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Jungle Raiders Guide: Swing Your Way to a High Score

by facetiousmind


In this game you get to learn a little more about Myncies as you guide a dashing jungle Mynci through the trees of his natural habitat. Myncies love to swing from tree to tree, so why not have at it in the latest game: Jungle Raiders!

Now that that speech is over with, let’s get on to the basics of the game! In Jungle Raiders, you play a jungle-themed Mynci whose goal is to collect as much treasure as possible by swinging through the trees and gathering the coins that are placed in his path. Your arrow keys and space bar direct your Mynci through the jungle, so if you have no mouse, no fear! You can still play this game. :) Use the left and right arrows to swing from vine to vine. Use the up and down arrows to move up and down the vines while you’re hanging on to them. The spacebar lets you jump. You’ve got three levels to get the highest score possible, so let’s get started! There are, of course, power-ups and enemies that will make your game quite interesting, so let me tell you more about these.


Twirly Fruit (the green one): This is the speed power-up that will adorn your Mynci with a fashionable green glow and make him zoom through trees faster. This also helps in letting you jump longer distances without falling since you are moving faster.

Pluburb (The purple one): The anti-Gravity power-up slows you down a bit, but not in a bad way! This power-up makes you fall much more slowly which gives you a longer chance to grab the next vine before falling to your doom. It also makes you a wider jumper which can help you in grabbing the next vine as well.

Stramberry Fruit (the lumpy orange one): This power-up makes your Mynci Invincible. This means that while this power-up is active, nothing can harm him. For example, if you touch a Quetzal or Schmoonie while invincible, you won’t lose any health. But you can still die even if you’re invincible, so don’t fall off the vines!

Flaming bomberry: This power-up gives you a boost of health.

Mynci Head: These little doodads give you an extra life. Sweet!

The three power-ups Twirly fruit, Stramberry fruit, and Pluburb slowly wear off so use them wisely!

Enemies/What to Avoid:

Quetzals: These will decrease your health if you touch them. They are almost impossible to avoid but they can be pushed off your vine if you position yourself above them. Just press the down arrow to kick them off! Otherwise, if you leave them on the vine with you, you will lose more and more health every time they touch you.

Schmoonies: These will also lower your health if you touch them, but they don’t hang out on the vines like the Quetzals do. Instead, you will find these guys pacing back and forth on the ledges throughout each level. You can kill these by landing on top of them (but they’re so cute, I always feel bad killing them).

Petpets throwing things: There are some petpets below the bushes that will throw bananas, coconuts and dung at your Mynci. If one of them hits him, he’ll lose some health. One good thing to know about the items thrown at you: if you can hit the item with the bottom of your feet and sort of “land” on it (the same way you kill the Schmoonies) you will render the item useless and it will not harm you. You don’t get any points for this, but you do avoid losing health!

Two other things to note: Be watchful of your health bar. If it reaches empty, it’s game over! Also, if you miss a vine and fall off the screen, you will lose a life. These aren’t “enemies,” per se, but I figured it good to note them both.

For the rest of my guide, I will share some general information and tips with you that I found helpful to know in order to do your best at this game. Of course, you can pick and choose the ones that work for you, but hopefully the knowledge alone will help increase your score.

First, there is no timer for this game, so take your time and take a break if you need to. There are only three levels, but if you need to slow down, do so. Just be sure that if you’re walking away from the computer, you didn’t stop somewhere dangerous (i.e. where a Schmoonie is walking or where items may be thrown at you, lowering your health slowly to zero).

When swinging from vine to vine, wait until the next vine starts swinging toward you before you jump to it. If you try to catch it while it’s swinging away from you, you will most likely miss it and fall, causing you to lose a life.

Also, you can’t jump to the next vine if you are too high on the vine so make sure you are about half-way down the vine before you leap to the next one. The lower you are on the vine, the wider your swing will be.

There are a few ways to gain points in this game, mainly from collecting coins. The blue and yellow coins are worth three points. There are silver coins in level three worth fifteen points each! You can also gain ten points for each Schmoonie and Quetzal you kill. Kill the Schmoonies by landing on top of them and the Quetzals by pushing them off the vine (like I explained earlier).

You can only have one power-up “active” at a time. For example, if you collect an anti-gravity and then immediately grab an invincible power-up, you will lose the anti-gravity and become invincible. However, this does not apply to the health boost power-up. No matter what, if you collect a health power-up, you will still receive a boost of health.

You can use the down button to duck when you are landed on one of the ledges. This can help you dodge the items being thrown at you by those evil petpets!

Each of the three levels get longer and progressively harder, but you also get a new background in each level (level three’s background is my favorite!). Level three has tons of coins so you have plenty of opportunities to rack up some points!

In conclusion, I would like to take this time to thank you for reading this guide and I hope you have learned something new about the game Jungle Raiders! This game is a fun one with a cute little Mynci hungry for adventures so why not give it a shot? At the very least you can easily get 3,000 NP by playing this game three times per day, and that’s incentive enough, I think! Have fun swinging on those vines and good luck!

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