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Super Hasee Bounce Guide

by coraire


Tired of plain old Hasee Bounce? Fancy an upgrade? Then Super Hasee Bounce could be the game for you. Seeing the return of the Hasees from the original game, Jimmi and Woogy, Super Hasee Bounce has a lot of similar aspects, but also some added challenges.

The Game

There are fifteen levels on both Medium and Difficult mode. The following is about Medium mode; scroll down for more information about playing on Difficult.

Each level starts with one Hasee on the see-saw and one about to jump on. It will do this automatically after a countdown so make sure you are ready! Playing the game is simple; you just have to collect the letters that spell out the word 'Hasee' and then you will continue on to the next level. Do this fifteen times and you'll complete the game.

The letters, which are conveniently contained in balloons, are surrounded by other balloons, some of which are empty and some of which contain 'items' which may help or hinder you, but we'll look at their effects later on. Every time one Hasee lands on the see-saw, the other goes flying up in the air and will pop any balloon it makes contact with and collect anything that may be inside it.

Although at first it may seem as though you have no control over where the Hasee jumps, this isn't actually true. If you want a Hasee to jump forward, then you will need to catch the opposite Hasee on the very edge of the see-saw, being careful not to miss and waste a life. If you want your Hasee to go upwards in a relatively straight line, then you need to land it in the middle of its space on the see-saw, and if you want the Hasee to jump backwards, then you need to get the other Hasee to land as close as possible to the centre of the see-saw, taking care not to hit the other Hasee, as this will stun it and leave you unable to move the see-saw and catch the other.


You gain 6 points for every letter you pick up and 10 points for every doughnutfruit; nothing else in the game will give you points. Each level will end as soon as you have collected the five letters so if you are trying for a high score then you will need to collect the doughnutfruit before you get all the letters.

There are also three point bonus balloons that you can pop x2, x3 and x5. These will last for six seconds and will multiply any points you get in those six seconds by whatever number was in the bubble. For example if you are lucky enough to get x5 and then collect one doughnutfruit and two letters that will earn you 110 points! Of course, if you hit a x5 and then fail to hit anything that give you points in the following six seconds, then you will get nothing, so try to plan your jumps wisely. If you hit another point bonus balloon within the six seconds, it will automatically cancel out the last one. So if you hit a x5 and then two seconds later hit a x2, the x5 will be over and you will have your six seconds of x2 instead.

To see what point bonus you are currently on, look to the right of your score at the bottom of your screen. If it says x1, then you either haven't picked one up or it's already run out. If it says anything else, then you've currently got a point multiplier, so you will want to try even harder than usual to be hitting those doughnutfruit and letters!


There are also the following power-ups in balloons throughout the levels; these all last for six seconds.


Hitting the target allows you to blow up any blocks that may be in your way by touching them. If you are playing on difficult mode, this also applies to the spikes.


This bring two Draiks holding a long piece of something very bouncy along the bottom of the screen that acts as a type of trampoline for the Hasee. You won't have to use the see-saw while it is up; however, remember it doesn't last long and you need to be ready to catch the Hasee on your see-saw when the Draiks leave, or risk losing a life.

Orange circle with a yellow S

This makes your Hasee super bouncy, and when it bounces off objects, it will move a lot quicker. Great if you have a point multiplication bonus or the Draik shield, but you also have to be more prepared with your see-saw as a faster Hasee is harder to get to land properly and a lot easier to miss.

Black balloon with a orangey-brown dot

This has the reverse effect of the previous power-up and makes your Hasee less bouncy. It can make it hard to reach higher balloons until it has worn off.

Black balloon with stars inside

This stuns your Hasee (you will see that your Hasee is stunned when it has stars circling its head) and when your Hasee is stunned it is unable to pop any balloons. Your Hasee can also get stunned if the other one lands on its head.

If you are ever unsure of just what power ups you currently have in effect, then if you are careful and can spare the time to glance up at the top left of your screen (making sure to still keep one eye on your hasee), you will see five grey blocks. If these are empty, then no power ups are currently in effect, but if you see some symbols in them that you recognise from the balloons, then those are the ones in effect. The dark grey that moves around in a clockwise direction shows you how long you have before it runs out.


Difficult mode is fairly similar to the previous; however, it has the introduction of wind, which can affect the direction your Hasee moves, though I find it makes very little difference. The other difference is that later on in difficult mode Spikes are introduced. If your Hasee hits these and does not have the power up that allows you to blow up objects then you will lose a life. There are no extra points for playing on difficult and all items have the same value.


As well as all the power-ups previously mentioned, Difficult has three additional ones, all affecting the wind.

Flag with two arrows

This switches the direction of the wind so -4 would become 4.

Flag with a cross through it

This cancels the wind, making it 0 and therefore the same as the previous mode.

Black balloon with a flag

And this doubles it, a wind speed of 2 becomes 4.


Super Hasee Bounce becomes easier the more you play it and learn to control the direction of your Hasees. However there is always room for mistakes as you have five lives plus the one you started with meaning it's game over when you've died six times, not five.

At the end of the day getting a high score mostly comes down to luck. And if you are lucky enough to get lots of doughnutfruit and score multipliers, you could find yourself on the high score tables very shortly!

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