anything at all! It depends on what flavour jelly you and your Neopet like. My personal favourites include Jelly Green Cheese, Jelly Ultranova and Jelly Ham.

Well, that about covers it! I hope I have provided you with some inspiration. There are a few lands I didn't mention; you can check them out for yourself if you don't like any of the ones I listed, but trust me when I say your Neopet will not thank you for taking a trip to Tyrannia during Easter. Wherever you go and whatever you do, have a fantastic Easter!

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