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What Normal Neopians Never Notice: Chia's Other Enemy

by goobie_7_2


Okay, so everyone knows that Lupes love to eat Chias, right? But what very few people (and Neopets) know is that Chias have another enemy as well! Can you guess? You can’t? It’s Froilers! See, scary, aren’t they?

The description is, and I quote, “Froilers lurk in hot, dark places... and can turn themselves invisible. They love eating Chias!”

See! “Love eating Chias!” I really hope the Chias know that they have an invisible enemy--or at least sometimes invisible--other than visible (and invisible--if they‘ve been painted that colour) Lupes!

Yeah, so, my friend, goob_ka123 said when asked what she thinks about the secret threat to Chias (she owns one).

“Oh, man! I’ll have to tell Ron_1_2_3_4_5 to be careful for those things! I hope that all the Lupes and Froilers stay away... I‘m taking him to the Training Academy to learn how to fight them off!”

So, Chias have many enemies. Neopia is filled with danger for them. Not just the regular dangers, like the Pant Devil and the Ghost Lupe (especially the Ghost Lupe) or Meepits. They also have to look out for Lupes, (ghost or not ghost) and now Froilers!

So, I think I’m going to make a little list of five ways you can protect your Chia from the dangers of Froilers. I know it is random, but I’m not a normal Neopian; just look at the title.

1. Ice Cream

If you or your Chia thinks that there is an invisible Froiler around, throw ice cream at it. Any flavour will do. Even if the Froiler is visible, throw ice cream at it anyway; since they like the heat, it will (hopefully) repel them. Note: One ice cream alone is unlikely to repel a Froiler; several cones will be needed. Note again: This theory has not been tested, so in a life-or-death situation, RUN AWAY!!!!! One more note: Why didn’t I test it? Well, because I don’t own a Chia, and I wouldn’t sacrifice an innocent Neopet to test a crazy theory.

2. Bendy Desk Light

Even though this light is rare and expensive, it is very effective in repelling Froilers, due to the fact that this makes a room very bright, and Froilers like the dark. So, if being attacked by Froilers, turn on the light. (If you can reach the switch, that is.) Just be sure you have plenty of Faerie dust lying around, in case you run out of power in the middle of a battle with hungry Froilers, and make sure that the heat from the light doesn’t melt all your ice cream! Note: As with all theories in this article, this hasn’t been tested.

3. Slushies

Like ice cream, since Froilers hate cold, slushies are very effective in repelling Froilers. Just pick it up, pull off the cover, and toss! Any flavour of slushie will do, just grab one and throw it! Note: See note for Theory 2.

4. Bottled Light Faerie

Bottled Light Faeries are very helpful in repelling Froilers because Light Faeries have powers and they’re, well, Light Faeries. Light repels Froilers. So release a Light Faerie when the Froilers are around, and not only will you scare the Froilers away, you will (possibly) get blessed, and you will get some faerie dust to power your Bendy Desk Light. Note: See note for Theory 2.

5. Snowballs

Snowballs. An obvious choice for repelling Froilers. Why, you ask? It’s because they are cold, easy to throw, and almost every Neopet has at least one either with them, with their owner, or with one of their siblings. Even if you don’t have a Battledome snowball, if there’s snow outside, you’ve got an (almost) endless supply of Froiler repellent! That’s why, if you’re worried about Froilers, it’s a good idea to live in Terror Mountain. Note: See note for Theory 2.

Well, now that we’ve finished our little list there, how about some tips about the best (and worse) places to live in to avoid Froilers!

The Good:

1. Terror Mountain:

An obvious choice. Why? Because it’s cold. And, in the rare case of a Froiler attack, you have an endless supply of weapons! Snow, which can be turned into snowballs! Not to mention the fact that the slushie shop is mere minutes away!

2. Kreludor:

Ah, Kreludor. Except for the lack of oxygen, making it impossible to breathe without an oxygen tank, it would be perfect. But if you really want to avoid Froilers, strap on your oxygen tank and move right up there! Due to the minus-something temperatures, the odds of a Froiler attack are pretty much zero to infinity!

3. Shenkuu:

Shenkuu is a good choice, because it is fairly chilly, but not really cold. So it’s not exactly a great place to live if you really want to avoid Froilers, but it’s got nice scenery, so you may want to consider it anyway, even if you don’t want to avoid Froilers.

4. Space Station:

Like Kreludor, the Space Station is always cold. Also like Kreludor, there is hardly any chance of a Froiler attack. Unlike Kreludor, you don’t need an oxygen tank as long as you stay in the Station at all times.

5. Haunted Woods:

The Haunted Woods is a good place to avoid Froilers because of the cold temperatures, but due to the abundance of other monsters, you may want to avoid it.

The Bad:

1. Krawk Island:

Krawk Island is nice, but it’s also warm, so it’s a good place to visit, but not really a good place to live for avoiding Froilers. So visit if you want, but you might not want to stay.

2. Lost Desert:

Why not? Because it’s really hot! Froilers LOVE hot places! So, avoid living there if you can!

3. Lutari Island:

Lutari Island is hot, so it’s bad if you’re avoiding Froilers. It’s also currently being pummelled by a storm, and no Neopets are allowed to visit or live there (as far as I know) at this point in time.

4. Mystery Island:

Mystery Island is, well, hot. That’s why it’s bad for avoiding Froilers. Plus the natives make lots of fires, which would attract Froilers because of the heat. Also, the forests are dark, but still hot, making them perfect Froiler territory.

5. Moltara:

Seriously? Isn’t it obvious? It’s REALLY hot, and it’s underground, so it’s dark. Perfect Froiler territory! Avoid living there if you want to avoid Froilers!

6. Tyrannia:

Tyrannia is hot, so it would attract Froilers, but it isn’t very dark. So it should be okay if you live on the plateau, but the jungle, which would be darker, isn’t a good idea. So if you really want to live in Tyrannia, live on the plateau. (You’ll be closer to the Giant Omelette, anyway!)

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this article about the Chia’s secret enemy, and that you’ll now be able to protect your Chia from Froilers. But in your efforts to protect your Chia from Froilers, don’t forget to watch out for Lupes, too!

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