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Top Ten Winter Petpets to Give or Receive for Christmas

by twocents


What better gift is there for any pet than a cute friend? And for Christmas, why not get in the spirit and make it a cute, if not occasionally chilly, winter petpet! Every pet will be clamoring to receive these petpets, and they will certainly be on the top of all wish lists.

With your help, I narrowed down the available twenty-three winter petpets to the best ten. All of these petpets can be purchased from the Wintery Petpet Shop located in Happy Valley, as well as from Neopian Shops, Auctions or the Trading Post. So, be the best gift giver or the coolest pet in town after giving or receiving one of these spiffy choices.

10. Gabar

Clearly, Christmas is most known for the fact that you will receive loads and loads of toys! Well, your Usuki dolls do not respond to your play time quite like a Gabar will! Well known for loving to play, the Gabar is clearly the best gift for any Neopet, especially since the Gabar will play along as well. Once you get all tuckered out from such a rowdy day of playtime, the Gabar also loves to snuggle. Its warm fur will be perfect for cuddling up next to for a nice nap.

However, it should be noted that the Gabar does not care to be left alone all day. Ignore one at your own risk.

Score this petpet for you or a friend for a cool 40,000 neopoints through the Shop Wizard.

"Gabar (is my favorite winter petpet). Candychans are so cliché." – kgee

9. Polarchuck

For some pets, Christmas is a little bit of a down time. So, why not cheer up a buddy from a blue Christmas with a Polarchuck? This petpet is nice and chattery, and is bound to keep your friend good company. We can not always choose our company, but you can pick your petpet, so pick a jolly one. The Polarchuck is bound to raise the spirits of any Neopian that may be feeling a bit down this holiday season. Likewise, the Polarchuck will be wonderful company for those who really enjoy the holiday season. If you want to go caroling, the Polarchuck would be a clear choice. Or if you want to snuggle up in front of a fireplace, the Polarchuck’s plumpness is sure to make it just the perfect petpet to snuggle with.

Buy this chattery friend for about 8,000 neopoints.

"Polarchucks are nice, especially their buck teeth. That completes them." – lidoolanjewl

8. Fir

Is your best friend going away for the holidays? Well, never fear, the Fir is here! The Fir has been waiting all year to befriend your pet, or you can give the Fir to your best friend so they do not forget you during their absence. The Fir is a happy little chap, and will spend the holiday season playing indoors with you, listening to all your Christmas tales, or even wandering about outside, playing all sorts of winter games. The Fir will be just the bestest friend not only for Christmas, but for all year round.

Pay only 3,500 neopoints for your new best friend.

"I like the Fir. I just think it’s really cute, even though it’s cheap." – foster4you

7. Wreathy

Your favorite Christmas decoration comes conveniently as one of the spiffiest petpets of the holiday season. No longer stuck on the wall, the Wreathy can wander with you wherever you may roam. Always one to boast a smile, you will not be able but to be filled with holiday cheer with the Wreathy at your side. However, while the Gabar and Polarchuck are nice and snuggly, you need to be wary when cuddling with the Wreathy. It can be a bit prickly, and do not knock off its berries; it does not care for that. If you manage that, this Christmas staple is sure to become a new favorite.

Get a walking decoration for only 13,000 NP.

"Wreathies are awesome petpets. They go well with most Christmas pets. They are also really, really cute." – daniel30058

6. Ona

The Ona is Christmas’s angelic star. Adorable and innocent, the Ona is the definition of a pure hearted petpet. While the Ona will not be the petpet of choice if you are up to all sorts of naughty tricks this Christmas, for those who are on the Good List (of what, I am not sure) should enjoy the Ona thoroughly. The Ona is also perfectly huggable, so while other petpets are getting dirty during snowball fights, you can cuddle up with the Ona on the sidelines, watching with a nice cup of Xweetok Hot Chocolate.

Get this cuddly petpet on the Trading Post for a mere 100,000 neopoints.

"I love Onas. Price really has no meaning in terms of my desire for petpets, and I think all Onas are adorable." – del_tigre

5. Raindorf

Now, it can be agreed that many look forward to having a white Christmas, full of plenty of snow. The Raindorf shares that desire with you! He looks forward to playing outside in great big snow drifts, catching snowflakes on his tongue, and getting into wildly fun snowball fights. While sitting through the morning hours waiting for everyone else to finish opening their gifts can be awful, the Raindorf will be sitting on edge with you, just waiting to get outside and play. He could spend all day outside running around endlessly. So, for those who love to play (and who doesn’t on Christmas Day?), the Raindorf is the perfect petpet to share in that excitement.

Get your new friend for around 80,000 neopoints.

"I love them. I have some of the Raindorf petpet stuff in my Neohome." – fairywings2277

4. Snowickle

Everyone likes a petpet that they actually have to take care of, and for those people (again, everyone), the Snowickle is the perfect petpet. It is a demanding little petpet, and your buddies will surely enjoy taking care of it and coddling it. The Snowickle will definitely be a good choice for those who collect shiny objects, such as silver items. Hopefully, you are not too attached to your collection, though, because Snowickles love to hoard shiny items and will shriek if you take them away from them.

Take care of this petpet for only 2.75 million neopoints.

"(I love the) Snowickle for sure. I’ve loved them since they first came out and prior to the (Ice) Hissis... they look like mini Snowagers, and I love him!" – ceridwen85

3. Jinjah

The Jinjah is a good gift for two types of Neopians in particular: athletic types and those who love to play. Jinjahs love running everywhere, so if your goal is to get in shape for the next year, the Jinjah will be the one to help you out. Willing to go the extra mile, Jinjah will keep up with both those that love to run already and those who are just now getting into the sport. If you need to train for holiday sports, such as Snow Wars, the Jinjah will go to every practice with you. For those that just love a good game, Jinjahs can outlast nearly every petpet, and can spend all day engaging in all your favorite winter games, like Rink Runner.

Spend the season jogging for only 10,000 neopoints.

"Jinjahs are adorable gingerbread men." – zzannieaa

2. Feepit

For some people, Christmas is a time to be rowdy and joyous. The Feepit will be right there with them. If your favorite part of Christmas is caroling, then you surely need a Feepit to tag along. No other petpet will be better suited for making such joyous sounds, as one of the Feepits’ favorite pastimes is to call out to each other across Happy Valley. Make Christmas a merry, if not loud time, for you or a friend with the Feepit!

Get your singing buddy for 14,000 neopoints.

"I’d have to say (the best Winter petpet is) the Feepit. All of the colours they can be painted are awesome." – spirit_eevee

1. Candychan

My, do Neopians love the Candychan! For those that still have the holiday spirit, the Candychan is the best of the best petpets to take along. Candychans are amazed by everything that is going on around them, so when you pause in awe of the beautiful Abominable Snowball Light Strings, the first snow of winter, or the grand Christmas decorations, the Candychan will be equally as amazed as you. Don’t take a petpet that thinks Christmas is a yawn. Take one that gets excited by all the little things, and rediscover the wonder of Christmas all over again.

Get this undisputed king of winter petpets for a mere 20 million neopoints.

"Every year, with each passing Advent Day, I hope and hope and hope they give (the Candychans) out." – taste_your_tears

"They’re seriously cute, and edible looking. *drools*... Candychans are just dandier!" – lidoolanjewl

So there you have it! The ten best winter petpets to give or receive for Christmas. Find the petpet that matches your friend’s personality type, and surprise him or her with the perfect gift. Or claim a good present for yourself. You’ve been working hard all year! You deserve that Candychan. The best friend for any Neopet is a petpet, so complete the holiday season by buying, for yourself or a friend, the perfect one. (Psst, my favorite is the Candychan, as well.)

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