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A Special Christmas

by jockylocky


Snow was falling on Neopia Central, each snowflake falling gracefully within the soft wind. The Money Tree, with money bags in its roots above the snow covered ground, smiled at passing Neopians. The Neopians returned the smile, and donated an item or two for people who really needed them. Snowy window panes faced out to the filled streets filled with happy Neopians. Skeiths, Shoyrus, Usuls, and Christmas loving Meepits danced in the streets with Christmas joy.

     There was a house in Neopia Central; decorations lined the bright blue Neohome with white trim. Christmas lights lined the roof and windows, while mistletoe hung from the doorway out in the front. Plastic Santa Scorchios stood outside on the white lawn. Lovely Christmas music danced from wall to wall. Inside, decorating the Christmas tree were three Neopets: an electric Pteri, a baby Lupe, and a fire Shoyru.

     "Jingle bells! Kudo smells, Aviatar laid an egg!" sang the fire Shoyru.

     "Fireball! Just because I'm a baby Lupe doesn't mean I stink!" cried Kudo.

     "Same here, Fire! Pteris don't always lay eggs!" said Aviatar. His electric wings grabbed an ornament from the box and he put it on the Christmas tree.

     Jockylocky came into the living room, watching the three Neopets bicker. "Simmer down, this is Christmas time! Everyone should be in the Christmas spirit now. By the way, where is Zynsin?"

     The Shadow Xweetok burst into the room. "Sorry, Dad! Had to go to the bathroom!"

     "That's all right," Jockylocky said, with a smile. "How's the tree coming along?"

     "Fine!" everyone chorused.

     "Hmm," Jockylocky said. "The evening is still early. How would everyone like to have some hot chocolate?"

     The four Neopets looked out the window. The sky was carrying snowflakes and was very cloudy. Just by looking outside in Neopia Central, they got the shivers. "Yes, please!" exclaimed Kudo.

     Jockylocky headed for the kitchen. Almost turning around the corner, he gazed at the living room again. The roaring fireplace was warming the room. Fireball, Kudo, Zynsin and Aviatar smiled and laughed as they hung the decorations. What more could he want? His family was so loving and fragile; it was beautiful.

     He headed around the corner, and made the hot chocolate on their Tooth Faerie Oven. He stared around their bamboo kitchen. He was very lucky to live here, and so were his Neopets. He was filled with love, something not everyone was blessed with.

     He returned to the living room to see the tree fully decorated, and his Neopets on the Luxurious Sofas, exhausted.

     "Who's ready for some hot chocolate?" Jockylocky asked, carefully holding the tray.

     The four Neopets jumped from the sofas with renewed energy and ran towards their owner.

     "Hey, hey! Watch it. You'll get a third degree burn if these drinks spilled!" cried Jockylocky.

     His pets swarmed around him, eager for the hot chocolate.

     "So what are we doing tomorrow? Today is Christmas Eve, so tomorrow we..."

     "Open presents!" Kudo exclaimed, jumping up and down.

     Jockylocky chuckled. "Yes, Kudo. We get to open presents." He pondered for a moment. "Interesting. You know what I just realized? This is Kudo's first Christmas with us!"

     "It is!" Kudo said happily, his paws clapping.

     Zynsin, Fire and Avi looked at Kudo. He was born on the first of the Month of Collecting, yet it felt like Kudo had been in the lives of these Neopians forever.

     Jocky tore his gaze from Kudo and looked at the Techo Clock. "It's still early," he said, breaking the silence. "Why don't we do something Christmas related! Such as... caroling?"

     Everyone lit up at the idea. "Hey, that's a good idea!" Zynsin said happily. "We can go out, have some fun, and then sit back here and talk!"

     Fireball smiled at the idea. "I think that's a great idea! We haven't had much family time in a while."

     "Okay, bundle up everyone. It's very cold and snowy outside. We don't want to catch the sniffles! Hats, scarves, coats, the works!" Jockylocky ordered.

     "On it right away, Dad!" Kudo exclaimed, running on all fours to the closet. His bandana on his neck swaying in the wind as he ran.

     Zynsin got off of the sofa. "What can I do to help, Dad?"

     Jockylocky was surprised. "You want to help out? That's nice of you. Well, you can get the songbooks. I believe they are on the grand piano.”

     "Well, it is Christmas after all, Dad," he said with a smile. "I'll get the books!"

     Jocky watched as his pets scrambled to get everything ready. Aviatar decided to quickly make some hot Borovan for them to keep warm, and Fireball helped Kudo get the winter clothing. After a while, he opened the door and stepped out on the front porch.

     It was very cold, and Jocky could see the dark gray sky, with snowflakes flying freely within the air. He breathed a deep breath and smiled. Christmas was definitely in the air.

     The doorknob of the front door turned and the door opened. Kudo, now bundled up in warm clothing, looked up at his father.

     "Dad?" he asked.

     "Heya, Kudo," he said, smiling.

     "Dad," Kudo began. "What was it like before I was born here?"

     "Well, we had another pet. Her name was Sparkle; a Christmas Shoyru. She loved flying to Faerieland all the time, she was rarely home. Then, when she turned eighteen... she moved out. She went to live in Faerieland, and we haven't seen or heard of her since." Jockylocky sighed. "But, let's not dwell on the past."

     The baby Lupe stared at the ground, thinking. After a moment of thought, he looked up. "I guess..." Jockylocky could tell he was disappointed.

     "A different time, Kudo. Not now, let's not ruin this momentous evening. And hey! Looks like your brothers are ready."

     After five minutes of preparation, the Neopian family head out for some caroling. Many joined in, and some sat by a window in their living room and watched as the carolers passed by.

     A few hours later, the family of five arrived home. Covered with fresh fallen snow, they brushed it off and opened the door to the warm and cozy house.

     After hanging their wet clothes on the rack, they left for the living room to warm up by the fireplace. They talked long into the night, losing track of time.

     "Holy Kau," Jockylocky exclaimed. "It's eleven already! You better get to bed if you want Santa to stop by!"

     "Does Santa Scorch even exist?" scoffed Zynsin.

     "Of course he does!" Kudo said in a defending tone of voice. "How else do our presents get here?"

     "They grow wings and fly," Aviatar said sarcastically.

     "Really?" Kudo said enthusiastically. "That's cool!"

     Fireball sighed. "Dad's right, it's late. We should go to bed."

     Jockylocky smiled at the fire Shoyru. Fireball was the oldest of the four, the most mature and responsible. Without him, the household would be in complete havoc.

     "Fine," sighed Avi. "We have nothing else to talk about, I guess."

     "Wow, some Christmas spirit. You guys are all way too tired to be happy. Get a good night's rest. I'm going to bed myself. I have to work on my Neopian Times piece tomorrow. Good night!" Jockylocky said tiredly as he yawned.

     "G'night, Dad!" Kudo said happily.

     "See you in the morning!" Zynsin replied.

     They all left for their individual rooms, and soon fell asleep. A few hours later, no one noticed the chimney shaking, and soon a large Christmas Scorchio emerged and looked around.

     Grabbing a small letter from his large bag, he left it down under the tree, with all the many big gifts. He smiled for a quick second, and let out a quiet "Ho ho ho," and left up the chimney.


     It was nine o'clock when the family woke up with the sun beaming its rays through the stained glass windows of each bedroom. Jockylocky yawned as he got out of his Regal Oak Wood Bed and opened the Shell Curtains. The sun was shining; the snow glistened within the light. He smiled.

     After getting out of his pyjamas and into his clothes, he opened the door to the hall and found that his Neopets were doing just the same thing.

     "Merry Christmas, Kudo!" Jocky said, rubbing the baby Lupe's head.

     "You too, Dad!" Kudo smiled up at him. "Merry Christmas."

     "Merry Christmas, Dad!" said Fireball and Avi at the same time, walking down the hall.

     "And you too, Kudo!" Fire said.

     "'Tis the season, la la la la la la la la!" Zynsin sang cheerfully. "Merry Christmas, everyone!"

     They sat down in the living room, next to the Christmas tree. Kudo was full of excitement, and everyone was as happy as could be.

     "I love this season," Jockylocky said happily. "Everyone is nice to fellow Neopians, everyone is in such good moods..."

     "And don't forget presents!" hinted Kudo, eager to open the gifts.

     "And the presents," Jocky replied, nodding.

     "Waitaminute..." Fireball said, and everyone looked at him. He went to the far corner of the tree, and held a letter. "I don't remember writing a letter..."

     "Me neither..." Jocky said. "Zynsin? Avi?"

     The two Neopets shook their heads.

     "And," continued Fireball, “It's addressed to... Kudo!"

     Kudo's eyes opened wide. "To me?"

     Fire handed the gift to him. "For you," he smiled.

     Kudo noticed that there was a letter attached, and opened it.

     "Dearest Kudo,

     Thanks for believing in me. Have a special Christmas.


     Santa Scorch"

The End

Author's Note: Merry Christmas! Thank you very much for reading, and feedback is much appreciated. Special thanks to Playmobil_is_my_life for editing. Happy Holidays! ~Jockylocky

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