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What To Collect

by iloenchen


Your neighbour collects stamps, your best friend collects everything related to Dr. Sloth, and your brother just cheered loudly because he got another trophy for his trophy collection. It seems like you’re the only one who cannot show off with a large collection, not because you don’t want to start one but because you simply do not know what to collect.

If the above sounds similar, you have found just the guide you need. I will present you the most popular collections in Neopia as well as some that are more rare and hopefully give you some ideas if you want to stray away from trends and get a unique collection.


Probably the best collection if you're looking for rewards for your hard work. You can get six different avatars for completing pages in your stamp album and a trophy if you manage to get into the high score table. But be careful; getting all stamps is not easy and you should be prepared to spend a lot of money on them. With new stamps having been released recently, there is now a total of 495 and quite a few of them cost several million Neopoints. On the other hand, there are also lots of cheap ones to start off your collection and to give you some success in the beginning.


If you thought that there are a lot of stamps, it's nothing compared to how many books exist in Neopia. For collecting books, you can get the Neopian Book Award, but it'll be a long way and as I write this article, your pet must have read 1687 books to get the trophy. But since there's such a vast amount of books, finding cheap ones to read shouldn't be hard and you'll have a wide range to choose from.

Booktastic Books

Even though those are books as well, they don't count towards the Neopian Book Award. Instead, there's a different trophy you can get for reading those books. The advantage is that there are not nearly as many Booktastic Books as other books. At the same time, this means that you'll quickly run out of cheap books to buy and will have to focus on the expensive and rare ones that can be quite hard to get.

Gourmet Food

Yet another collection you can get a trophy for. Gourmet food is food with a rarity index between 90 and 100. How do you find out if your food is gourmet food? Simple, just click on the item in your inventory and you will find the rarity index in the window that pops up. If it is indeed a gourmet food, feed it to your pet and once it has eaten enough rare food, it might get into the Gourmet Club.


A lot of members on Neopets collect avatars. Some of them are easy to get, others very difficult. For each avatar, you have to do something different, be it to visit a place, look at a pet or to get a certain score at a game. While the other collections consisted of items that you had to buy, you will have a much larger variety of things to do when collecting avatars. This doesn't make it easier. On the contrary. If you're not good at games or if you aren't prepared to spend a lot of money to get some avatars, you will have difficulties getting many of them. At least avatar collecting can be very rewarding. Not only can you, once again, win a trophy for this collection, but you can also show off the avatar you worked hard for at the forum and have people who haven't got it yet admire you.


I have already mentioned trophies a few times in this article, and I would like to dedicate a whole section to them because they can be collected as well. Some trophies are very easy to get. If you win twice at Sakhmet Solitaire, for example, you will definitely get a trophy. For other trophies, you need to get into a high score. Having enough points can be very difficult to achieve. Trophies are a great collection for those who have the patience to play a game over and over again even though they keep losing.

Collectable Cards

Yes, you can collect cards as well. If you have not discovered your Neodeck yet, click on your profile and you will find it next to your stamp album. Collectable cards are not as popular as the collections I have presented above and I think one of the main reasons is that you cannot gain an avatar or a trophy for this collection. But since they seem less rewarding, you will have less competition and the feeling of success for getting a particularly rare card will hopefully make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Besides, faeries sometimes ask for those collectable cards for their quests so it can’t hurt to have some lying around.

Gallery collections

All of the above had special places to collect them. The books and food, you give them to your pet and can then look up in a list what you have already collected. You will stick stamps into your stamp album, put collectable cards into your neodeck, avatars can be used on the forum and when you click on your user lookup, you see the trophies you have collected. But besides those things, there are thousands of other objects you can collect and show to everybody by using your gallery. Some people collect Usuki dolls, others everything related to fire, and I have even seen a waffles gallery. Those collections can be unique. Everybody has a stamp album and many people are filling it, but there are only few people having a gallery dedicated to apples. What you need first to create a unique gallery is a theme. Browse around the site, look into some of the shops and see if you can’t find anything that strikes your fancy. Once you have decided, you can use the search feature and ask around the forums for objects that will fit into your collection. Everyone can look at your gallery to see how much you have gotten already and if you’re lucky, it might even be chosen for the gallery spotlight.

I hope that the above has given you some inspiration to start your own collection and find something you can spend your hard earned Neopoints on. It might be difficult to decide what to collect, but once you’ve made your choice and got started, you will find it very rewarding to see your collection grow with every new item that you get.

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