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A Birthday Friend for Life

by iloveben14


Have you ever felt heartbroken? Have you ever walked along the shops in Neopia Central with no one by your side? Most Neopets haven't, but a certain Zombie Aisha has. Googlicity would cover his face in shame at others who would point and laugh at him. He was dead on the outside, but now he was starting to feel dead on the inside. Would he ever find a friend? Would he ever find that one person to stand by his side and be there for him?

      It was Googlicity's birthday and the day felt cold. He looked up at the dark sky and sighed.

      "Another day alone, and another day of tears..." he whispered to himself.

     He decided to take a journey towards Faerieland. He was aware that the walk would take some time, but he was sick of walking around doing nothing. Before his departure, he decided to get his Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack to put over his head. Googlicity wanted to try to have a good day for once because being made fun of and ridiculed was torture enough.

     "At last, I'm finally here!" Googlicity yelled with joy.

     He was greeted by none other than the Rainbow Fountain Faerie!

     "Why hello there. Are you lost?" she said happily.

     Googlicity started to shake as if he had just met the most important person in Neopia!

     "You're... You-... You're the Fountain Faerie!" he said as he made sure his Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack was tight over his face.

     "That's right! Thank you for coming to Faerieland, but why do you have that over your face...?" she said, smiling sweetly.

     Googlicity stood strong and didn't say a word. He didn't want to inform her that others made fun of the way he looked. After all, it was his birthday and he didn't want his heart to be broken anymore. She giggled and proceeded to take his mask off of his face seeing as she heard no response.

     "There! Isn't that better now?" she said kindly.

     He looked at his surroundings in amazement. It was as if the entire world was brighter when he showed his face.

     "Go on, go explore Faerieland and have a great time!" she said with a smile.

     He looked at her, completely surprised. No one had ever done that before. He was always made fun of. He stood tall and proud and continued on his way. He had a feeling that things would change today.

     Googlicity entered Faerie City with an open heart and mind. He walked over to the Faerieland Bookshop and was about to enter... until he heard quiet whimpers on the other side of the store. He crept slowly to the other side and saw a beautiful Royal Ixi. Her head was down and he could see her tears pouring down.

     "Miss... are you alright?" he stuttered.

     The Royal Ixi looked up in front of her and glanced at Googlicity.

      "Why would you care? Why would you even want to be speaking with me?" she replied.

      He became confused, wondering why someone wouldn't want to talk with her. After all, she was royalty.

     "My name is Googlicity... and I would love to talk to you."

     "My name is Tantiema..." she said, smiling.

      Googlicity was so happy that someone actually introduced themselves to him. Most ran away or just stood there and hurt him emotionally. He felt as if this could be the moment he could finally make a friend!

      "Why would you be crying? What happened?" he said with concern.

      Tantiema looked down..

      "I... I don't have anyone. People think I'm stuck up and conceited because I come from royalty. I can't help it!"

      Googlicity completely understood and then explained his story to her. Tantiema had no idea why people would make fun of Googlicity.

      "Well, I think you're handsome for a Zombie," she said with a smile.

     Googlicity jumped up with excitement! He grew some courage and asked her something he had never asked anyone in his life. Although... he never had a chance to ask anyone before.

     "Would... would you... like to be friends..?" he said quietly while putting his head down.

      Tantiema became giddy and hugged him.

     "Yes! I would love to be friends!" she said with a big smile on her face.

     Googlicity had never been so happy. All of these years of torment and depression now disappeared. His birthday must have been the luckiest day of the year for him because so much was happening in just one day!

      "Tantiema, now that we're friends... I have to tell you...that regardless, I still want to be painted a different color. I'm sick of being alone and I'm sick of being made fun of," Googlicity said shamefully.

     She looked at him...

     "Googlicity, you have me now! We'll be the best of friends. I like you for who you are," she said firmly.

      He pondered for a while. Maybe she was right? His entire life he had been searching for at least one person to be with him and guide him through life. He longed to find one friend who he could call his best friend. He finally had that now, so why would he want to change anything about himself? Googlicity and Tantiema began to walk back towards Neopia Central.

      As they were leaving Faerieland, the Fountain Faerie approached him once more.

     "It looks as if you found a friend! You look so much happier than when you first came here."

     She smiled and then granted him a Fountain Faerie Quest! Googlicity was shocked. Tantiema grabbed Googlicity's hand and they ran to the Rainbow Fountain.

     "I've never been here before!" Tantiema exclaimed.

      "M- either..." Googlicity said sadly.

     The Fountain Faerie came towards Googlicity.

     "So, what color would you like to pick from? You may pick any color you'd like that is available in my Fountain."

     Googlicity took three steps back and put his chin up high.

      "I don't want any new color... I LOVE the way I am! I want to be a Zombie forever!" he said proudly.

     Tantiema looked at him. He knew the look in her eyes meant she was proud of him. After looking away from Tantiema, Googlicity apologized to the Fountain Faerie.

     "There's no need to apologize! We're all proud of you. Neopets will like you for who you are inside!" she said sweetly.

     With a wave of her hands, she clapped! Before Googlicity and Tantiema could blink, they were back in Neopia Central. They were in the center of the town... and everyone around them looked astonished. Googlicity could hear many whispers and many people rambling. Tantiema took his hand.

     "Come on, they don't matter. It's alright..." she said.

     Then all of a sudden a Faerie Aisha came up to Googlicity.

     "Hey, Googlicity! You look different. How are you?"

     Googlicity's eyes opened wide. This couldn't be happening... someone else spoke to him too!? He had the best feeling that he had had in his entire life.

      "I owe this all to you, Tantiema. You took a chance on me and became my friend. Now my whole life will change. Thank you so much!" Googlicity said.

     "I didn't take a chance on you... I didn't have to. You're just an amazing Aisha and you deserve more than you were getting in life."

     At that moment Googlicity knew he had the best birthday! No... the best day ever.

The End

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