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The Best Cheap Foods in Neopia

by danielleplicka


Many neopets need REAL food every now and again. In fact, most prefer to eat nicely every day. But no one can afford to feed their neopets 50,000 neopoint items every day of the year. So, this is an assembled list of cheap treats and snacks to assure your neopet will always fall asleep with a content, full belly, that are sure to please the pickiest Neopian out there.

Every species, every color (...nearly... *cough* chocolate... or other food colored pets...) are sure to love these, while you won't have to spend much at all! You can also look around for other lovely foods that might please your neopet's taste buds. In any case, these ten foods, listed in no particular order, are an easy treat for all neopets. Feel free to force them down your neopet's throat if they refuse to try these foods themselves. :)

#10: Buttered Crumpet; Estimated Cost: 300 NP-400 NP

Makes a great quick breakfast, lunch, or snack. It also makes a wonderful side to any supper. The crumpet base is spongy, soft, and very tasty. Adding the butter gives a wonderful cool flavoring that tastes creamy and rich. The butter that comes on the crumpet is specially churned on Kau Kau Farms, and the crumpet itself is made from one of the finest recipes in Neopian history. When seeing your pet eat one, you cannot help but steal a bite for yourself.

#9: Cheesy Onion Noodle Soup; Estimated Cost: 5,000 NP

A delicious, filling meal, great for eating more than just when your neopet is sick. The noodles are bouncy and very filling, making most of the meal. The broth is strong of onion and the hint of cheese, giving the noodles an amazing flavor that is hard to get out of the mouth. Not like any neopet would want to!

#8: Toast with Jam; Estimated Cost: 300 NP

Purely simple and delicious. A great snack or breakfast, even dessert. A thick, mouthwatering slice of white bread smothered in cool, fresh strawberry jam. The bread is delightfully warm and crunchy, while the jam stays cool and gel-like. Great for the neopet with a sweet tooth, as you can easily fool them to thinking it's unhealthy when really, it's made from real strawberries and fresh-baked bread.

#7: Baked Apple Jacket Potato; Estimated Cost: 800 NP

Ahh, Pomme de Terre. Which, believe it or not, is french for Potato, but actually translates to "apple of the ground"! For this delicious dish, they have scooped out all the starch of the potato and filled the skins with a handsome helping of sweetened baked apples. It's like eating the yummy insides of apple pie!

#6: Blueberry Fruit Pancakes; Estimated Cost: 1,200 NP

The ultimate breakfast that will fill the belly of even the hungriest neopet! Four thick, spongy pancakes piled onto each other, covered in a thick, rich blueberry syrup and topped with juicy blueberries. The soft, moist cakes plus the thick, rich, sticky syrup combine to form the most amazing breakfast of all time! Your neopet is guaranteed to love it.

#5: Honey Glazed Ham; Estimated Cost: 3,500 NP

Purely one of my neopets' favorite dinners. A juicy, sweet, tender, delectable ham glazed lightly with sweet, sticky honey. No need for any sauces or spices, this ham is perfect the way you purchase it! After a bad day, throw in a most pleasing side dish and the sweetest, most delicious dessert you can find, and there is no way you or your neopet will fall asleep or start the following day unhappy.

#4: Seasoned Curly Chips; Estimated Cost: 3,000 NP

A simple snack or great side dish. Crispy, well-seasoned, and a bit spicy. Made with only the finest potatoes and spices, these scrumptious little chips are a definite pleaser. There is also a perfect balance of coating; Crispy, well seasoned outer crust, and the inner soft, slightly seasoned, potato. Once your pet eats one, they will definitely want many more!

#3: Hot Cheese Croissant; Estimated Cost: 1,300 NP

A delightfully delicious breakfast or lunch. A flaky, soft croissant filled with melty, ooey-gooey cheese. Your neopet would never dream of being able to resist this treat! It would probably even be difficult for you to not be taken in by the welcoming, mouth-watering smell of this fresh-baked snack.

#2: Apple Lantern Pie; Estimated Cost: 9,000 NP

A bit expensive, yes, but your neopet would love this yummy pie as an occasional dessert. With a flaky, crumbly crust, and gooey apple filling, this pastry is the most wonderful dessert in Neopia. The apple filling, however, is not made from ordinary apples, but indeed apple lanterns, which are a very festive halloween treat eaten mainly in the Haunted Woods. Once your neopet has a slice of this pie, they will never want to eat any ordinary apple pie ever again!

#1: Faerie Eclair; Estimated Cost: 900 NP

The most wonderful Eclair you could ever taste! With that sweet Faerieland taste to it, this fresh piece of bakery is the ultimate breakfast or dessert. A freshly baked, light, fluffy, soft doughnut, filled with a thick cream and frosted with a whipped chocolate icing. However, I would avoid the wings as they are made of paper and not edible...

And there you have it. Now, you can introduce your neopets to some new, delicious snacks without spending too much. And never let your neopet go hungry again! For the end of this article, I wrote up the perfect supper. So please enjoy! ;)

Appetizer: Endless Salad and Bread Sticks-A big pile of salad composed of lettuce, tomatoes, and cabbage. Warm, soft, buttered bread sticks with a wonderful, mouthwatering garlic flavor.

Side Dish: Cheesy Mashed Potato-A simple old favorite. Those fluffy, creamy, buttery mashed potatoes we've all grown to love, covered in a gooey cheese sauce to form the perfect side dish.

Main Course: Whole Roast Chicken-Simply what it is. A lovely roast chicken, still in its whole form. You can't go wrong with a nicely seasoned chicken with crispy skin and tender meat.

Drink: Sparkling Flatfruit Juice-Yummm. A bubbly, fresh juice made from real flatfruit. Cool yourself down and quench your thirst.

Desert: Chocolate Cake-The classic dessert. A perfect slice of moist, luxurious, chocolate cake with matching thick, creamy, icing. Finish the perfect supper with the perfect dessert.

Happy feasting!!!

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