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The Perfect Easter!

by yautja_warrior


Hello, fellow Neopians.

As I’m sure some of you are well aware, Easter is almost here. There is quite an issue with that, though, isn’t there? Whether you have one Neopet or care for a whole bunch, you know that the excitement is already building. Coloring neggs, getting chocolate from the Easter Cybunny and going on yearly negg hunts are already on their minds! So what can you, as a responsible and loving caretaker, do to make your Neopets' holiday the best ever?

Well, first and foremost, everybody knows that Grandma and Grandpa Neopets are waiting for their genuine pictures! So the first thing to do, perhaps a few days before Easter itself, is get a picture with a very busy Easter Cybunny! She goes around various areas of Neopia, taking time out of her busy holiday to take some pictures with young Neopets. Perhaps she hands out a negg or two as a treat for those younger Neopians who are very young. You pay out a few neopoints, get a beautiful picture and put it in a nice little gift box to send to Grandma and Grandpa.

Check! Now what?

Second part of it is you are going to need all sorts of supplies. You will need Easter baskets for each individual Neopet, plenty of chocolate and quite a bit of grass to put in the basket for each pet! While you ponder all those details, you still have to think about the Negg hunt! So, what do we need, in a nice little list?

  • Easter Baskets (one for each Neopet)
  • Lots and lots of chocolate
  • Neggs to hide
  • Neggs to color
  • Perhaps a special gift (More on this later)

So, first we have to visit the shop “Usukiland” so we can pick up the Usuki Spring Basket. I suggest taking out the Usuki inside so that you can put in all the other things that will have to fit inside the basket itself, unless of course your Neopet LOVES Usukis; then you can keep it there for the special gift. The Usukiland shop is in the Neopian Bazaar.

Then there are the chocolates to consider! So just across the way will bring you to the Chocolate Factory, where there are plenty of chocolates to consider! For those Neopets who would prefer cookies or something else, a trip to the bakery may be the wiser choice.

Now we need all the Neggs we can get! Why? Because half of them will have to go to the yearly hunt; the other part will have to go to the coloring of the Neggs. Of course you can get all pre-colored Neggs, but what is the fun in that? This next shop happens to be a very cold and chilly trip all the way to Terror Mountain. The Ice Caves, to be exact! In this nice, chilly environment there happens to be the Neggery, where, for a few tokens each, you can get all the Neggs your heart desires! Perhaps you can pick up some that fits each individual Neopet’s personality! This will brighten the day all the more for your little Pets!

Alright, so you’ve picked up the Neggs and the chocolate and just about everything else you can think of, right? WRONG! What about the special gift? What does your Neopet like to do? Does he dream of becoming the Battledome champion? Does your cute baby Neopet like to play with all the Baby Bruce Blocks she can get her hands on? Or perhaps your Neopet is a bookworm and would prefer a wonderful book at the bookshop? Good news! These can be grabbed on the way back home to Neopia Central, provided you don’t mind a quick side-trip to the Plaza for the toy shop.

OKAY! Now we’ve gotten everything we can think of. So, let us get down to business. A day or two before Easter, without your Neopet knowing, make sure to make their Easter Cybunny basket, complete with a few Neggs, some chocolate and their special gift! The night before, when they’re finally asleep, make sure to hide them in a good spot!

1.) Give some Neggs to color to your Neopet the day before Easter, the next morning you can make some fresh omelettes for breakfast. Not only are they healthy, but filling as well.

2.) Urge your Neopets to perhaps watch the Easter Cybunny parade; this will give you enough time to clean up and make sure the baskets are in place! Then...

3.) Then you get your Neopets and tell them to search the house for their baskets! This can be a lot of fun to watch; the excitement on their young faces is just so wonderful! Nothing better than smiling faces when they first see their own basket!

4.) After the basket hunt, go outside and start the Easter Negg hunt. Those who get the most Neggs at the end will get a special treat! A pre-determined amount of Neopoints to spend on whatever they wish! Or to even save it, if they prefer.

5.) Now comes dinner; you did remember dinner, right? After all that playing and hiding and seeking, the poor dears are going to be hungry for dinner! So you did buy some special dinner, right? A nice Turkey Dinner from the oven will make the whole day complete!

Whew! What a day, huh? Not only did you manage to make everybody happy, but you had quite the workout in the process! Not to worry though, it was a HUGE success! That is the best way to have a perfect Neopian Easter Holiday, complete with pictures, some chocolate, a special gift and even a wonderful dinner! Your Neopets are sure to be on a very cheerful high for quite some time! So make sure you saved some chocolate for yourself, you may need the extra energy!

Remember, fellow Neopians, as with any holiday there can be some danger. Make sure you completely trust the spots where you got the toys, don’t take candy from strange Neopians, and have a wonderful Easter! And if you spot the Cybunny, make sure to say thank you! It’s a lot of hard work to visit all those pets and hide all those Neggs every year!

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