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Raising Your Toddlers

by mysterioustd


So you've just become the proud owner of your very own Baby Neopet. You find yourself lost for words. So... now what? You'll probably be pondering such things as, "What do I feed them?" or "What toys will I need to buy them?" So many questions are flowing through your head. But don't worry, with a little luck, you'll manage your bundle of joy just fine.

Feeding your Baby

Most baby pets will be able to eat almost anything. However, that doesn't mean that they aren't picky! Depending on your pet's species, he or she may prefer some foods over others. You see, there are certain foods that Jeniha simply adores, but it wouldn't be the first time she rejects a Tchea Fruit. That's why it's important to outline all the things your baby likes and dislikes. If you notice your pet puking up on something, it would be best to avoid it in the future. Baby bottles seem to be a common choice for most baby pets. They just love drinking them!

Toys Galore!

Babies can play with almost every toy, but as mentioned earlier, some can be a little picky. Some of the best toys to provide for your pet is anything with the phrase "Baby" in it. Examples include Baby Bruce Blocks, Baby Fireball Puzzles, and much more.

Neglect & Exploitation

Some owners are so impressed and happy with their baby pet, that they often tend to give all their attention to him or her. This leaves the other Neopets feeling isolated and alone, and is a great problem. Oh, did I mention it can also cause jealousy amongst your Neopets? To avoid this, always remember to regularly feed all your pets, and give them equal attention. Lack of care can cause Neopets' to fall into a state of depression.

But this isn't the only dilemma. Some owners completely disregard their Neopets, and treat them merely as toys. Once they grow bored of them, they toss them into the pound. This usually occurs when a new pet species enters Neopia, or a new paint brush/color released.

Another problem is that owners may turn to begging, if they have fail to reach their goal, or couldn't be bothered earning their own Neopets, or paintbrushes. Mind you, it's usually the latter. Such incidents occur on the boards; namely, Help Chat. Others via neomail, or guild messages. Every now and then, you'd see someone posting a topic, asking to adopt a pet. Now, TNT have clearly stated in their editorial of the 243rd issue of the Neopian times, that asking is still considered begging.

Do keep in mind, that no matter how "expensive" a paintbrush is, it's not a good idea to simply ask for one, due to one's laziness.

Oh, the joy of Siblinghood...

You may have noticed your Baby pet behaving in a rather strange manner, for no apparent reason. This may be due to one of two reasons:

- They're quite new to their environment (applies if you have just had a new-born baby)

- The other Neopets have been picking on them

In some cases, it'll be the latter. Now, the best way to resolve this is by letting your pet spend more time with its siblings.

First things first. While your pets are at neoschool, sneak into their room(s). If all your older Neopets live in the same room, take this opportunity to renovate it. Oh, and while you're at it, you might want to call a few Neofriends over too. Perhaps you should even hire a builder to come by. Besides, it won't be easy moving all their furniture now, will it? ;) When your Neopets come home, they'll be *pleasantly* surprised. They won't approve of course, but just be calm and ignore them. Persistence isn't a virtue, although in these scenarios, it just might be.

At this point, it would be a good idea to force your least resistant Neopet into sharing his or her bed with its baby sibling. At first, they'll shout, cry, and drive you nuts, but it'll stop after a few hours. I did mention, 'your least resistant Neopet'. Now, we'll wait for around two weeks, or so. During this long period, there'll be utter chaos... If you happen to walk by the corridor at around 12 am NST, you might see a pillow fight between your pets. You first reaction would be to stop this obnoxious battle immediately, but wait. Are you sure that's such a good decision? Not only will you be the victim of say, a dozen pillows thrown to your face, but you'll also be spoiling their fun. Wait... fun? Oh yes, although you may not realise it, pillow fights actually allow your pets to develop their relationship further. So best stay out of it.

After a few weeks, you'll start to notice that your other Neopets' attitude has changed towards their baby sibling. Over the years, they'll be very fond of each other. They're going to grow to become great siblings.

One thing you must not forget is that there'll always be conflict between your Neopets, whether if it's a ridiculous argument over something easily resolved, or a item theft in the bedroom. This isn't to say that these problems won't be resolved. They'll get over it. But as for now, everything's turned out for the better. You can rest assured. Hmm... perhaps it had something to do with that sleeping arrangement?

Time & Dedication

With guidance comes commitment. A part of raising your baby is closely observing them. Watch out for any illnesses they may have caught. If you've noticed any symptoms, head to the Hospital to confirm the sickness. If the problem persists, pay a visit to the Healing Springs and ask to have your pet healed. That's what being a good owner does; looking out for their pets. This goes for all owners, not just those who have baby pets. Remember to enlist them into the Neolodge once every now and so. Make sure you tuck them in every night, and give them lots of attention. There are many other things not listed here, but the variety never ends. Its not hard to tell how much effort an owner puts into the sake of their pets' happiness.

Developing your Relationship

So now that all your Neopets are getting along (finally!), you can concentrate on your own relationship with your baby Neopet. What motivates most owners is their pets. All pets have different personalities, appearances, and interests; unique in their own way. It's great to explore all these areas, and grow to love your Neopet.

Jeniha, for example, is outgoing, loud, and loves to gobble on food. Though easily frightened by scary things, for some strange reason, she's immune to fear of heights. In fact, one time while we were all out camping, she walked right off a waterfall. Zefrisan and I stood speechless, standing with our mouths gaping open. We couldn't believe what had happened. Luckily, Xyphrone and Akrinis were there to catch her.

Anyways, my main point is it could be lots of fun getting to know your baby Neopets. There's so many sides to them you won't know until you start exploring the areas mentioned earlier. You won't know what you'll find!

Well, that's all from me. I hope you found this guide hopeful, and look back to it for further inquiries.

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