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Toys Mania!!!!!

by mexico802


Why shouldn’t users buy toys for their pets? This is toy central; if your pet is not having fun with its toy, then that means it is time to buy it a new one, but you're worried that you will buy one for like 10,000 NP and find out your pet absolutely hates it, smashes it and never wants to see it again. But with this article, I am sure your pet will have that frown turned upside down and be thanking you ever so happily! I will go through the different top toys and how they can also affect your pet.

You probably never knew toys can affect your pet’s attitude, and if you thought that, you were wrong! They can. Make sure never to buy them Darigan toys or any other evil toy such as the Mutant Tonu Squeezy toy; it looks an awful lot like a Darigan toy, but is actually a regular toy, so do not be fooled. These toys can make your pet purely evil and have an addiction to Darigan, which I am sure you do not want it to have.

If you want your pet to be a perfect angel, then pick out something that you are sure it would love! It all depends on the type of toy it is. If your pet wants to be an artist, don’t buy a keyring. But of course you cannot find out what your pet wants, so try picking wisely!

Have you ever wanted to see your pet just happily playing with its toy, with no problems at all? Well, here are a few suggestions that will hopefully help you.

The Colouring Book is one of the most popular toys; it is lovely to see your pet coloring and drawing, knowing someday its dream to become a famous artist will become true. It sells for roughly 250 NP or lower, not a bad price. This is a ‘yes’ on the check board of toys to buy.

Keyrings are not just for attaching to your backpack, but to collect. They are one of the best kinds of toys to collect; there are many different colors of pets on the keyring. There are also special keyrings too, ones like the Altador Cup ones. The original keyrings sell for 110 NP or higher in Neopian Shops, but in user shops, believe it or not, sometimes 1 NP, but really, there is nothing much to do with them except collect and show off. This is a ‘no’ on the check board, mainly because of the boredom your pet will have. The reason why this toy is on here is because it’s the major thing to collect and trade.

Are your pets still bored? Are the toys just lying beside your pet? Then it is time to move in to the more popular toys.

Plushies. The most, and I mean most, popular and collectible (more collectible than keyrings) things are plushies. Whatever you do, do not buy the rare ones; buy the ones that are the same species as your pet, and your pet will adore you and the plushie. After you think your neopet is ready to keep a really rare one, then buy it one. Regular basic plushies can sell for 100 NP - 20,000 NP; I know, it sounds expensive, but wait until you hear about the rare ones, from 30,000 NP - 100,000 NP+! This is a definite ‘yes’ on the check board.

The wind-up toys are quite fun as well. Your pets can collect them with their friends and have great races and trade them too. They can get expensive but the ones like the Wind up Faellie and the Turtum Wind Up Toy mainly sell for 1000 NP - 3000 NP. But others can get expensive. This is a good ‘yes’ on the check board.

Action figures are very popular, the third most popular toys. Many different characters such as Amira and 00 Hog have their own action figures. They are fun to collect, trade and play made-up games with. They are an expensive collection (or toy if you're not collecting them) to collect. This is also a perfect ‘yes’ on the check board.

Now, beginner toys for a neopet you have just adopted or created are toys like Neoblocks, Toy Trains and Click Klacks. Your new pet will have fun with those toys, and you will have fun watching it playing with them, and its smile will make you smile. There is no yes or no answer as these toys are the toys you definitely have to buy it. These can sell for mainly 100 NP - 500 NP.

When it grows up and wants to be a pro skateboarder or amazing biker, you should buy it a skateboard or bike (depending on its choice of what it wants to be). There are also Roller Blades and Scooters as well, if your pet doesn’t like bikes or skateboards. A skateboard can go from 300 NP - 25,000 NP, just for the purple, blue and red. Bikes can go from 480 NP - 100,000 NP, that is the blue, red and green bikes. A pair of Roller Blades can cost 500 NP. And scooters can go from 2500 NP - 5000 NP. Those are the blue, red, yellow and green scooters. This is a ‘yes’ on the check board.

This last set of toys is the, well, last. So, your neopet doesn’t have any bath toys? Well, it is time you bought them a couple! These wonderful toys can amuse your pet so much they will want to stay in the bathtub forever, even though they know they can’t. Bring them into the pool; they can stay in there as long as they want, at least until it starts to rain or when it is bedtime. These amazing toys can be sold for 300 NP - 1000 NP+. They deserve a wonderful ‘yes’ on the check board.

Now that you have read this article and have learned a lot about different toys to buy your pets, you should go buy them one right now! I hope this helped, so have fun seeing your pet finally happy!

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