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Article Spies - Lutari Islanders

by birdinggal


Also by water_park1993

Scene: Mystery Island: The Lost City of Geraptiku. Eight o'clock in the morning.

Deep in the jungles of Mystery Island, there lies an abandoned city, known by the name Geraptiku. No one knows just how it became deserted, but legends speak of a great treasure buried deep in the depths of the great Tomb that lies on the city's outskirts. Two reporters (Birdy and Christos) have chosen to brave the many dangers and perilous traps of this Tomb in order to tell the world just some of the wonders and hazards that this place brings...

...That was their initial goal three days ago. They are now hopelessly lost in the maze of passages contained within the Tomb and their new goal is to find their way back to the entrance without getting eaten by a ghostly Hissi, being impaled by arrows, or dooming themselves to wandering around the Tomb forever.

Christos: Are you sure the entrance is this way, Birdy?

Birdy: Of course I am! See? There's that rock that looks like Sloth's head!

Christos: *groans* We've passed that rock six times already!

Birdy: *eyes widen* Wow, I had no idea there were so many rocks that looked like that!

Christos: ...Right. Why don't I lead the way for a while?

Birdy: *looks at Christos in shock* You dare question my keen sense of direction? Well, I never!

And with a “humph!” of indignation, Birdy turned and strode away, walking right into the wall.

Birdy: ...I meant to do that. *rubs forehead and nose*

Christos: Of course you did. Why don't we try this tunnel?

Birdy agreed to the sign of a Parlax plushie hanging from a stick, and the reporters began walking down the long, dark tunnel, with Parlax leading the way. However, it soon became obvious that a different path should have been chosen. For as they journeyed along the path before them, it was not long before they heard a growl echo around them. Freezing in place, they waited, until the sound stopped. Nervously glancing at each other, they nodded, silently agreeing to move forward. But just as they did, a giant, ghostly Hissi appears and charged towards them.

Giant Ghostly Hissi: *RAWR* ME HUNGRY!

Christos: *scrambles backwards, dragging Birdy* RUN!

Birdy and Christos fled the scene, the Hissi in pursuit. Picking passageways at random, the reporters were only thinking not to become the ghost's next victims. Finally, they outran and evaded the Hissi, and stopped to catch their breath.

Birdy: *in between gasps for breath* I think... we lost it...

Christos: Yeah, and got ourselves even more lost in the process. Any idea where we are?

Birdy: *shakes head* Nope. I've never been this deep in the Tomb before... *begins looking around*

Christos: Wait, you’ve been here before?

*silently ignores the fact that Birdy could potentially know the exit from the beginning*

We should stick together. We're even more lost than we were, and who knows what lurks this deep in the Tomb. *examines the surroundings* Maybe we should take the left tunnel... What do you think, Birdy? ... Birdy...?

Birdy did not respond. Upon closer inspection, Christos found Birdy a few feet away, staring at a glowing crack in the wall.

Birdy: Huh...

Christos: What?

Birdy: I've never seen that before... Come and take a look.

Birdy pointed at the crack, and Christos came over for a closer look. When he glanced inside, he found himself staring at an Orb.

Christos: ...Wow.

Birdy: *suddenly grins* Let's poke it with a stick.

Christos: How do you even think of these ideas? And in any case Birdy, where are we going to find a stick in the middle of a deserted tomb?

Birdy: ...Fine, I'll use my finger. *reaches for the Orb*

Christos: *tries to pull her away* Birdy, don't! You aren't forgetting what happened the last time we picked up an orb we found lying about, are you?

Either she had forgotten, or wasn't listening to Christos, because she ignored his warning and reached out and touched the orb.

With a flash of light, the two reporters vanished...


Scene: Lutari Island. Nine o'clock in the morning.

It was a beautiful day. The storms have long since vanished, and the whirlpools no longer threatened the harbour.

Sitting on the beach was a green Lutari. She was one of the Natives, sitting on the beach to enjoy the peace and quiet of this oasis-like place, far from the crowds that flocked to her homeland.

But the peace and quiet was soon disturbed, as with yelps of surprise, two humans appeared out of thin air and landed in a heap in the sand.

Upon getting to their feet, they started to argue.

Christos: I TOLD you not to touch it! But would you listen? Oh, noooo...!

Birdy: HEY, it was shiny, and you KNOW what I'm like around shiny things! You should have tried harder!

They continued to bicker, until finally, the Lutari cleared her throat. Christos and Birdy's heads whipped around to face her. She did not look happy at all.

Lutari: What are you two doing here? This beach is strictly off-limits to visitors!

Birdy: *takes a step backwards* My friend over there never listens to me and touched an orb which brought us here.

Christos: Wh-what?! Who does even touch a random thing inside a haunted, deserted tomb?

At the sound of the last sentence, the Lutari changed from angry to disappointed.

Christos: What’s wrong? Does that orb have a significance over here?

Birdy: Look at your multi-coloured fur, you even have feathers, I LOVE FEATHERS!

Christos: *looks angrily at Birdy*

Lutari: Ever since the storm cleared over Lutari Island, many Neopians started visiting my island. It feels like no one has been here before!

Christos: So it is true! Lutari island can now be revisited? Through the orb?

Lutari: Yes, by touching the orb you brought yourselves here, to disturb even the slightest fragment of peace that had been left on this island! Now you have to leave!

The Lutari looked like she was challenging them in battle! She surely knew a way to make them flee far away from the island, it could be seen from the rage in her eyes! That was the point where Birdy got scared. Even today she says that she will never regret what she had done.

Birdy: *drags Christos back* We have to run!

Yes, that was the “ultimate move” that saved them “from the huge, green, hideous Lutari” as she referred to it. They both started running into a moist jungle, that was close to the beach but far from the audible or viewable range of the Lutari. They had fled, but if they were not careful, she could have listened to them.


Christos: *whispers* What out?

Birdy: What’s that? I didn’t say anything.


Christos: What do you need, Birdy? Don’t you see I am trying to think over here? *searches for a map inside his pocket*

Birdy: I didn’t say anything! *looks around* Someone must be coming over here.

Soon they heard heavy footsteps. Not only footsteps, but also pawsteps and anything that ends with steps and involves a huge crowd marching through the jungle, shouting and protesting against all the newcomers.

Crowd: Out of our island! We want you here as much Grundos want Dr. Sloth for their leader!

Birdy: Ooh, that was a harsh phrase! *backs towards Christos while looking towards the crowd that is coming closer holding torches*

Crowd: Go away as long as you have time left! No free ice cream for you from the Ice cream cart if you stay longer!

Birdy: No more ice cream? *desperate look* We need to get away from here!

Christos: We should, all of this is disturbing the the lives of the natives here. We will take a bit more look around, but first we should avoid the crowd!

Christos and Birdy hid in the bushes. The crowd passed right in front of them, as they continued their protest further down the island. The Lutari by the beach even waved at them!

Christos: *gets out of bushes after the crowd was gone* Let’s take this path that brought them here, to see where it leads.

Birdy: *follows Christos* It seems to be leading to a grand waterfall of some kind.

Our reporters walked a good amount of distance, following the sound and smell of a rushing waterfall, but they weren’t sure where it was leading to.

Birdy: Wait, what is that? *points to a vast wheel on the right*

Christos: Another wheel on Neopia? Of course this didn’t need Saving, or better, the natives did not allow for it to be Saved last year, as I’m guessing!

Birdy: It looks so colourful and happy to be looking at! And there are so many petpets flying around it. It just brings joy to me while looking at it!

*squees as they pass around the wheel*

Birdy and Christos continued on past the wheel, and before too long, they came across a swinging bridge, made from vines and planks of wood. The bridge didn't look very safe, and if it should break, it would be a long swim to shore...

Birdy: Wow, would you look at that drop! *leans over the edge of the bank*

Christos: Birdy, get back! Do you want to fall in?

Birdy: Ooh! What's that across the bridge? *points at a building with a very colourful roof* We can go and see, right, Christos? Please?

Christos: I don't know, the bridge doesn't look very safe...

Birdy: *is one-third of the way across, jumping up and down on it* Looks pretty safe to me!

Christos: ...Why do I bother...

Three minutes later...

Birdy: *holds tightly on the maniacally-swinging bridge, trying to not cry* Whose idea was it to cross this bridge?

Christos: *tries not to fall off* No comment, Birdy.

The forceful air caused the ropes to break down and both our reporters started falling in the blank. It seemed like ages to Christos, it seemed like three seconds to Birdy, but they finally hit the water underneath them. Having seen much of Lutari Island, they swam towards a boat which was taking tourists back to the rest of Neopia, away from Lutari Island. And this is how those two reporters claim to have left Lutari Island. No angry female Lutarian magic involved! None!

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