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If You Just Listened (Translated version)

by sswpyo


NOTE: This story has been translated, because if it wasn't, all the talking would be "Urrrggh" and "Uggga! Urgh!" It would be hard to understand, so that's why it's the translated version.

The hot Month of Relaxing sun scorched the flat plateau, turning the rocks hot and making the ground hard to walk on, even for Grarrls, who have hard, thick feet. The sounds of everyday life hurt the Usul's tender ears as she walked through the plateau, scouring the flat rocks for her friends. She tried to bear the hot sand that stung her paws as she walked.

      "Hey, over here!" a voice called from the top of a large, tawny coloured boulder sitting nicely on top of another boulder.

      The Usul used her paw to cover the sun from entering her eyes, and squinted, trying to see who it was. "Ah, Eteckt!" the Usul called happily, already scampering up the boulders, and nearly falling every time.

      Her friend poked her arm playfully, laughing. "Payerrk, want some omelette?" Eteckt asked quietly, taking out a few crumbs of a plain omelette.

      Payerrk stuck her tongue out with a good nature, pushed the Blumaroo's dirt-covered hands, and replied, "No thanks!" She and Eteckt laughed together, sitting down on the boulder, with their legs hanging over the sides of the boulder, swaying rhythmically. Payerrk honestly didn't know what she'd do without her green Blumaroo friend.

      After they finished the delicious omelette, Payerrk stood up and brushed off the dirt of her dress. She pulled Eteckt up with a strong paw. "What do you want to do now?" she asked, looking around and seeing the normal sites she saw every day.

      Eteckt seemed to look around, too, first with the Concert Hall, then to the Omelette. "Hmmm... nothing much to do, is there?" he asked, sighing. It was one of those days where they didn't have anything to do. Yes Boy Ice Cream was at the Concert Hall, so of course it was sold out, and they had already ventured to the omelette, and Sabre X was very protective of the omelette. They had no neopoints for weapons, and most likely their parents could be very angry for that anyways.

      Payerrk's hazel green eyes gazed around, searching for anything. A cave filled with darkness caught her eye, and she gasped excitedly. "Look, Eteckt! A cave. We could venture in. Who knows, we might wind up on a shore and see Meridell!" Excitement bubbled up in Payerrk's stomach as she thought about seeing pirates on the ocean or finding ancient Tyrannian treasure.

      "Oh... I don't know, Payerrk. Isn't that the Lair of the Beast?" he asked, his voice shaking as he looked up at the cave.

      She pondered for a minute. "I don't think so. I think it's over there," she replied, pointing at the two large red mountains in the distance. Payerrk was pretty sure, though she had her doubts, but the long for adventure was too overwhelming, and she didn't think too hard about it.

      The two best friends climbed up the stones, and soon they were standing right in front of the cave. It looked much larger up close, and a lot more menacing. Eteckt's legs shook with fear, as his eyes grew wide and his ears drooped. Payerrk saw Eteckt, and told him about the treasures and things they could be able to see if they went in. Eteckt seemed to brighten up, and actually wanted to go in.

      As they walked in, the darkness engulfed them. "It's cold, isn't it?" Eteckt whispered. Even whispering, his voice echoed down the long, endless cave. And it was true, the cave was cold, and dark, except for the torch tied up. They kept venturing forward, and the only sound was each other's shallow breath and the eerie dripping of water from afar. Spider webs clung onto their sides as they waddled toward, using their paws are guidelines.

      "Shh!" Payerrk listened, and she could hear a light sound. She thought it was scratching, but then her imagination grew as she thought it was the calm ocean hugging the shorelines.

      Eteckt suddenly tripped on something that had ravelled around his paws. "Ahh!" he screamed. Payerrk whirled around, making sure her friend was alright. She unravelled the rope from his paws and tugged it. It was strong, even enough to hold the weight of an Elephant.

      Payerrk began to climb the rope, signaling to Eteckt to follow her. He got up slowly, and began to follow Payerrk up the dusty rope. She nearly fell, but she gripped the rope quickly. The two climbed until they reached the top, then they used their strong arms to pull themselves up. Payerrk was sitting on the ground, her mouth wide open when she saw the large hole in front of her and Eteckt. Eteckt peered up, and shivers ran down his spine as steamy air blew from inside the cave.

      "Please... can we go?" he begged Payerrk. "I'm scared, Payerrk!"

      But she simply ignored him, which was unusual. They always listened and respected each other. The Usul's mind was wandering, as she got up and entered the cave.

      "No!" Eteckt gasped silently, grabbing Payerrk's tail, thrusting it back. Payerrk growled, as she kicked Eteckt in the stomach. The Blumaroo flew backwards, hitting the wall with a very loud "THUD"! A few tears shed from Eteckt's eyes, knowing he might never see his friend ever again, and that there was nothing he could do. His body ached from his best friend's kick, and he was frozen with fear.

      Payerrk was already inside the dark cave. The noise from the thud had awaken the beast, as a large, white eye opened from a deep slumber. The beast sniffed the air, and let out a loud, horrifying screech as it realized something was in his lair. His sight was blurry, as he looked around for the intruder.

      "PAYERRK!" Eteckt hollered as loud as he could, until he was sure his vocal chords were breaking. Payerrk shook her head, finally noticing what was going on. She gasped, and fell backwards as she raised her head and saw the huge, drooling red mutant.

      The beast took a lunge at her, its large beak clamping down on a large grayish blue rock, crushing it. Its razor-like beak got a hold of Payerrk's bone tied in her hair...


      "I'm sorry, Eteckt. I should have listened to you." Payerrk sighed, touching the bald spot on her head from the incident.

      "Oh, don't worry about it. I'm just glad you're still here. And don't worry about your fur, I'm sure it'll grow back..." He smiled and continued, "...eventually."

      "Gee, thanks." Payerrk sighed, rubbing the bald spot again, feeling the strange texture of it. She wished her fur was still there, but she knew Eteckt was right, it would grow back, maybe not tomorrow, but soon enough.

      Stars and a wash of dark blue blanketed the sky as night crept closer and closer. Payerrk and Eteckt lay down on the cool rocks, watching the twinkling stars dancing in the sky. They sighed, as the wind blew, whispering. Life was all good, Payerrk thought happily. She was still here, and more importantly, she still was here to be there for her best friend. She'd never forget this day at all.

The End

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