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A Beginner's Guide to Trading Pets

by ashesviolet


A Beginner's Guide to Trading Pets

Did you nearly fall over backwards the first time you visited the Neopian Pound neoboard?

Do you blink cluelessly as various acronyms go whizzing past the screen?

Does the fast pace and constant bumping give you a headache?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is the article for you!

Now before we begin, there is a lot of controversy surrounding trading pets. I'm not here to discuss that – all I'm here to do is help you make sense of the madness and hustle and bustle that is the trading game. I leave it to your own mind whether you wish to take part or not!


One of the very first things you need to understand about trading pets is all the acronyms people tend to use when describing their pets. Here's a list of the most common:

VWN = very well named. Usually this means the pet's name is capitalised (first letter only) with no numbers or underscores, and is only one word. For some people this also means that the name sounds really nice, which makes it tricky because that can sometimes be personal preference.

WN = well named. This usually means the pet's name is one word, no numbers or underscores. Sometimes people do not consider a pet well named if it doesn't have a capitalised first letter, but again it depends on the person. Just use your best judgment.

DN = decently named. The meaning of this one can vary. For some people it means an uncapitalised one word name, for others it means two words with no numbers or underscores. For others still it can mean a name with only one underscore. Again, just use your best judgment.

BN/VBN = badly named/very badly named. This usually means pets with any underscores or numbers in their name, or random capitalisations. Also includes pets with what you might consider “unpleasant” names. In other words, the names don't look pretty. Be careful not to be offended if someone considers your pet badly named. Some people don't mind, but be warned: trading pets that are considered “badly named” is a LOT harder.

UC = unconverted. This means that this pet is in the old art style – the kind that was around before Neopets changed all the pets to allow for customisation (I.E. allowing you to put clothes, backgrounds etc on your pet). When Neopets made these changes, they knew that many people might not like the new artwork. As a result, if they made a change that they considered to be “major”, they would give owners the option not to convert the pet to the new art style. These pets are VERY special because you CANNOT undo a conversion to the new style. They will never be around again, so don't be surprised if people want very valuable offers on these. Please note that if you paint an unconverted pet, you will convert it. This gets asked quite a bit.

RW = real world, referring to the name. For some people, having a pet that has a word that actually means something in real life is desirable. An example of this would be the name “Pea”. In theory, the more “hits” on google that a RW name has, the more desirable it is. This depends on the person, though. Some people aren't interested in RW names, whereas others want all their pets to be in this format.

UFT = up for trade. This means that they are taking offers to trade this pet for another pet.

UFA = up for adoption. If a pet is UFA, you can apply to own that pet without needing to trade one of your own for it. Often this requires applications, but it depends on the owner.

The Trade

Trading itself can be a risky business. It is advisable to keep records of all the offers you get, as well as keep evidence of any pets you agree to trade on. This usually means taking “screenies”. Basically you bring up the page where you have agreed on which pets to trade (sometimes on the neoboard, sometimes through neomails) and hit the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard. If you then go into any graphics program like MS Paint and hit paste, an exact copy of what was shown on the screen will be given as an image – save it. You want to do this because if something goes wrong and someone doesn't hold up their end of the bargain, you need to prove what's happened when you report them to Neopets. Please note that you can ONLY report someone if they take YOUR pet without giving the one they promised. You CANNOT report them if they simply change their minds.

So what makes a trade a good trade? Honestly, that comes down to personal opinion. Unconverted pets will usually only seek other unconverted pets or very expensive pets, such as a Draik or a Krawk. Draiks and Krawks too will seek a much higher offer. Unconverted plushies tend to be the most desirable of unconverted pets (due to the very large difference in the art), but other colours can sometimes prove equally desirable. The different combinations of colours and species you could trade are astounding, so if ever you're unsure if something's fair, the best thing you can do is post a board on the Neopian Pound neoboards and ask other, sometimes more experienced, players if they think a trade is fair or not. People are usually very helpful in this regard, so someone's bound to give you advice or offer their opinion. However, at the end of the day, all that REALLY matters is that both you and the user you trade with are happy with the outcome.

Well, I hope this has helped a few of you out there! See you at the pound boards!

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