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Raindorf Revenge

by jacqds


The snow was really coming down on Terror Mountain and everyone was getting ready for Christmas. The advent calendar was very busy handing out its daily presents which made Neopians happy. Unfortunately for Neopia, there were some very unhappy Raindorfs around. They were getting ready to sabotage the Christmas spirit.

     Not too far up the Terror Mountain in a wooded area, lived a group of Raindorfs. Clyde Raindorf was a very proud Snow Raindorf. He was also a very grumpy Raindorf. Clyde was always asked to help guide a sleigh for Chester Wocky. Chester Wocky dressed up every year as Santa and gave out presents to all the little Neopians. This was a huge undertaking. This is why he needed help. He asked for volunteers and usually a bunch of Raindorfs would help him and pull the sleigh on Christmas Eve. One of his most productive and helpful Raindorfs was Clyde. This year, Clyde felt a wee bit jealous. He was getting a little sick and tired of all the attention going to Chester. A few nights before Christmas Eve, Clyde decided to meet up with all his friends in a cave on Terror Mountain. He figured there had to be others that wanted a little bit more appreciation for all their hard work.

     On that famous evening, seven Raindorfs met in secrecy. There were four Faerie Raindorfs – these usually led the sleigh because they were naturally good at flying because of their wings. Also present at the meeting were two cloud Raindorfs and Clyde – the Snow Raindorf. As everyone entered the cave, they moved toward an area where they could sit down on straw chairs. Clyde positioned himself so everyone was facing him. He sat on his favorite Tooth Faerie Chair. Clyde smiled to himself as he saw everyone looking at him. He felt powerful! Finally he was going to get some respect!!

     “Hi everyone, please sit down and be quiet so we can start our meeting,’ he bellowed. His voice seemed loud because of the echo that followed. Then, silence filled the cave.

     “I think we all know why we are here today,” Clyde announced. He went on to say, “As many of you know, Chester Wocky hands out packages every year to Neopians. This year, that will NOT happen. We must stop him. I realize that this is a tradition and that many Neopians enjoy it. However, we work just as hard if not harder and we get NO appreciation. I say we show all of them what Christmas will be like when Chester Wocky does not show up.”

     There was a loud rumbling of voices and it was clear that many of the Raindorfs were upset. One of them spoke up. “As many of you know, I am the only girl Raindorf that usually helps out. For those of you that are new this year, I am Sarah. I do not agree with you, Clyde. We should not punish Neopians because you are jealous of Chester.” She sat down quickly because she saw how Clyde stared at her. She felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment. She looked down to the cave floor to avoid further eye contact. At that same time another Raindorf saw what had happened and came to Sarah’s defense.

     “I, too, agree. I don’t think we should do anything mean. I think we can do something but we need to be nice.”

     Clyde flew out of his chair and onto his hooves. “Oh, bah humbug. You guys are just tooooooo sweet. Why don’t you get real? Every year you complain about how you are not appreciated. How you have to work hard on Christmas Eve; you don’t get to be with your friends and family and how Chester gets credit for being the great Santa impersonator. Yeah okay... you should really get even.” With that nasty comment out of the way, Clyde sat back down on his chair. He was steaming mad... his breathing was so fast you could see vapors of steam coming from his large nostrils.

     Everyone calmed down. Darin McDorf finally got up and made an announcement. “I say we put it to a vote. If the majority of Raindorfs want to strike and cause problems to Chester Wocky, then we will do that. However, if the majority says NO, then we accept the outcome of the vote and go on with Christmas Eve as always.”

     Several of the other Raindorfs stood up and applauded. They were agreeing with Darin.

     “Fine, if you guys want to vote, then let's vote. Just one more thing – keep in mind how this goes every year. We get up early, get the sleigh ready, pack it up, and get ourselves ready. Then we get to pull the big Wocky all around Neopia so he can get all the glory. Yeah, real nice.”

     Sarah took seven pages out of her Cloud Notebook. She handed one to each member present. Then she gave everyone a Basic Pencil. “Okay, everyone. Make sure you put either a YES if you want to strike and cause problems or a NO on your paper if you do not want to do anything bad.”

     The seven sat down on their chairs with their paper and pencil. No one seemed to be writing anything. Everyone looked at each other. Clyde took his pencil and wrote one word – YES in bold letters - big enough that everyone could see. He was not going to hide what he was writing because he didn’t really care what anyone thought.

     Slowly, the others wrote their answers on the papers provided. Sarah took the lead and gathered the votes. She handed them to Darin. He looked at Clyde who shook his head in disgust.

     “All right, everyone, here we go. One vote for yes, another vote for yes, a no, a no, a no, and a yes. I will now reveal the tie breaker... Just as he was ready to say something; Clyde got up and stood next to him. “I don’t care what the outcome is – I will still do something – with or without the support of all of you.”

     With that said, he sat down. Darin opened the last folded paper. There in big BOLD letters was the word YES. Darin sighed hard. Sarah knew in that instance what it said. She shook her head in disappointment. Darin held the paper up high so everyone could read it. Instantly, there was applause. However, there were the three that did not applaud. They just sat with their heads down low.

     Clyde jumped up and grabbed the paper. “Yahoooo, here we go. Now, let’s talk about what we are going to do. First we all need to come to an agreement. We MUST all agree on what we do. It is only fair.”

     Sarah nudged Darin. Darin just looked at her with his sad big brown eyes. He looked across the cave at Stephen, a Cloud Raindorf. Stephen had also voted NO. They both shook their shoulders and listened to Clyde who really seemed to enjoy being the one in charge. He was no better than Chester Wocky, thought Sarah. Clyde was all about himself. He was way too vain and way too interested in making this Christmas miserable for everyone in Neopia. Sarah started thinking of how she could sabotage Clyde’s plan. As if Darin was reading her mind, he smiled and gave her a “yes” head shake.

     Clyde outlined his rather evil plan. He planned to take all the really nice presents out of the bags and replace them with dung. However, he knew he would have to wait until right before they would be leaving on Christmas Eve or Chester would smell it.

     Clyde also wanted to make sure he had plenty of cups of slime with him so they could be dumped out over the sleigh onto Neopians' homes. He thought the slime was a nice slimy touch. He grinned at himself and the left cover of his mouth curved up in a rather evil way. Sarah thought he looked more like a Sloth minion at that moment.

     Clyde went on to tell everyone of all the horrible things he wanted to do. Then he called the meeting over. Everyone left the cave and headed back home.

     However, three of the Raindorfs walked down a path toward a highly wooded area. There Sarah stopped. She whispered, “All right. You know what we have to do. We have to reverse everything Clyde is trying to do. It won’t be easy. So, each of you decides what part you want to do and then on Christmas Eve, we do it.”

     Darin smiled. He liked her. She always knew how to make everything better. After ten minutes of talking, they split up and went home.

     Days passed. Neopians everywhere were in the Christmas spirit. Snow was deep and beautiful on Terror Mountain. Snowbunnies frolicked in the snow. Cybunnies joined them as they played tag in the snow. Several of the famous Usuls were skiing down Terror Mountain. It was a glorious day – it was also the night before Christmas Eve.

     Clyde sat in his neohome by his solid stone fireplace. He rubbed his head with his hoof. He reached over to grab a cup of Tchea Tea of the table. He sipped it slowly. He had been planning all week for his evil deeds. He felt very disappointed in some of his fellow Raindorfs. Why did some of them want to be nice? Chester did NOT deserve nice. He always got credit for everything and everyone liked him. It was so wrong. Clyde stood up and walked to the window. There he looked up the hill to Chester’s home. He could see a warm glow coming from the windows. Chester was probably looking at his Snow Covered Decorated Tree and putting lots of presents under it. Clyde really disliked Chester – he was a goody goody two shoes. Always doing good deeds for everyone – that just made Clyde’s stomach turn. Clyde walked toward his bedroom and went to sleep in his Regal Oak Wood Bed. As he slept he dreamt of all the evil things he would do to teach Neopians that you should not underappreciate the Raindorf.

     That same evening, Sarah was having dinner with Darin. They were good friends and they had been talking about how to stop Clyde from ruining the best day of the year. Darin had already talked with Stephen who had agreed to help them. After dinner was done, Darin went home to get some sleep. Sarah stood by the window in her room and looked out. She watched the snow falling. It was so beautiful in winter. She finally decided she too needed sleep.

     The next day was Christmas Eve day. Everyone gathered at the top of Terror Mountain. They met at Chester Wocky’s barn. The barn was warm and ground was covered in hay. There stood a gigantic red sleigh. It was filled with bags; some toys stuck out because the bags were so full. A blue toy car stuck out of a big red bag. Another bag revealed a Rainbow Elephante Toy. Chester was dressed in his Santa suit and smiled at the Raindorfs. Little did he know that many bad things had been planned.

     “Alright, everyone. Be quiet. We are almost ready to go. If you could get the rest of the bags and load them in the sleigh, we will be almost ready to head out for the night. It will be getting dark soon,” announced Chester. He pulled his hat closer over his ears. The air was rather chilly and the wind had picked up a bit. He supervised as the Raindorfs worked hard. As he watched, he decided to go inside the house and get a warm cup of Xweetok Hot Chocolate to help warm him up.

     Clyde was thrilled to see Chester leave. He pranced over to a tree behind the barn and grabbed three bags of dung. One bag was filled with nothing but Rainbow Dung. The other bags contained regular Dung. Pew... it smelled. In order to disguise the smell, he squirted some Lavender Perfume on the bags. He loaded the bags in the back of the sleigh – far away from Chester. Hopefully he would not smell the dung. As he finished, he grabbed a smaller bag of full of cups of slime... He grinned as he imagined the slime falling from the sky onto Neopians. They would look up and blame Chester... hehe... how much fun!!!

     Sarah, Darin, and Stephen watched where the bags were placed. Sarah hoped to distract Clyde long enough so Darin and Stephen could get rid of the bags. At that moment Chester appeared.

     “All right. Looks like we are all loaded up and ready to go. Let me get you guys hooked up to the sleigh. We better be on our way.”

     Sarah panicked. She had not had a chance to get the bags off the sleigh. Darin and Stephen shook their heads. They knew it was too late.

     Chester had the seven Raindorfs hooked to the sled and the four faerie Raindorfs started their wings flapping to get the speed going. All of a sudden the sleigh lifted off the ground. The Raindorfs directed the sleigh toward Central Neopia. Chester grabbed a few bags. He opened the bags. The sky had turned dark and the snow had stopped. The moon was bright and gave excellent light for them to fly by. Neopians everywhere were in the homes. There were a few outside singing carols by a huge tree in Neopia Central. Chester directed the sleigh toward the tree. He reached behind his seat and dumped a bag over the side. The contents came pouring from the sky. The singing Neopians looked up. Professor Lupe saw something green bear down on his head. Before he could duck, a cup of slime hit his head. Several of the other carolers were also hit with slime. As Chester moved the sleigh toward homes, he yelled, “Merry Christmas.”

     Unfortunately for Chester, the carolers did not think it was a Merry Christmas as they were all covered in slime. If poor Chester only knew! The angry carolers lifted their fists in anger to Chester and yelled back at him, “You evil Wocky... May Dr Sloth ruin your Christmas.”

     Chester barely heard what they said. However, he had heard enough to realize something was wrong! He continued on to some homes. Mr. And Mrs. Blumetta the Blumaroos were outside building a snowman when Chester dropped a bag of Dung on them. Mrs. Blumetta screamed in shock as the rainbow dung dripped down her long ears. Baby Blumetta sat on her tail as she tried to get the dung off her nose. Mr. Blumetta was furious with Chester and screamed at him. Chester continued dumping slime and dung all over Neopia. Everywhere he went he heard Neopians screaming at him. He was very confused. He did not understand what was going on. Finally, he got very nervous and decided to stop on the rooftop of the home of the very famous Acara - Princess Fernypoo. He turned to look at the bags that were still open. One bag was filled with toys. The other, however, had something else in it. He reached in to grab what it was. As he pulled his hand back out he screamed out in disgust. “What the heck is going on here?” His eyes squinted and his ears were twitching. He was angry! His paw was covered in rainbow dung. The smell made him even madder. He jumped out of the sleigh and walked up to Darin. He stuck his paw under Darin’s nostrils. “What is this?” he bellowed.

     Darin tried so hard not to laugh. Others were already snickering. “Ah... looks like Rainbow dung to me, sir...”

     “I know what it is. I want to know HOW it got here.”

     “I have no idea. I thought you loaded those bags?”

     “Ah, I see – a wise guy?” screamed a red faced Chester.

     The other Raindorfs unhooked themselves from the sleigh. The four Faerie Raindorfs grabbed the other non-flying Raindorfs and gave them a lift off the roof. Chester watched as they flew off. He stomped up and down on the roof making noise and waking up those in Neopia already asleep. The Raindorfs stood on the ground, looking up at Chester, laughing. Darin was laughing so hard he thought his stomach was going to burst.

     In the meantime, many of the angry Neopians had gathered around the Raindorfs. Clyde looked up innocently and smirked to himself. Now, finally, everyone would dislike Chester. Maybe he, Clyde, would get to be a hero and hand out presents next year. Yes, that was his plan.

     The Blumettas and the carolers appeared. Several of the Neopians who had their homes covered in dung and slime also came out to give Chester a piece of their mind. This was not the Christmas spirit usually found in Neopia.

     Chester finally decided to climb off the roof and face the angry crowd. One of the onlookers threw a cup of slime at Chester as he walked toward them. Sarah actually felt really bad for Chester at that moment. She jumped in front of Chester to protect him. Darin was worried about Sarah getting hurt so he grabbed Stephen and they both stood in front of Sarah and Chester.

     Clyde approached them all. He was gloating and extremely pleased with himself. He shook himself and pranced over to the angry Neopians. “My fellow Neopians. For years Chester has been the star of Christmas in this town. Now, you finally get to see how he really is. I always told you he was NOT as nice as you all thought. Can you believe he would do something so evil?”

     Neopians all round hissed and yelled at him. Christmas Eve was ruined and they could thank Chester Wocky for that. Just as they were about to get really mean, Sarah approached.

     “You have all been fooled. Clyde sabotaged all of it. He has been jealous of Chester for years. He is the one to blame. He switched out the bags and filled them with Dung and Slime. Chester did not know what was in the bags. He is innocent!!”

     “Sarah is telling you the truth,” added Stephen. Darin shook his head up and down in agreement. The other Raindorfs confessed. They said it was all true.

     Clyde noticed everyone was busy talking so he backed out of the crowd as fast as he could. Just as he was about to leave one of the Faerie Raindorfs – Andrew – grabbed him by his horns. “Ah, not so fast there, slick. Where do you think you are going?”

     “I was just going to get presents... yeah, that’s it.”

     The crowd surrounded him. He could not escape. At that moment everyone was very quiet, staring at the evil Clyde. A tiny voice said “Forgive him! It is Christmas Eve!” The tiny voice belonged to a baby Kau named Blossom. She smiled sweetly and batted her long eyelashes at him.

     Clyde couldn’t help but smile. She was so cute!

     Several of the Neopians approached Clyde. He panicked. He was worried. Were they going to hurt him?

     Suddenly, Mrs. Blumetta grabbed him and gave him a big hug. “You know, we sure got mad but that is not how we should act. I forgive you!”

     Everyone started chiming in, “I forgive you!!!” Soon, everyone was in a circle and everyone was in a good mood. Someone started singing Christmas Carols. Within minutes everyone was smiling, even Clyde.

     Chester walked over to Clyde and put it hand on his shoulder. “You know, Clyde, if it meant so much to you to hand out presents, you should have said so. We could have done it together. Next year we will do it as a team; what do you say?”

     With that everyone clapped. Christmas Eve had been saved. As everyone went to their own homes to relax, Clyde smiled to himself. Okay, he thought... now that they think we are friends, I have them right where I want them. Just wait and see what I will do next year!!! He rubbed his hooves together as he grinned and smirked... Ha ha ha! Ho ho ho... yeah right.

The End

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