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Freefalls Into Lunacy

by firefree_animegirl

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Large and (Supposedly) in Charge
Kata and I dashed over to the source of the voice, and were greeted by Faeries. Hundreds of Faeries...

by kotaeia


Vinsetta: Part One
"It's not like I had a choice," said Emma, continuing to stare out the window into the night. "They just dropped in and left her, saying they would return soon..."

by reggieman721


To Ride a Uni: Companion and Steed - Part Two
Kanine was feeling more and more flustered by the minute. She decided, in the interest of not appearing totally useless, not to mention that she had never had a rider before...

by smallpox__plum


A Week At Cockroach Towers
But this story isn't about how I think our life was good. This story is about the week that wasn't so good...

by pippin_me

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