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Fun and Random Weapons!

by ygss


Ever wondered what is really behind those normal weapons? Ever asked yourself, “Where are those funny weapons?” or “Where are those random weapons?” Well, here you go! This article presents a fresh new topic about “Fun and Random Weapons!”

1. Shaken-up Can Of Neocola

This weapon is a very fun and random weapon! When battling, it says one of these:

-“You shower with soda from the Shaken Neocola Can! Maybe you didn’t shake it enough…” (2 air icons, 2 water icons)

-“You blast with a shower of soda from the Shaken Neocola Can! SHHHHH!!!” (5 air icons, 5 water icons)

This weapon can be devastating when used properly. Probably 2/3 of the time it will do 4 icons, but when it does 10 damage, you’ll be happy! Many people prefer using weapons that deal solid 6 damage but why don’t you try this one? It’s fun!

Price: 15,000+ NP Shop Wizard

2. Magical Wheel Potion

This potion is not one use! And the wheel on this potion looks like the Wheel of Knowledge! Huh? Well, this potion is pretty random when attacking. 5 different attacks, each doing 6 damage! It can be:

-6 fire icons

-3 water icons, 3 air icons

-3 air icons, 3 physical icons

-6 light icons

-6 dark icons

A weapon that is full of fun and completely random! Your opponent will never know what’s coming! The downside is that it costs a whole lot. :(

Price: 120,000+ NP Trading Post

3. Good Luck Ankh

This is possibly the most random and annoying weapon in Neopets! And it seems to be very good for new players at the start, but then gets bad! It does:

-Blocks 3 earth icons and 3 air icons

-Blocks 3 light icons

-Heals 20 HP

-Takes away 10 HP

Did I mention that this weapon is semi-fragile? Did I mention this weapon breaks for the battle after it heals you? Well, have fun playing with this weapon if you buy it. Just don’t use it in any serious battle.

Price: 1400+ NP Shop Wizard

4. Snowglobe Staff

Now this is a really great weapon! This weapon does a lot of stuff! Although this weapon is semi-fragile, it’s very fun to use and can be helpful. What it does:

-Freezes opponent

-3 water icons, 3 light icons

-Gives yellow snowball

-Defends icy snowball (though if the opponent is not attacking you with one, nothing happens)

-Breaks for battle

Interesting what TNT made, huh? Pretty good actually! Many people don’t like to use this for freezing, as it is unreliable, and go for other stuff like H4000 Helmet, but some people do! Fun and helpful! Not so reliable, though…

Price: 20,000+ NP Shop Wizard

5. Rainbow Swirly Thing

Sounds like something is going to swirl and twirl with all the colors of the rainbow, huh? And this weapon is expensive! But you might think it’s worth it. I don’t, though. What it does is one of the following:

-Reflects all fire icons

-Reflects all water icons

-Reflects all air icons

-Reflects all earth icons

-Reflects all light icons

-Reflects all dark icons

Sadly this weapon doesn’t seem to actually reflect 100%. And it’s random which type it’s going to reflect. Also, less dark damage is reflected than the other types.

Price: Really hard to judge for the Trading Post, but from origin it costs over 3 million NP!!!

6. Dark Fire Potion

I don’t know why I included this in my article. Whatever you do, don’t buy this unless it’s for collecting. It’s not that good. It’s expensive. And it is rather dumb. What’s cool, though, is the picture looks like a smaller dark vial is in the bigger fire potion case. And what does it do? Oh, it does:

-3 fire icons, 3 dark icons

-3 fire icons to you, 3 dark icons to you


Like nearly all potions, this potion is one use, rarity 85 and rather boring. Don’t buy it.

Price: 3000+ NP Shop Wizard

7. Jumbleberry Potion

Oh, this is a much better potion! First of all, it’s random (like every weapon in this article). Second, it looks really cool! And it’s not one use! (like Magical Wheel Potion) And it has some pretty cool moves:

-3 fire icons, 3 dark icons

-Heals 5 HP

-Takes away 5 HP

A lot of people hate this as it’s random and can go against you. Although I prefer other weapons like Scarab Ring, this weapon is a better weapon than the Good Luck Ankh. Good luck Ankh heals more HP but takes away more HP. And it also defends attacks while Jumbleberry Potion deals damage. Have fun if you buy this weapon!

Price: 17,000+ NP Shop Wizard

8. Faerie Slingshot

Extremely powerful! Extremely expensive! Too good to be true! Not a lot of people have this superb weapon created from two artifacts. What it does:

-Weak hit (2/3 chance) About 5 icons to 7 icons.

-Strong hit (1/3 chance) Over 30 icons!

Unfortunately, this weapon can deal the same as a Scarab Ring, but sometimes it will deal more than the Shaken-up Can Of Neocola! If you have this, you're so lucky!

Price: Possibly over 100 million NP at Trading Post! Not really sure, though, since it's retired…

9. Alien Aisha Sceptre

Not a lot of people judge this weapon nicely. I personally think it’s a very good weapon! Useful in many ways and naturally unbreakable, this weapon is quite a top mark weapon. It does the following:

-Weak Attack (4 fire icons, 6 dark icons)

-Strong Attack (6 fire icons, 10 dark icons)

-Heals 8 or 16 HP

Although it isn’t reliable for healing, it guarantees help. Rarity 101!

Price: I actually couldn’t find any at the Trading Post, but it probably costs over 6 million NP.

10. Lisha's Wand

Oh, this is incredible. So costly, but so good. This is like the rod of Ultranova. Notice how every type of Nova has a rod except Ultranova? It’s because Lisha's Wand replaces it. It may look like a child’s toy sometimes, but really, it’s powerful! Incredible abilities:

-2 dark icons, 4 light icons (1/3 of the time)

-Gives an Ultranova (2/3)

I don’t know how many ultranovas this wand gives as I have never owned this wand. And this weapon is actually really good as it replaces healing items as ultranova have a great attack and great healing. This weapon is possibly the most rarest war weapon to ever be a prize!

Price: 30 million NP Trading Post

Sadly this is the end. I hope you enjoyed this article and end up buying one of the items! (If you can, of course!)

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