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13 Ways To Get A Donation From The Money Tree

by tessie_doodle_


MONEY TREE - You’ve tried and tried and tried, but you’ve NEVER EVER gotten ANYTHING from the Money Tree.

Sadly, it’s a common story. If you want to get things from the Money Tree, use one of the methods listed below.

There are many ways to better your chance of getting items or Neopoints from the Money Tree. Some are harder then others, and some involve certain things.

1. The easiest method by far is the looking poor method. It’s as easy as it sounds. Just put on your oldest, filthiest, most ragged clothes, then go down to the Money Tree, and pretend to try to get items. It is best to walk with a limp, or maybe even have crutches. You will do this for some time, until some kind-hearted person comes over to you and hands their donation right into you arms.

2. The second method is somewhat like the first. What you do for this one is just pretend that your leg is broken, or that you have some other serious ailment. Now, like the first method, pretend to be going as fast as you can toward something, but let another get it. Eventually, a kind-hearted person shall come along, and hand you their donation. Either one you pick, method one or method two, they are similar, but method one might be a little more likely to get a donation handed directly.

3. This method is a harder one. You will have to try to get as many potions and Faerie quests and magical items that will make a Neopets faster. Give them all to your pet, and when they are lightning speed, let them have a go at the tree, and watch them scoop up item after item after item. But after a while, stop so that other people can have a go. You don’t want to deprive a real poor person of their only source of food and comfort, do you?

4. This method is a bit risky, and very mean, so try not to use it to often, you might get in trouble. What you do is, get your pet blessed by Faeries as much as possible. Then equip good items that can be used over and over. (That means no one-use items like snowballs.) Once your pet is good and strong, bring them to the Money Tree, and tell them to use whatever means to get things. They’ll rush up, and if someone else has taken 10,000 NP, the Codestone, or book, your Neopet will beat them up, and take the stuff for themselves. Try to be unseen if you use this method, otherwise The Neopets Team will take you away.

5. This option is definitely the most expensive, but is very effective with the more timid that try to get items. All you have to do is buy either a transmogrification potion for your pet, or buy a Halloween Paint Brush and paint your pet. A good choice for the Halloween Paint Brush would be Lupe; many Neopians (uh, actually, well, really, um, me included) would run from one in absolute terror.

6. This isn’t really a method, but hey! It still works sometimes. If you happen to be passing by, or if you are already there and see a really fantastic amount of Neopoints or a really rare item, the best thing to do is just put your arms out and your head down, and charge screaming toward the item or NP. It is most likely that others will part for you, and if someone was about to grab the item or NP, they might look up for a second to see what the noise was, and you just might be able to grab the item or NP from under their nose.

7. This isn’t really a method either, but it works too. If you are really, really lucky, a very famous Neopian might happen to walk by, and of course, everyone at the Money Tree will immediately run after that famous Neopian, leaving you free to grab any items you like. The only problem is that you wont be able to get the Famous guys autograph, and that would be a shame.

8. This is another one that isn’t really a method. All you have to do is wait until Dr. Sloth decides to wreak havoc by firing his newly made ray gun on Neopia, and everyone will run about screaming in terror, leaving you free to collect any recent donations. The hitch is that you might not need them if you happen to be caught by Dr. Sloth, which is extremely likely…

9. If you happen to be friends with Jhudora, why not call her down for a little help clearing the way for you? If you are great friends I’m sure she’ll help you! (Make sure that she’s in a good mood though, you don’t want her to be angry with you for bothering her… And it might be a good idea to give her the best item that you get, so that she feels that it was worth her time… Like I said, you definitely DON’T want her angry with you.)

10. And then the little pink Uni glides over the pretty rainbow and lands and a pretty meadow. She then starts to frolic in the pretty flowers, and then finds a pretty little-wait stop for a second, that doesn’t sound right… *checks papers* Oh! No wonder! Wrong story! Sorry bout’ that! *Chuckles*

11. And then of course, if you were really desperate for something, then you could run after the people, knock them down, and grab the stuff and run, but I don’t think choosing that method is very good… You will be tracked down unless you move to Mystery Island, change your name to Bobbers Bodkiny, start wearing all white clothes, and take up the art of flower smelling.

12. A very, very desperate method is to somehow get all the ghosts to join you. The pant devil is an excellent choice for getting people away, just make sure you keep him from stealing your items! If you are really evil, you might summon Vira, or maybe even the ghost Lupe, just make sure you have absolute control over them; you definitely don’t want them rebelling against you.

13. This method is definitely the most extreme of all the methods for getting items or Neopoints from the Money Tree. What you would do is, find Dr. Sloth, persuade him to work with you, (how to bribe him? You guessed it-offer him the whole of Neopia. If you are lucky enough, he won’t realize that you don’t have authority to hand over the world.) If you can persuade him, it is a simple matter of having him go by himself to the Money Tree. And then you could tell him to take all the items, or, if you feel you might not get anything back, run in as he walks up and grab everything while people and Neopets run around screaming their heads off.

Well, that’s it folks. 13 ways to get a donation from The Money Tree.

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