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Guild-Hopper's Guide to Finding the Perfect Guild

by angelacaprio115


A guild is a place where Neopians of similar interests can chat and make new friends. It is an excellent experience to be a member or a leader of a guild. Many Neopians can become very attached to their guilds and their members, and the last thing they want is for the guild itself to close and be deleted. But these things happen, don’t they?

Now, you are guildless, or in a state of not belonging to a guild. Being guildless can be one of the most horrific and stressful times if you can’t find a guild that suits you. A guildless Neopian who cannot find a guild that is right for them and has tried out many different guilds is called a guild-hopper. Guild-hoppers become so attached to their previous guild that sometimes they can’t find a new guild that they can live with. This guide assists those poor guild-hoppers in how to find the right guild for them.


There are many types of guilds out there. They range from Roleplay, Neopets-Related, Avatar Collecting, Paintbrush, Fanatics, Block, Scribble, and Themeless. The most popular kind of guild is Neopets-Related, often shortened to NR. The guilds with generally the higher member counts are Avatar Collecting, Block, and Themeless. I will give you a brief description of each kind of guild and what you can often find in them. You can see recruit boards for all of them on the Guild Boards, with the exception of Avatar Collecting guilds which are advertised on the Avatars/NeoSignatures board.


Avatar Collecting guilds, often called “avvie guilds” are densely populated in some cases, with up to 300 members in some. Avvie guilds are very active with lots of active chatting on the Guild Messages, and have special events and cool things to do in the guild. There is generally a requirement system in avvie guilds. This means that you must have a certain amount or experience in a certain area in order join. This may mean you must have a certain number of avatars, trophies, or painted pets. It could also mean you must have a certain number of years on Neopets. There are generally exceptions to requirements if the person wanting to join the guild is close but not quite at the requirements. Avvie guilds are almost always private and require and invite to join.


Block guilds are for people with varying interests. There are different requirement “blocks” to fit different areas of Neopian experiences. The most common “blocks” are Battledome, Avatar, Collecting, and Gaming. They are very similar to avvie guilds in the sense of activeness and member count.


Have something you love? Maybe a bunch of other Neopians do too! A Fanatics guild is where Neopians who are huge fans of the same thing chat. Common Fanatics guilds are often Non-NR. Most fanatics guilds are public and have up to 40 members.


NR guilds are often based on a variety of Neopets-related ideas and themes. With usually up to 60 members and normally public, this is a good guild theme for those who are not avatar collectors but want a Neopets-based guild.


Paint Brush themed guilds are most definitely Neo-Related. In Paint Brush guilds, discussion is often based on good colours to paint pets and which colours to definitely avoid. There are many things to be offered in Paint Brush guilds, which can be public or private and normally up to 60 members.


Roleplay guilds are for those avid story-tellers out there! In Roleplay (usually shortened to RP) guilds, you have a character with a certain personality and traits, and you become that character. You talk and act along with the story as your player. Just make sure to warn members when you are breaking character!


Scribble guilds are for all of you artists out there! Graphics and drawings are made in Scribble guilds, and are public and private with up to 100 members. These guilds can be very fun with LOTS to offer!


As you can judge by the name, Themeless guilds are for those who just can’t decide what kind of guild they wish to be a part of! These guilds can be very large, with as many as 300 people. They can be public or private, and can be excellent resorts for tired guild-hoppers.

Those are the guild basics and a brief description of each of the major guild types. Now, I bet you kind of have an idea of what kind of guild you would like to join. There’s still the question of which guild is right for you! Every single guild type has many different guilds with that theme, and each one is a little different! How do you know which is the perfect guild for you? Here are some tips on finding the guild you belong in.

Tip #1: Go on the Guild Board and/or Avatars/NeoSignatures Board and get invitations to as many guilds that you find that you would like to be a part of. Read through their Guild Webbie and explore some of the guild’s links. Knowing what things you can do in which guilds and what the guilds are about is one of the most important things!

Tip #2: Try out lots of different guilds! If you go through all those invites, you’re bound to find one that is right for you! Sometimes, trial and error is what works best. When trying out a guild for the first time, stay for about a week before you feel the urge to leave.

Tip #3: Join a guild with some of your close friends. Oftentimes, you won’t want to leave your friend and you will become very attached to the guild. This has worked for me many times. Even ask if some more of your friends could join too! That way, not only are you making new friends, but you’re chatting with some of your old ones as well.

Tip #4: Try to help out in the guild as many ways as you can! If you try out some of what they have to offer, or host a petpage for something you need, you’ll feel more as a part of the guild. It helps out a lot. It even makes the guild leaders consider you more for council and other high rankings (:

Tip #5: Compromise. You can’t have everything completely your way. Say there is one thing you wish you could change... neomail the guild leader about it! Most guild leaders adore getting feedback or tips to help out with their guild. And if they say no, always try to work around that obstacle.

Tip #6: Sometimes, if you try to find a guild too soon after your last guild closes, absolutely no guild suits your style. It’s perfectly normal. It’s because you are too wrapped up in your old guild to open your eyes. Occasionally, it’s best to just take a break from guilds for a week and occupy your Neo-life in other ways. If it’s Key Quest, playing games, or chatting in boards, you’re bound to find something that interests you while you recuperate from your last guild!

Six tips to getting out of your guild-hopper stage... it shouldn’t be that simple, you say? I understand—weeks and months and days on end you have searched for another guild. How can six silly tips get you out of there? Um, try them out? See what works for you! I’m only here to tell you that yes, I’ve been there too. I’ve been a guild-hopper. I did these things for myself and I have found the perfect guild. I hope the same thing works for you!

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