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Dance of the Meepits: The Neovian Attack - Part Three

by jockylocky


Kassy smiled evilly. "You were a blind fool. Lassy did a perfectly good job of luring you here."

     Enraged, Sophie tried to twist free of the Meepit that was grabbing her tightly. "LET ME GO, YOU INFIDELS!" she screamed at the top of her lungs; they were ready to burst in a huge explosion.

     Lassy tightened her grip. "Not a chance, Sophie. Not a chance," she said angrily. Sophie could barely breath.

     Sophie suddenly stopped, and took a few deep breaths. "Where's my family?" she said calmly, a hint of fear in her eyes.

     "Trapped, along with the rest of the town. Our Meepits are everywhere. We have already succeeded with step one of our plan,” said another Meepit. It came out from the bushes beside the now destroyed gate. "My name is Tassy, or as Ilere called me, Blabbermouth."

     Sophie gasped. "Ilere? What does she have to do with this stupid invasion?"

     "She's only our Mistress! She's been planning this thing for years!" Tassy replied.

     "Tassy!" Kassy said annoyed. "Or should I just call you Blabbermouth? You knew she didn't want ANY extra information about this!"

     "Eh, who cares? We already got the witch!" replied Lassy.

     Anger was shown in Sophie's eyes. She stared at Kassy. "JOSKABIN!"

     Suddenly, Lassy's grip turned loose and the overgrown Meepit hurled backwards, her back slamming into a tree.

     Sophie grabbed her wand from her belt and zapped Tassy.

     "Too late, Witch! Meepits!" Kassy called out.

     Suddenly, on the rooftops, through the windows, in the doorways, in the alleys, hundreds and hundreds of ghost Meepits appeared.

     Sophie looked around, horrified. "Oh... my... gosh..." she stuttered.

     Kassy stared at the wand. Instantly, two lasers from her eyes shot out, and went right inside the wand.

     Sophie screamed in pain and dropped the wand. Then the wand took a different shape and it grew in size. It turned into a ghost Meepit.

     Kassy smiled and raised her paw. Instantly, a gag appeared around Sophie's mouth and tough ribbons flew around her waist, feet and hands, tying them up. "Mmph!" She cried, but the Meepits just laughed.

     "You're just one of them now... just one of them!" Lassy said, having recovered from her injury.

     "Mmmph!" replied Sophie angrily, trying to get rid of the gag that covered her mouth.

     Kassy regained her composure and gave out the orders. "Lock her up with the townsfolk; Ilere will be here any minute."

     After several 'Meeps!' in agreement, Sophie was taken away to be locked up.

     The cold air brushed against her hair and she flailed her arms around, trying to break free. It was no use; she was caught. And now, Neovia was facing certain doom.



     The Meepit whirled around, noticing that it was Tassy that called her name.

     "What the heck do you want, Tassy?" Kassy replied, annoyed.

     "Was it a serious problem knowing that Ilere was our master?" Tassy asked curiously.

     "No, but we got them on the wrong trail. Once they realise our 'surprise' to Ilere, they will be confused and above all, vulnerable. As if they weren't vulnerable enough!" She laughed for a second or two, then paused. "But everything is going the way we want it, according to our agenda."

     "Good, Ilere will be in for a shock later on. When is she supposed to arrive?"

     "Any minute now..." Kassy replied, and then called to her comrades. "MEEPITS! Time to re-size and speak in our foreign language! Meep meep!"

     Immediately, the hundreds of ghost Meepits had light surging through their bodies and were all shrinking into normal sized Meepits. Just then, a big rumble came and green smoke appeared where the gate once was. Ilere.

     "My darling Meepits, I thank you for carrying out my work." She smiled. "You did everything so perfect. Tell me, where is Sophie whom you locked up?"

     "Meep, meep!" replied Lassy.

     "Ah, good. The ancient mansion. Terrific! Neopia will be mine and no one can stop me!" She made out an evil laugh that lasted for minutes on end.

     "Meep... meep meep meep!" said Kassy, putting on her best innocent face a Meepit could do.

     "Why thank you, young one." A hint of evil struck her eye. "I know I can do this..."

     Tassy, Lassy, and Kassy grouped into a trio. "But you have to get through us," they said in harmony.


     "Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmmph!" screamed Sophie, as the two Meepit guards brought her to the ancient mansion. The ghostly fog ran through the floor of the town, making a creepy effect; however, this was normal in Neovia. The townsfolk seemed to like it and always wondered how it got there.

     "Oh, just shut up, you stupid mongrel!" said the Meepit; the other Meepits called her Sassy.

     "Mmph," Sophie said angrily, in a very low tone. Her hands were tied, her mouth was gagged and she could barely walk. These Meepits are making this terrible! Who knows what could happen to the rest of Neopia if these Meepits took over? Or worse... Ilere.

     Finally, they reached the abandoned mansion, covered in cobwebs from Spyders, the Meepits brushed them away, and the entrance came into view. A dusty chandelier hung from above, gathering more cobwebs. Bookshelves to the far right corner stood silently, the books just waiting to be read. A flight of stairs were near the northern left of the room, leading up to the second floor. Elegant burgundy carpets spread across the room, complete with a golden trim. Matching wallpaper trimmed the middle part of the wall, making the room look smaller than it really is.

     After a few short seconds of looking at the room, Sassy and the other mysterious Meepit, Zassy, pushed her into the dining room, where some of the townsfolk lay on the floor, sleeping.

     "We're looking over this mansion every minute, so don't bother escaping," Sassy snapped, and she and Zassy disappeared.

     Sophie stared at the spot where Sassy once was, her shawl dropped when she came into the room, but with her feet tied up, she could not move. Her eyes became tearful and her face was heartbroken. She wanted to cry, for the first time in her life. She wanted to cry so loud that it would disturb each and every neighbour. She didn't know what to do, where to go, and she didn't even know where her family was. Only Fyora knows if they are even alive.

     The gag around her mouth was making her mouth sore. She tried to spit it out, but it was no use. The gag was too tight; someone had to undo the knot.

     "Sophie?" said a purple Zafara calmly, a bit worried. "Is that you?"

     "Mmm mmph," she said, trying to shoo away the Neopet.

     "Sophie, it's me, your mother! Alice!" Alice replied, putting her arm around Sophie's shoulders.

     Sophie twisted her head. Was this just another Meepit? Or was this her real mother?

     "Sophie, I've missed you so much! It's been so long! How's my little girl?"

     "Mmph!" Sophie replied, still gagged.

     The purple Zafara gently undid the knot and sighed. "How's my little girl?"

     "Aren't you going to talk about why we're here?" Sophie asked her, like she was supposed to know it.

     "I'm concerned about you, Sophie, why would I do that?" Alice replied, compassionately.

     Sophie released a calm sigh. This was her mother, the one she always knew and loved. This time, Alice had a red long sleeve shirt, with bright white laces and a long silky white skirt that shimmered in Kreludor's light. Alice made all of her family’s clothes, including Sophie's. Her work was marvelous, so carefully done and done with love.

     "Do you know where we are?" Sophie asked.

     Alice turned her head and looked around. "I believe this is the Cruso's Mansion, home of Mr. David Cruso. Well, it was the home of him, before he died."

     "How come nothing happened to this place? It's so lovely!" Sophie said, staring across the room. She noticed a table, complete with old fashioned plates and silverware filled with cobwebs and dust.

     "It was in his will that he didn't want this place to be touched ever again. Unfortunately, these Meepits violated his will, so who knows what might happen? Neovia could be doomed alone by the spirit of Mr. Cruso, never mind the Meepits."

     Sophie gasped. Her mother was right. In Neovia, you were cursed forever for anyone to violate a will of a deceased Neopian. That would be why no one even remembered this place or even to bring it up in a conversation.

     Trying to decide on a different topic, Sophie asked her mother, "What happened before the Meepits came?"

     Alice glanced across the room, beside the dining table. Some of the townsfolk were recognizable and Sophie saw Bruno, Reginald, and her father, Edmund. "They're still asleep, so I suppose I can tell you the story. It is a bit long, however."

     Sophie stared out of the broken window, staring at Kreludor and seeing shadow Korbats flying out of nowhere, flying to their hearts’ content. "Sure, I can listen. I'm all ears." Sophie smiled and tucked her hair behind her ears.

     "Good, let's begin..."

To be continued...

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