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A Guide to Eating Jelly Blobs of Doom

by pikakirby123


Author’s note: There is no such thing as Jelly World. This guide is written purely for those who believe that a world made of Jelly exists, which is a myth.

Hello, fellow readers and/or authors of the Neopian Times. This is a guide for the game known as Jelly Blobs of Doom. In this game you play as a small jelly Chomby in a mythical place known as Jelly World. Floating/wobbling across the screen are many jellies of different sizes and colors. Your goal is to eat as many jellies as possible, grow larger, and become the biggest jelly in all of Jelly World!

How to Play:

The controls are relatively simple. To move your jelly Chomby, use the arrow keys to move up, down, left and right. You can press multiple arrows at once if you wish to move diagonally. Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, that’s not all. The floor you stand upon is slick with jelly, causing your Chomby to slide around for a bit after you’ve stopped pressing the arrow keys. You must learn to stop pressing the arrow keys before you reach the place you want to stop so you don’t overshoot your location, or counteract the sliding effects by pressing in the opposite direction. You eat jellies by sliding over them. You can also go off the side of the screen and reappear on the opposite side, which can be useful in certain situations.

Game Play:

The goal of the game is to eat as many jellies as you can, eventually growing to be the biggest jelly in Jelly World. You can only eat jellies smaller than you. Touch a jelly larger than you, and it will swallow you and carry you off the screen, resulting in a game over. In the beginning of the game, playing can be very boring because you will have to wait for the right jellies to come into your path. The jellies will float across the screen horizontally or vertically. The problem is, your Chomby starts out at a very small size, so small that you’re almost difficult to see. Now, being small is a good thing and a bad thing. The good part is that you can move very fast and will be able to squeeze between jellies very easily. The bad half of it is that you can be swallowed up by a jelly of almost any size. The only jellies you will be able to eat are the very smallest, which are purple in color.

After eating a few jellies, you will notice that you are slightly bigger than when you first started. This too has its pros and cons. The bigger you are, the larger the jellies will be that you can eat; and the bigger the jelly, the more points you get for eating it. Yay! But as you get bigger, you also get slower and easier for larger jellies to catch. Why is that? Because since you’re bigger, you take up more space, making you a larger target and causing you to need more space to maneuver between jellies. You will also need to keep more distance between yourself and larger jellies, because the speed that the jellies move at varies, and some can cross the entire screen in a matter of seconds, meaning you won’t have time to outrun them. You will want to watch out for every bit of your Chomby and keep it safe. Obviously you want to watch out for your body, but you also want to keep an eye on your head and tail. Even if you think you are safe, the tip of your tail or head may touch a jelly, and it may eat you. If this happens, don’t despair; just restart and try again. This has happened even to me, and continues to happen occasionally when I play.

As you continue to play, you will get bigger and bigger. Once again, like the other sizes, being big is good and bad. As I said before, the bigger you are, the bigger the jellies you can eat will be. That means more and more points. If you get big enough, you may be able to escape a bad situation by swallowing up a whole bunch of jellies in your rush to escape from even larger jellies. Being bigger means you move more slowly, and are easier to catch for the jellies that are even larger, mainly the orange and yellow ones. As you get bigger, the game will become faster paced, because you will have to move more quickly and more often to dodge the bigger jellies and to eat smaller jellies to rack up points.

Eventually, you will reach the maximum size. The game does not notify you when you reach this size, but you will probably be able to figure it out because you will be able to eat every jelly except the blue one(s), which I will talk about later. At this point, there is almost no need to run from jellies. Now you have a choice: you can either go on a rampage, swallowing up every jelly you can see, or you can be choosy and eat only the big ones. The second choice is the better one. You may think that it is better to rack up points more quickly. But it isn’t. Because once you reach the maximum size, there is a certain amount of jellies that you can eat before the game says “You have eaten all the jellies in Jelly World!” (I haven’t beaten the game in a while, so if my wording is a little off, be merciful.) That is why you want to eat only the biggest jellies, to get the maximum amount of points before your game ends.


Every jelly size will give you a different number of points. The smallest jellies don’t give many, ranging from about 4-8. As the jellies get bigger, the point amount increases, albeit slowly. The largest jellies give many more points. Unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact amount, because it varies even from slight differences in size, but the most I have ever seen a jelly give was over one hundred points! To sum it up: the bigger the jelly, the more points it will give.


Typing in “fishnegg” during gameplay will result in a fish negg appearing onscreen, worth fifty points. Typing in “rainbownegg” during gameplay will cause a rainbow negg to appear, worth twenty points. Typing in “marissa” before the game starts, but after you click start game, will result in the words “Now are you happy?” popping up on the jelly. People argue about whether it does anything. Some say that it causes more small jellies to appear at the beginning of the game, but this is unconfirmed. I personally believe it does nothing, and is just a funny bonus. While playing, mashing random letters or keys on your keyboard usually will cause a GIANT blue jelly to appear on the screen. It can take up as much as half to two thirds of the screen, resulting in instant death if you touch it. It can also appear randomly, and if it does, RUN AWAY. Or slide away, if you want to be technical. (That was my attempt at being funny. :P)

Advanced Tips:

1. DON’T mash random keys if you’re going for a high score, because that usually causes a blue jelly to appear on the screen, which at the worst may kill you, and at best make you waste time waiting for it to move offscreen.

2. Take your time. You don’t want to start all in a rush and get swallowed up by a jelly larger than you because you were in a hurry and were careless. You also don’t want to have been playing for a decent amount of time, then panic or hurry and get eaten, effectively liquidating all of the hard work you did.

3. When in doubt of a jelly’s size compared to yours, don’t eat it. It’s better to take a little more time and get a better score than to risk being eaten because you tried to eat a jelly very close to your size or bigger than you.

4. Stay in the middle of the area, and keep away from the sides. The one exception would be if you moved to eat a jelly close to the side, in which case you should eat it, then go back to the middle. If you are in the middle, you have more time to react to bigger jellies rushing at you. If you are on the side, a bigger jelly could swallow you up before you have time to move, causing you to get a game over.

5. Master the controls. This is one of the most important parts of the game, because at first it can be very tricky to learn to slow your Chomby down and keep it from sliding into a jelly.

6. Use the sides to switch to the opposite side of the screen. This trick can be very useful, because you can go off the screen on the left side, and reappear on the right side! This can be very handy in certain situations, but it also has a risk to it. When you switch sides, you risk reappearing right as a jelly appears or on top of a jelly; if it is bigger than you, game over.

7. When you reach the maximum size, eat only the big jellies. I said this earlier, but I’m stressing this because if you want to get a good score or a trophy, you need to maximize your points by only eating jellies that give lots of points, mainly the yellow and orange ones. Obviously, this excludes the blue jelly, because that one is so large you can’t eat it.

8. Keep moving. If you stay still for too long, you could get surrounded by big jellies, which could result in your game ending. Make sure you keep a balance between staying still and moving like crazy, because you don’t want to accidently ram into a bigger jelly and get engulfed.

9. Watch your tail and head. I said this before, but make sure none of your Chomby touches a bigger jelly, because sometimes the game will register this as fully touching the jelly, and you will be swallowed.

10. Take a break if you need one. There’s no sense in playing this game for hours and hours on end, because you may get bored. If you get bored, definitely stop, or you will probably start scoring lower, get frustrated, and never play this game again, which would be a shame.

Getting Neopoints and a trophy:

Earning one thousand Neopoints from this game each time will become really simple, if you keep playing and practice, practice, practice. You will need some time to get used to your Chomby sliding all over the place, but eventually it will become second nature using arrow keys to negate the sliding. You will also need to be a little bit patient, because reaching the required score for one thousand NP may take a little while. At the time I’m writing this, the current NP ratio is 2.20, meaning you need 455 points to get one thousand NP.

Getting a trophy is much, much, harder. You will need to practice playing much longer than if you just wanted to get one thousand NP, because you will need to master every aspect of the game. My advice is to practice a ton, and try for a trophy at the beginning of the month, when fewer people have had the chance to send insanely high scores. In the middle to the end of the month, the scores on the high score table eligible for trophies will usually be from about 8-10 thousand points. When you are trying to get a trophy, set aside a couple hours to play, because you may get unlucky and be killed by accident, and it takes quite a while to beat the game. I personally have a silver trophy, but I did it close to the end of the month.

Overall, Jelly Blobs of Doom is a very fun and exciting game. It can earn you a decent amount of Neopoints, and is a good way to kill time if you’re waiting for something like the Wheel of Monotony to end, or waiting for trophies to be awarded, or waiting for your auction to end... You get the idea. If you want to neomail me concerning this guide, or if you have questions, feel free to. I will do my best to answer whatever questions you have, and I love comments too, so those are appreciated. Good luck eating those jellies, and may the biggest jelly win!

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