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The Fashion Capitals of Neopia

by wanderlustre


Picture this: You're strolling down Safari Lane, whistling a merry tune as your neopets gawk at the sights around you. There is no doubt about it; Mystery Island is a magnificent location, rich with whimsical fauna and warm, inviting waters, both of which tickle your fancy. After spending months saving up all your neopoints, you're glad that you're finally able to afford a Mystery Island vacation pack, complete with Tiki Tours for the whole family. You're thinking that, hey, this will be a fabulous vacation. Maybe you'll even return home with a matching, fabulous tan! All of this runs through your mind as you take a turn onto Tiki Tack Street, preparing yourself for an intense game of Beach Volleyball with your good old pet. But there's something that stops you in your tracks. Is it an Island Techo? A free batch of Tombola key rings from the souvenir shop?

Not quite. What you see before you are what we fashion-savvy would like to call fashion victims. With floral tourist tees in an assortment of neon colors paired with mismatching shorts, Mystery Island is certainly harsh on the eyes as far as the fashion department is concerned. Hey, mixing patterns and prints may be in this season, but this is ridiculous! It looks like Tiki Tacky Street isn't exactly your style, is it?

You're probably wondering, "is there a place in Neopia that is remotely fashionable? Up to date? Hip? In vogue?" Well, you're in luck, because I have for you five Neopian lands that are absolutely faboo.

Yes, you read that correctly. Five hot spots that will revive your faith in the Neopian fashion industry, all determined thanks to the input of many Neopets players who have found each and every one of these lands to be aesthetically pleasing when it comes to fabulous attires. Grab your best pair of shoes, because you're about to be whisked away to five of the most fashion-inspirational sites in Neopia!

Terror Mountain

If you're partial to ear muffs and mitten sets, Terror Mountain is the place for you. Although you may find the occasional pet who looks as if its oversized, bland jacket is stuffed with packing peanuts, you'll come across many Neopians who frolic through the snow in style. Take a gander at Taelia the Snow Faerie, who appears none other than snug and snazzy in a suede ice blue coat, which is lined with only the softest material in Terror Mountain: the soft, long fur of the infamous Snowbeast, trimmed right off his back as he sleeps in his lair. With fun accessories, such as scarves or trapper hats, that are both stylish and functional, you're bound to be impressed with how these inhabitants keep warm in such a chilly area. After all, you can never go wrong with the body-slimming stripes and mistletoe-inspired ensembles of Happy Valley, or the fierce, fur-trimmed anoraks of the high slopes. Grab your scarf and snow skis, because you're in for one negg of a fashionable time at Terror Mountain.


Exquisite, illustrious, and magical indeed! What with Altador being the land to host the popular Altador Cup on a yearly basis, you can bet that the inhabitants are dressed to impress. The lush, rich colors of the typical Altadorian environment influence the city's fashions, resulting in traditional garments that come in hues of gallant golds, royal purples and pure whites. Togas are perfectly draped around the individual's form, and finished off with a gold-tinted rope belt that cinches the waist and accentuates the curves! Needless to say, the woven crowns are a nice touch as well, whether they're crafted out of vines or of golden thread. Overall, let's face it: Altadorians have mastered the messy-chic style of drapery. You can't find that kind of effortless style anywhere else!


While some may find the land of Faeries much too sugary sweet, no fashionista can pass up the chance to lay their hands on the one-of-a-kind silk that makes up most of the clothing that these fabulous faeries slip on every morning. You can bet that these natives know how to color coordinate, and I'm not talking about princess pinks or pastel purples here. Have a look-see at the Battle Faerie who runs Faerieland's local weapon shop. With just the right shades of purple and green, this fatal faerie knows how to turn up the heat in the Battledome. The locals here are absolute pros at color palettes and layering with sleek, sheer fabrics, which is an art they've conquered like no other Neopian. However, be forewarned: if the matchy-matchy look doesn't do it for you, then maybe hanging around Queen Fyora's land for too long isn't all that wise.


Did you hear? Shenkuu is the new Krawk Island! When the Cyodrake's Gaze docked high up in the mountains north of Altador and revealed to Neopia the existence of Shenkuu, many who were seeking exotic ensembles were much more than satisfied. Shenkuu, a mystical city that is situated high up in the clouds, is absolutely whimsical and striking. Both neutral and earthy colors make up the typical color scheme of a traditional Shenkuuvian ensemble, which is constructed of thick fabrics that keeps inhabitants warm in an environment that is very susceptible to low drops in temperature. There's a little something for everyone when it comes to fashion in this exotic land, whether it's the tough warrior armor in gold and red or the loose, flowing robes in all shades of the surrounding landscape. Of all the lands in Neopia, the inhabitants of Shenkuu do know how to develop a correlation between the land and their outfits.

The Lost Desert

Brucey B was certainly in awe of this foreign land when he accidentally stumbled upon it, and needless to say, newcomers are always in awe! The Lost Desert is none other than a fountain of striking, glamorous fashion, which is difficult to master when you have to deal with the blazing temperatures and hot, scorching sand slipping into your tastefully bedazzled sandals. When faced with such challenges, the inhabitants of this exotic site do make the best of it. With trendsetter Princess Amira reigning the kingdom, the City of Sakhmet is loaded with fashion that will make you buoyant with admiration. With their knack for detail and fabulous jewelry -- think elaborate headpieces, bangles, necklaces and rings -- the inhabitants of the Lost Desert know very well how to handle the hot heat in style.

There you have it, some of the most inspirational fashion sites that could possibly exist in Neopia! With so many lands that are nothing else but the cream of the crop, you're bound to find your own special paradise that caters to your need for the latest trends. Pack up your bags and pour that sand out of your shoes, because your nightmare on Mystery Island can instantly become a castle in the sky as long as you give the lands on this list a visit.

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