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Which Neopet Are You?

by ghostgirl777


There are many species of Neopets in Neopia, 54 to be exact. I am sure most of you have wondered what Neopet you were. I have wondered this many times. I have made this quiz so you can see which Neopet best suits you.

If you are considering creating or adopting a Neopet (I would adopt because the pound pets need a home), you might want to consider the results of this quiz. If you don't want any new pets, you will at least know which of the selected Neopets you are.

Remember to answer each question truthfully and to record your answers!

1.) You just earned a 100,000NP reward! You are going to the mall to spend it. Which store do you go to?

A. The outdoor store. I have to get new gear for my adventure tomorrow.

B. The candy store! I love Jelly Beans!!!

C. The fashion store, DUH!

D. The pool and aquatics store!

E. I didn't earn that money! I um... *clears throat* borrowed it from that kid in 5th period...

F. The candle shop and tea shop. They calm me.

G. I went to the joke shop.

2.) Your rich Aunt has given you enough money to have a house anywhere in Neopia. You decide to move from Neopia Central to...

A. I don't care where it is, as long as it isn't in the city. I need wild places where I can run and be free.

B. The Haunted Woods or Mystery Island. Maybe just a forest. As long as it has plenty of trees it works for me.

C. Why would I leave Neopia Central? I prefer the city. The wilderness is dirty and dangerous. I will take the money and buy clothes and shoes!

D. Maraqua!!! At last I can swim and be free 24/7!!!

E. Another city. I like to be around weaker Neopets. It fuels me. *evil grin*

F. Shenkuu. It is calm and peaceful there.

G. Tyrannia!!!!!

3.) If you could be painted any color, you would be...?

A. Green, Brown, or white. I need to blend in.

B. Green. It matches the leaves of trees!

C. Faerie or Royal. They are beautiful... just like me!

D. Maraquan or blue. They are water colors.

E. Darigan, Halloween, or Mutant. They are tough.

F. Colors do not matter. It is what is on the inside that counts.

G. Is there a clown paint brush?

4.) What is your favorite color?

A. Brown

B. Green

C. Pink

D. Blue

E. Black

F. Yellow

G. I like all the colors of the rainbow!

5.) What are your favorite animals in the real world?

A. Wolves/foxes/coyotes

B. Squirrels/chipmunks

C. Horses/ponies

D. Sea horses/fish

E. Dinosaurs... I know they are extinct, but they were animals when they were alive!

F. Frogs/toads

G. Birds

6.) What is your favorite part of school?

A. Dismissal. I feel trapped in there and I need to be free.

B. P.E. I like to run!!

C. Restroom breaks. I have to make sure I look nice.

D. Swimming Class! (If you don't have that and you want to, you can still pick this.)

E. Any time when the teachers aren't looking. *evil smile*

F. Electives. My school has a yoga class.

G. Lunch. I have two words for you: FOOD FIGHT!!!

7.) Which would you rather have?

A. An adventure.

B. Jelly Beans!

C. All the latest fashions.

D. A life-time pass to a water park.

E. All the nerds' lunch money!!!! *evil chuckle*

F. I do not need anything worldly.

G. The ULTIMATE prank set.

8.) Oh no! A bully is picking on that poor defenseless kid and there is no teacher around! You decide to...

A. Stand up to the bully. I don't care what the bully might do to me. I have to help that poor kid.

B. Run and tell the teacher. I am fast, so I should be able to find one quickly.

C. Ignore it and head to the bathroom. The science experiment from last period messed up your makeup and you simply CANNOT let anyone see you in your current state.

D. I didn't know about it...

E. I am the bully.

F. Do nothing. Remain neutral.

G. Throw water balloons at the bully!

9.) You just got invited to a party by the most popular kid in school! You automatically want to go. The next day, however, you learn your best bud didn't get an invite. You...

A. Don't go to the party and have a sleep-over that night with your best friend. Or go to sports game.

B. Take my best friend to the party

C. I AM the most popular kid in school.

D. I wasn't invited.

E. I gather up my buds and we crash the party!!

F. Go alone.

G. We both go early and hide in a tree, then throw water balloons and eggs at the guests as they walk by!!

10.) Your favorite thing to do on a sunny Saturday is_______.

A. Exploring this cool place I found!

B. Tag

C. Ballet

D. Swimming!!!!

E. Bullying the little kids

F. Meditating and yoga

G. Playing Pranks!!!

11.) Your friends call you_____.

A. Brave and loyal

B. Hyper and fun!!!

C. Pretty and popular

D. Shy but smart

E. Tough and rough

F. Clam, serene, peaceful

G. Wild, hilarious

This is the final question! After this you will find out which Neopet best suits you!!

12.) You think you are_____.

A. Adventurous, brave, and loyal

B. Hyper, candy-eater

C. Pretty, popular, and sassy

D. A swimmer and shy

E. The strongest kid in school

F. One with nature, a Zen person

G. The best prankster in ALL of Neopia!!

I hope you recorded your answers as you went through the quiz! Now count them up and see how many of each letter you had. Once you've found your score, find the results for the letter you have most. If you have a tie, pick the one you like most out of the two. If you have a tie between more than two, I suggest you re-take the quiz!

Mostly A- You are a Lupe! Lupes are, in my opinion, one of the best species in Neopia. They are loyal, kind, brave, daring, adventurous, and wild. You are much like a Lupe in many ways. You are loyal and kind to those you care about, you aren't afraid to stand up for what is right, and you always love to have adventure. A good person.

Mostly B- You are a Xweetok! Xweetoks, like you, are active and hyper. You love sweets and aren't afraid to break rules. You may not have the heart of a Lupe, but you would help anyone in need. A good person.

Mostly C- You are a Uni. You like your looks and love to be pretty. You are a popular kid... but you need to step away from the mirror every now and then to notice what's around you. You could care for others more than you probably do. But that doesn't mean you wouldn't ram your horn into anyone who threatened those you care about. An OK person.

Mostly D- Hello fellow swimmer!!! You, like me, adore the water and everything about it. You are as smooth as a pond but can be as rough as a stormy sea. You would spend hours here if you could, away from others who don't understand you. The water is the place you love and that's why you are a Peophin. A good person.

Mostly E- *takes a step backward* Dude. You definitely aren't soft or weak. You are the tough kid on the street. You like sports and things that make you look cool. But you also tend to be mean towards others. You are a Grarrl. I am sorry to say you aren't the person everyone wants to be around. *backs away, then hides in a tree* SHOULD be a better person.

Mostly F- You are a Zen person. You prefer to stay neutral in matters and are a peaceful person. You like peaceful surroundings and like to meditate and find inner peace. You are a Nimmo. A good person.

Mostly G- There is no doubt of what Neopet you are! You like playing pranks and jokes on unsuspecting people. You prefer tricks to treats and could make a grey pet laugh. You proudly hold the title of 'Class Clown'. You are, without a doubt, a Pteri!!

After staying up late and LOTS of editing I FINALLY finished! Thanks for reading my first entry! Feedback welcome!

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