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The Tale-Tell Tails: The "Hole" Thing

by nezreeze

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In Praise of the Painted Pet
Somehow "equal" always feels like less. Therefore, if it becomes clear that one of your pets dreams of flying among the clouds one day but you can only afford one faerie paint brush, by all means buy it. Do not deny your pet happiness only because your pets all have different needs.

by zanybrainyno1


The First Time I Flew... Almost
Trugmorik batted Daisychain away with a paw when she tried to grab at his cape with her beak. He knew the White Weewoo had a point, but he needed to get up to that branch near the top of the tree...

by elfwick


Almost Insane: Unraveling Curiosity
A Kougra's curiosity can be a very dangerous thing...

by vehement


Hissi, Come Blow Your Horn!: Part Four
Satch stood in the doorway with his trumpet case and suitcase at his side. He had a forlorn expression on his face as his tail twitched nervously behind him. "Hey, guys. I just wanted to come and say goodbye..."

by bitsy_dj

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