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A Faerie Tale

by riverhorse6


"That's 352 Neopoints!" the Chia said and glanced at the Gnorbu and I. He gave us our food (a Real Cheese Cheesecake) and we went out of the door onto the street of Neopian Central. We heard a quiet, "Thank you!"

     I, a green Buzz, looked down at my friend, Ccamelu the yellow Gnorbu, and gave him his cake. He must have liked it a lot because in a matter of seconds, he finished half of the cake.

     "Boy, this stuff is good! It's the best thing I've ever tasted! What is this stuff?"

     "It's a Real Cheese Cheesecake," I responded. "But seriously, I think you are overreacting."

     "Overreacting?" It was hard to understand him since his mouth was full. "I'm not! This stuff is good! I thought Buzzes like you liked cheese."

     Suddenly, a random event appeared right in front of us. It appeared to be very speedy as it was (o_O) and it screeched to a stop. I read it aloud:

     'For a lost tooth, the tooth faerie gives you 102 Neopoints!' I jumped for joy. I got more Neopoints! My owner would be proud! But then a new part appeared:

     '... But the tooth faerie is busy, so she'll have to come later. :('

     I looked at my hand. A bloodstained tooth magically appeared, and pain filled my mouth. My tooth was magically yanked out! But because of the sudden pain, I yelled.


     Ccamelu jerked his head in my direction (he was distracted, maybe he was watching the Pteris fly by) and screamed.


     I took a deep breath. "A random event popped up saying the tooth faerie gave me Neopoints, but she was busy and had to come later and then magically my tooth got yanked out and it appeared in my hand and I screamed."

     "Magic..." He thought. "TOOTH FAERIE?"

     "Yeah, she appeared and..."

     "Yeah, yeah, I heard you!" He said it so loud that everyone could hear them. "But what makes you think that I'll believe you?"


     He looked at me quizzically, and then asked, "You aren't serious, right?"

     "Of course I'm serious!"

     At first he looked more confused, then a smile appeared, then a laugh bubbled up. I was puzzled.


     He halted his laughter and looked up at me. "I don't believe in faeries."

     "WHAT?" I screamed. "If Fyora heard you, she would smack you. But... what about Faerieland?"


      "What about the Faerie paint brush?"

     "Rubbish." He smiled. "Faeries don't exist," he said, "but Jelly World does!"

     "It's the other way around! I swear!"

     "Prove it, then."

     "Fine, I will!" I said, and I jumped up and flew as fast as my wings would carry me. To Meridell, I thought, and with that I was gone.

     When I arrived, I went to the market and bought a camera (823 Neopoints, ouch) and rushed to Illusen's Glade. I asked, "Can I take a photo, ma'am?" and she agreed. Click. After that I rushed back to Neopian Central, clutching the photo, and I showed him the picture.

     "This," I said, "is Illusen. She is a faerie. Happy now?"

     The yellow Gnorbu stared at the photo and pointed. "All I can see is a pile of leaves!"

     I looked at the photo sadly. Oh yeah, I thought, unbelievers can't see faeries. Or at least in photos... that's it!

     "Ccamelu..." I said. "How about we visit a faerie?"

     Ccamelu's eyes widened. "Okay, though I don't think that will show me anything."

     So, by flying (it was hard with a Gnorbu on my back), we arrived at Terror mountain. We tried to climb up the steep, icy slopes, but it didn't work.

     "Why can't we just fly up?" he complained. "It would be easier then climbing, you know."

     "Since I had you on my back," I said angrily, "I can't because my wings are too tired."

     "Well, what did you bring us here for?" he said impatiently, "Make it quick! I'm freezing cold!"

     "I brought you here for two things." I pointed up the mountain. "You see that fort with people in front of it and behind it?"


     "That is the snowball fighting area."

     His ears perked up with interest. "I wanna fight." He looked at me. "...but what does that have to do with faeries?"

     I cleared my throat. "The point of the game is to hit the Neopets behind the wall with the limited amount of snowballs you have, and not to hit the faeries behind it."

     His eyes were huge, expanding to the size of dinner plates, and you could see his excitement was bubbling up, because he was running around in circles.

     "Now I really want to play," he said as wicked smile crossed his face.

     "But we still need to find a way up there," I pointed out.

     A voice came from behind them. "Uh, guys?" The two spun around and they met face-to-face with a Christmas Grundo. "Just go up the path. You're stopping up the line."

     They looked behind him to see that he was right, and as he said, there was a huge line waiting for them to go up, and then I realized that we were standing right in their path.

     "Sorry!" I yelled to all the Neopets below, and then whispered to Ccamelu, "Come on, let's climb."

     We finally got up to the mountaintop, and I showed Ccamelu the snowball fight area. He wanted to play, so I let him play, and I hoped that this would do it. He readied himself, and then launched the snowballs, but to my dismay, he was hitting all of the faeries. Of course. I sighed. This might take a while.

     The faeries gasped as he hurled the snowballs in their direction, and one said, "You wouldn't dare!" But he did. He was bummed about the fact that he received no points, but his evil smile did not fade. "Okay, now to the next thing."

     "You said you wanted to show me two things. What is the other thing?" He was impatient again.

     I smiled. He would actually see a faerie without any distractions. "Taelia."

     We trotted across the snowy mountaintop, and looked around. "There!" I shouted, as I pointed to an elegant igloo, and we went inside. My smile grew as I said, "This is Taelia. She is a snow faerie."

     "Nice set up. Nice costume."

     Taelia blushed. "You mean this overcoat? Oh how sweet..."

     "No, lady!" the Gnorbu interrupted. "You're not a real faerie, of course. It must be an early Halloween."


     I brought up a different subject. "Can I take a photo, ma'am?"

     Her anger quickly "melted" away, and she said, "Sure!"


     "Thank you, ma'am!" I said as I pushed my friend (and myself) out the door. I gazed at Ccamelu in anger, and then I sighed. How long would this take?

     "I could take you to the Faerie Queen," I finally said to break the silence. "Maybe you could see Faerieland."

     "No more trips!" he shouted, annoyed. "I don't want to go to the floating cloud in the middle of nowhere! Just take me home!"

     I looked down sadly. I tried, and that was good enough. "Fine."

     So we flew (my wings healed) back to Neopia Central to the shop that we were next to many hours ago. The Gnorbu pranced happily. "I won," he pronounced.

     I sighed. "You won."

     And then... the tooth faerie appeared! I looked over to Ccamelu. He frowned.

     "Here are your Neopoints, and sorry that I couldn't bring them earlier." Her voice was pure. "You..." She looked towards Ccamelu. "You should start believing in faeries, because they do exist. Accept it, please." She raised her hands. "I am the faerie most known to the children." She paused. "I mean, if 'faerie' was brought up to them, they would probably think of me. I come to your pillow every night when you put a tooth there. I'm watching you, don't forget that." She looked at me. "I thank you for trying to make him believe. That was very kind of you."

     "Wait!" I said before she left. "Can I take a photo?"



* * * * *

     "You should believe in faeries, kids," Ccamelu said many years later, speaking to his children.

     "How do you know they exist?" a baby Shoyru asked.

     "Here's a picture," Ccamelu said grandly, holding out the picture of Illusen from many years ago.

     "She's pretty," the Shoyru said, rubbing her hands together.

     "Hey!" a baby Skeith exclaimed. "All I see is a pile of leaves!"

The End

If you are reading this, I got accepted! WhOOt! Check out my page!

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