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The Neolodge: A Neo-Life Saver

by tigerlily_42


It’s been a long day at work. You played games, earned prizes, and spun wheels for hours on end, and you are EXHAUSTED. Earning Neopoints is hard, especially when you have four hungry mouths to feed. You stop your bike at your Neohome and insert the key into the lock. The door clicks open. You are greeted by none other than your Kougra. She has a famished, depressed look on her face, and her dull eyes bore through your heart. You immediately know what’s going on: your Neopet is starving.

You rush into panic mode, searching every cupboard, the refrigerator, the cabinets, every place imaginable, looking for even the tiniest morsel of food. You see your other pets romping with their petpets outside in the sunny atmosphere. They seem fine.

Your Kougra looks up at you, and you can’t stand to look into her sad eyes. Instead, you drag your eyes down to your feet in shame. A good pet owner would never let their pet starve; it’s just cruel. You pull out your wallet. There are 100 neopoints inside. Whistling to your famished pet, you walk out the door to the Food Shop. There, you purchase a few fruits. After paying, your Kougra gobbles the fruits down, then looks up at you. There’s a hint of gleam inside those hazel eyes. Your pet isn’t starving anymore, she’s just very hungry.

Unfortunately, you’ve already spent your weekly savings, and you can't go on feeding your Neopet so many different foods. You run to your shop till, and empty out what's left: 115 neopoints. You sigh in relief, and then bike back to the Food Shop, only to see that all the food has run out. Miserably, you crouch by your bike, stroking your Kougra's fur soothingly. Then, a thought hits you: the Neolodge.

¦¯`+,¸_¸,+´¯`•» ☼ «•´¯`+,¸_¸,+´¯¦

Many Neopet owners don't consider the Neolodge as an affordable food source. Most owners don’t even bother to feed their pets, or they leave on vacation without giving their pets any food while they are gone. Your pet will be much happier and healthier if you give them the attention they need.

Here are the pros and cons of the Neolodge:

Pros: (The good things)

• You can still play with your pet while they’re in the lodge.

• Much more inexpensive than buying tons of food.

• They return bloated no matter how long they stay.

Cons: (The bad things.)

• It’s about 100 NP per pet, if you follow the guide below.

¦¯`+,¸_¸,+´¯`•» ☼ «•´¯`+,¸_¸,+´¯¦

Here’s the guide you can follow when booking your pets into the Neolodge:

• Book your pets in the Faerie Castle for 100 NP. It’s not too expensive, but not too cheap. You wouldn’t want your pets to be living in the Cockroach Towers, now would you? ;)

• Give your pet three luxuries // extras. Pick any three you want, as they are only 5 NP each per night.

• Book your pets for one night. The total will come out to 115 NP. That’s not too bad a price, now is it? Especially when you’re saving up for that elusive paintbrush! =)

• Click “Complete Booking” to get your receipt. If you followed this guide and the total did not come out to 115 NP, you may have clicked one too many extras or chosen the wrong hotel.

• If you have more than one Neopet, when your receipt comes up, click the back button. Then just change the Neopet’s name to the next one you wish to stay in the lodge, and complete the booking. This is much easier than clicking “Neolodge” or “Neopia Central” for every single pet.

• And... presto! Your pets are booked into the lodge, and will be happy and healthy until they check out.

¦¯`+,¸_¸,+´¯`•» ☼ «•´¯`+,¸_¸,+´¯¦

The next day, you bike over to the Neolodge to pick up your Kougra. She stayed for one night in the Faerie Castle, with a restaurant, en-suite bathroom, and a swimming pool. Your receipt came out to 115 NP – just the amount you took out of your shop till! Now that was a close call. As you chain your bike to the bike rack, you make a mental note to make at least 115 NP per day. Then you’ll never have to worry about your Neopets going hungry again, and you’ll be on your way to being a Neo-millionaire! Your Kougra walks out slowly, looking around for you. When she spots you, her wild eyes light up. She romps over and rubs her head against your legs, purring. The dull, hungry look in her eyes is gone, to be replaced by a bright, happy, healthy gleam. You rub her head affectionately, and then bend down.

“I promise I will never ever let you go hungry like that again,” you say. “I am very ashamed of myself, and I hope you forgive me.”

She looks at you, and you hold her gaze for a few moments. Then, the spell is broken by a small butterfly flitting through the yard. The Kougra’s eyes tear away from yours, and she dashes off towards the butterfly, leaping and bouncing. At that very instant, you know you have been forgiven.

The next day, you fill your Kougra’s plate high with Neocrackers, omelettes, apples, and more. She ravenously gulps the meal down. You open the cupboard to put the sack of Neocrackers back, and are pleased to see that they are no longer barren. They are stocked with tons of food, from jelly to cereal. You pets certainly won’t go hungry anymore.

¦¯`+,¸_¸,+´¯`•» ☼ «•´¯`+,¸_¸,+´¯¦

See what a great help the Neolodge can be? Even if you’re as broke as ever, you only have to play one game and get a good score to be able to afford a one-night stay at the Neolodge. However, if you change the number of nights your pet stays, the price will definitely rise. Now that Hidden Tower item will soon be yours.

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