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A Holiday Quiz: Revealing Your Christmas Personality

by imsleepingbeauty


In her annual show of artistry, Autumn flawlessly and deftly painted all the surrounding foliage in myriad shades of yellow, orange, red, and gold, but the breathtaking beauty has finally withered and faded, taking with it the last of summer's warm sunshine rays. A chill wind now blows instead, nipping at ears and noses and flushing cheeks to a rosy red. What does all this mean? Yep, time to break out the coordinating Brown Winter Hats and Scarves, plus your favorite gloves, and bundle up tight, because... winter is here, and Christmas is coming!

As the holiday nears, multitudes throughout Neopia scurry with preparations: baking (and tasting!), cleaning, decorating, shopping, and wrapping. In the midst of such busyness, finding a spare moment to recoup your energy can be difficult. What better way to relax than with a fun seasonal quiz -- a potpourri of factual, personal taste, and site trivia questions? Added to the mix are three secret bonus questions, which are revealed at the end and give you double the normal points! So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, a notepad, and pencil to jot down your answers, and let's begin unearthing your Christmas personality!

Remember: This quiz is purely for entertainment and self-discovery; therefore, be honest and enjoy! ;)

1. How many Christmas painted Neopets do you own in total?

a. Erm... none

b. One - Five

c. Five - Ten

d. Ten or More

2. The vendor's name of the renowned Happy Valley Ice Cream Cart is:

a. Mr. Chill

b. Mr. Chipper

c. Mr. Chuckles

d. Mr. I. C. Creamy

3. If you had to choose one Petpet which causes you to drool or swoon the most, it would be:

a. Kadoatie

b. Pandaphant

c. Candychan

d. Meepit

4. Name the Faerie who never takes a summer holiday and enjoys every moment of her never-ending winter:

a. Psellia

b. Jhudora

c. Taelia

d. Thyora

5. When painted Christmas, this Neopet sprouts a halo and wings:

a. Flotsam

b. Pteri

c. Usul

d. Zafara

6. Your favorite color combination is:

a. Red and Green

b. Pink and Purple

c. Orange and Black

d. Blue and White

7. A festive, crimson ribbon adorns which paint brush:

a. Baby

b. Christmas

c. Pirate

d. Snow

8. When do you start listening to Christmas tunes?

a. Start?! All year 'round!!

b. Once the weather turns colder

c. After Halloween or Thanksgiving

d. I barely tolerate them

9. What is the turkey-related Petpet, celebrating its 1st birthday this Advent?

a. Cockler

b. Clucker

c. Gobbler

d. Wattler

10. Of the 40+ Christmas-painted Neopet species, how many display antlers resembling Reindeer?

a. 6

b. 9

c. 15

d. 20 or more

11. According to The Neopets Team - Fashion Department, which pattern is "totally in this season"?

a. Dots

b. Stripes

c. Stars

d. Solids

12. During the past year, excluding the Neopoint thefts by random ghosts, have you donated Neopoints and/or decent item(s) to the Money Tree?

a. No. Everyone should work for their own NP/items.

b. Yes, regularly; at one time or another, we all need a hand up.

c. Occasionally.

d. If I'm feeling generous, maybe...

13. When did the beloved Advent Calendar begin its yearly gifting?

a. Y1 (1999)

b. Y2 (2000)

c. Y3 (2001)

d. Y4 (2002)

14. From which of the following do you derive the most joy?

a. Giving gifts.

b. Giving and receiving gifts.

c. Receiving gifts.

d. I don't care for either. Bleh.

15. Do you have a Christmas tree in your Neohome?

a. Yep, sure do!

b. More than one! *grin*

c. No.

d. I don't have a Neohome.

16. Which of the following does not transform into an actual smiley on the NeoBoards?

a. *santa*

b. *rednose*

c. *reindeer*

d. *xmastree*

17. Grandma is visiting your home for the holidays. On Christmas morning, she hands you a festively-wrapped present, covered in sparkling tin foil and decked with the flourish of curled ribbons and a bow. You excitedly tear through the paper and tape, open the box, push aside the tissue paper to reveal a beautiful, hand-knit sweater... in the color Orange, one of your least favorite colors of all! *groan* Holding the soft material and trying to keep your composure, you look up to meet your Grandma's expectant gaze. How do you react?

a. Give her a warm hug and respond, "Thank you, Grandma; I appreciate all the time and love you put into making this sweater for me."

b. Force a smile and say, "Thanks!"

c. Work to keep the grimace off your face and lay the gift aside wordlessly.

d. Frown and protest, "Grandma, don't you know I hate orange?!"

18. Choose your favorite Neopian month:

a. The Month of Sleeping

b. The Month of Eating

c. The Month of Swimming

d. The Month of Celebrating

19. When browsing Neopets, your sidebar theme of choice is:

a. Valentine's Day

b. Halloween

c. Winter

d. Purple

20. Which words sum up your thoughts on Christmas the most?

a. Family and Friends

b. Loving and Giving

c. Yummy food!

d. Presents, of course!

Answer Key and Point Tally:

Check the key below and simply give yourself the number of points indicated for each answer. Then, add all the numbers to find the total.

1. a - 1, b - 2, c - 3, d - 4 11. a - 2, b - 4, c - 1, d - 3
2. a - 3, b - 4, c - 2, d - 1 12. a - 1, b - 4, c - 3, d - 2
3. a - 3, b - 2, c - 4, d - 1 13. a - 3, b - 4, c - 2, d - 1
4. a - 2, b - 1, c - 4, d - 3 14. a - 8, b - 6, c - 4, d - 2
5. a - 3, b - 1, c - 2, d - 4 15. a - 3, b - 4, c - 1, d - 2
6. a - 4, b - 2, c - 1, d - 3 16. a - 3, b - 1, c - 4, d - 2
7. a - 3, b - 2, c - 1, d - 4 17. a - 8, b - 6, c - 4, d - 2
8. a - 4, b - 3, c - 2, d - 1 18. a - 3, b - 2, c - 1, d - 4
9. a - 2, b - 3, c - 4, d - 1 19. a - 3, b - 2, c - 4, d - 1
10. a - 4, b - 3, c - 2, d - 1 20. a - 6, b - 8, c - 4, d - 2

Revealing Your Christmas Personality:

(92 - 75 Points) You are a Gigantic Decorated Christmas Tree! You're nearly always overflowing with Christmas spirit; consequently, it is no secret: The holidays remain your favorite time of the year, and you enjoy giving selflessly and passing on the joy to others, even complete strangers or those you may not know well. Also, your knowledge of Neopian trivia is perfect... or almost! Congratulations, and keep on shining and sparkling brightly while spreading cheer all throughout the year!

(74 - 55 Points) You are a Snowflake Stocking! Though a bit more subdued about celebrating than a Gigantic Decorated Christmas Tree, it's evident you still love the season. Your heart is in the right place, and you often dig deep inside yourself to give, especially for those close to you. As for Neopian consciousness, you have a few gaps here and there, but overall, you should be proud! Try brushing up on some facts you missed and reaching out to those beyond your inner circle while continuing the good work!

(54 - 39 Points) You are a Christmas Rock! Hmm, like your namesake, rather than participate in numerous festivities, you tend to stay on the sidelines, trying and often succeeding at blending in with the surroundings. Inside, there are times when you enjoy the holidays, but you favor the simplest of celebrations and aim most of your generosity, well, inward. Also, your Neopian knowledge is rather sketchy; it could definitely be worse, though! Perhaps attempt reading up in the Neopedia and aiming some goodwill at those around you!

(38 - 23 Points) You are a Bucket of Fake Snow. Oh, dear! You seem to be lacking any Christmas spirit at all! Aw. :( Most of the time, you are apathetic towards the holiday season, not even pretending to enjoy it, and caring little about others, focusing instead on yourself. Plus, your Neopian knowledge base is sadly lacking. However, there's good news: It is never too late to change! Strive to be more involved in the Neopets site, reading the New Features every weekday and participating in plots and other events. More importantly, turn your attention towards the people surrounding you, especially those who have close to nothing, loving and giving freely; in doing so, your perspective will change drastically, and the joy heading your way will be a sweet surprise!

To all Gigantic Decorated Christmas Trees, Snowflake Stockings, Christmas Rocks, and Buckets of Fake Snow:

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, wonderful holiday season, and a Happy New Year 10!

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