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The Advent Calendar: Exposing the Truth

by bball6578


We all know it. During the month of Celebrating (December), we go every day and receive our daily dose of the holidays. Perhaps it's a book, or a wearable, or a neohome 2.0 item. Perhaps it's even a paint brush *crosses fingers for snow*. But who is behind this operation? Who has the money to buy the paint brushes? Who has the innovative ability to create two new items a day? And who the heck has enough time to create 31 videos? I, your humble writer, have ventured up to Terror Mountain to find out.

Upon reaching the mountain, I proceeded to make snow angels, participate in a snowball fight, and get blasted by the Snowager, all on an hourly salary. When all this merrymaking was done, I marched right up to the Eyrie who owns the slushie shop, and bought a Pan Galactic Gargle Slushie (they had just restocked). Between slurps, I questioned the unnamed Eyrie about the mysterious operation known only as the Advent Calendar.

I, your humble writer (IYHW): So, you have set up shop across from this advent calendar place. Tell me about it.

Eyrie: Man, I don't know. That thing has been out here for as long as I can remember. Can't complain, though: it certainly draws a lot of business to Terror Mountain, and then to here.

IYHW: Any idea who's operating it?

Eyrie: Well, once I saw a small black figure darting toward the building, and another time I had seen a mysterious being approach slowly, and disappear inside.

IYHW: Well, thank you for your time.

Eyrie: Don't mention it. And, if you do find anything conclusive, put my link in the Neopian Times for me!

I, your humble writer, slowly backed away, feeling suddenly uncertain about someone who was prattling on about a so-called 'link'.

I shivered as I approached the summit of Terror Mountain. I saw a small igloo with a sign saying 'Garage Sale'. Looking dismally at the small sum left in my pocket, I proceeding to duck under the entryway, and gasped. Aisles upon aisles of stuff! And, in the middle of it all, the two owners and proprietors, Mika and Carassa.

IYHW: So, you must be the famous owners of the Igloo Garage Sale!

Mika and Carassa: That would be us!

IYHW: Do you know anything about the Advent Calendar?

Mika: I once went down there, just to see what it was about. I got a few neopoints and some fiery mittens. In fact, I'm wearing them right now! They're warm...

IYHW: Ok then... do you know about the owners of the place?

Carassa: Afraid not. They have us beat on a daily basis: how are we supposed to compete with someone who gives away stuff for free? Thankfully, it's only for a month.

IYHW: Thank you for your time.

Mika and Carassa: You're welcome!

I figured, if there was someone who could help me in my quest, it was obviously going to be Taelia, the Snow Faerie, the master of quests! After being invited inside for a warm cup of tea, I took out my notebook. Note To Self: Whenever going to Taelia, it's probably wise to finish her quests, or else feel the wrath... down to business.

IYHW: So, how long have you been up here?

Taelia: Ever since the first Neopian citizen (I remember that it was a Shoyru).

IYHW: Have you been here longer than the Advent Calendar?

Taelia: Why, of course! That silly place has been open only since year 2!

IYHW: Anything you could tell me about it?

Taelia: Well, I don't quite know how, but it has quickly grown in size: since year 2, the items have become more and more expensive, and evolved from one to two a day!

IYHW: Do you know who owns it?

Taelia: I once went down there, just to see. I was given two items, shown a video, and was quickly pushed out the door. How rude!

IYHW: Anything to say to your fans?

Taelia: Finish my quests, please. It's not too much to ask for some small items, and you never give them to me.

IYHW: Thank you for your time.

I slowly walked down Terror Mountain. I felt like I was not going to learn anything at all important about the Advent Calendar. But then, I heard a low hiss. As quietly as possible, I turned around, to be confronted with the giant ice worm himself, the Snowager!

Snowager: Ssssso. You want to learn about the Advent Calendar, do you not?

IYHW: Yes...

Snowager: I wassss here when they first arrived. I wassss to retreat to my cave for my ssssecond nap of the day, when I ssssaw ssssomething curioussss: A ssssmall pink figure darting back and forth among the treessss. I would have gone to invessstigate, but I wassss tired, and Neopiansssss had ssstolen much of my treasssure.

IYHW: Anything to ssss- I mean, say, to the Neopians who steal your treasure?

Snowager: Yesssss. None of you will ever get my avatar!

Laughing maniacally, he slithered back to his cave, and I once again backed away slowly, thinking, What is an avatar?

I felt that it was time to visit the place itself. It was dark, and the street lights had begun to flicker on. A small trickle of Neopians left the building, and I, not for the first time, wondered about the intelligence of this assignment. Is it really a good idea to expose the event that leaves Neopia captivated for a month? What would happen if there was evil held in that building? Would children cry, and Neopians flood the Neopian Times building to protest the publishing? In the end, since I had already far and away exceeded my budget, I slowly approached the small building. I opened the door.

'You have already collected your prize today!' shouted a voice. And, at my feet, I saw the solution to my question. I could not believe it. The event that holds Neopia is run by the beings you least suspect. The Advent Calendar is run by meep-



If you read this, then I'm in the Neopian Times! W00T!

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