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Never Give Up

by lola96711


Undefeated_skeith. Meanmoddy. Hannah_Tyrannia. For those of you who don't know these users, they are the current First Place winners of 200m Peanut Dash game. I love that game. It is my favourite one in Neopets. I have always dreamed of winning a trophy, or even getting on the High Scores list for the game the whole one year I have been on Neopets. I tried, and tried and tried, but I have never even come close to the High scores list.

After playing for about four months, and always getting a score that was below the acceptance score to be on the list, I became fed up. I didn't want to play anymore! My favourite game had become a chore to play day after day! I told myself I would never get on the list, so why even bother? It was also around this time I stopped playing Neopets. I was too sad and angry to even go on and feed my pets. That was a very dark five months. I told myself that I couldn't play anything. I stopped playing my favourite video games. Whenever my brother asked me to play, I had some excuse over why I would mess it up. The more I said I couldn't play, the less people asked me to. Then, I became convinced that no one wanted me to do anything with them anymore. I couldn't even play a sport in my school, for I developed a fear of competition. I was very sad for a long time. My parents tried everything to get me to do something, but I remained convinced I was a loser, and always would be one.

Soon, my parents were fed up with me. My brothers were fed up, my sister was fed up. I lost a lot of friends because I wouldn't do anything with them. I wasn't upset about that really. I didn't think I deserved to be with my friends, because I was such a loser. My mother tried to get me back on Neopets by buying me neocash. I never used it, but I did feel like I wanted to play. I started playing 200m Peanut Dash again. I became fixed on winning the gold trophy. That started to consume my life. My mother didn't really care; she was happy I was doing something. I played so much, but I never got even close to being on the scoreboard. I became upset again, and refused to do anything. I couldn't take it. I lost terribly twice? I knew I was even more of a loser. But my mom convinced me that it doesn't matter if you can't do one thing. There are so many other things you can do. I listened to my mother, and took up the sport of soccer. I hung out with my friends again, and I played games with my brothers. I became happier, but the fact I lost was still there.

About one month ago, I started playing Neopets again. I never played my old favourite game, but I did play other games, and developed other skills in different games. It was a lot of fun, but the constant reminder that I failed terribly twice before prevented me from being happy with any of my other scores, even though I was (and am) a Grand Master in a few games. The pain of losing was to much to bear.

One day, the new high scores for 200m Peanut Dash were being posted again. I knew that if I was to get over losing, I would have to play again. So I did. I remembered how to play and I took it slow, learning more about the game every day. I got better and better. I set low expectations for myself, and every time I got a new personal record, I was happy! Eventually, I became a Grand Master. That was one of the best moments of my whole time of playing Neopets. About 2 weeks ago, I placed 72nd on the chart. I was so happy! I couldn't believe I finally did it! Every day, I went up a little, improving myself. I wanted to be near those three people that I see every single time I play the game. It was my drive, my focus, that one day, I would win a trophy, and be recognized for something. I balanced my gaming life. I played my favourite game, but I also played different games. Meerca Chase had improved my speed, Turmac Roll taught me to get by obstacles, Ultimate Bullseye 2 had improved my accuracy, and I had a lot of fun playing all the games I wanted, while pursuing my goal to be better every day!

I have seen many people give up. My brother, my sister, and I'm starting my youngest brother on Neopets. I want him to believe that he can amount to something, and that became my drive. I wrote this article to tell you never give up on your dreams, because I want to see you try. I want you to do what you want, and nothing will hold you back. If you play 200m Peanut Dash, I want to see you on that board. And one day, when good at the game, I want you to challenge me. I want to see you try to beat my high score, and become the best you can be, because it can happen. I know you might be thinking she doesn't know anything, and I can't beat it. Well, I can tell you that I went from being a no one to the girl that was in 8th place on the scoreboard, and is looking quite comfortable with her 3rd place trophy, just because I never gave up. I told myself I could do it, and I can do the best I can. If you do the best can in anything, it is enough. You don't push yourself 100%, you have to push yourself 200%. You MUST give it your all, and then, and only then, you will know, that whatever place you are in, whatever score you have, you did by doing your best. That itself is its best award.

Remember, your biggest critic is yourself. Don't let it hold you back!

Love from Lola96711.

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