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by krishpine


Dascrana looked at her hopeless outfit. Scorched again! It was the second time that day that she had ruined a dress. She sighed and pulled it off over her head, and slipped on a new one. She then closed her eyes tightly, and an image appeared in her mind, that of a Darigan Kacheek. She sent it a message: A fire faerie has sent you on a quest! Find her a dress patterned with fire and she might greatly award you!

     The dresses cost a lot of money, so she sent Neopets on quests to find them whenever she scorched one, which was extremely often due to the fact that she was training herself to do a very impressive trick. The faerie queen Fyora had asked her to perform in the faerie festival as a juggler. Of fire. But it wasn't just any juggling trick; she would juggle a hundred balls of fire at once, and in the middle of them there would appear the lantern that chose the next faerie. She had a very important job.

     But if only she could stop messing up and scorching her dresses! The dresses weren't the problem, though; they were an excuse. The problem was that the faerie festival was in two meager weeks, and she still hadn't perfected her trick! If she messed up... it would be terrible. Everyone, every faerie's attention would be fixed on her and the balls of fire. And if she messed up... she just HAD to master the trick. One hundred balls of fire at once wasn't that much. Her grandmother had done one thousand without a problem!

     Meanwhile, Dascrana's friend Liora was also having a panic attack. The young earth faerie also had a job at the festival. She was to decorate Illusen's glade, where the festival was to take place. She had promised Fyora the best. But would that be possible?

     "Liora? Are you still there? It's late, you know. You should go home. Have you progressed at all?" Illusen appeared from behind a tree, startling Liora.

      "No, I'm so sorry, Illusen. I guess I was wrong and Fyora's festival will be ruined. I am just not talented. I can't decorate this glade in a lifetime!" Liora felt hopeless, miserable, unworthy, but most of all guilty. It was too late for Fyora to get someone else to decorate.

     "Come here, Liora; I'll share some of my wisdom with you." Illusen called her over. And together they came up with a plan in Illusen's house.

     Dascrana was feeling worse than Liora was. She was going to contact Fyora and tell her she was veeeeeeeery sorry, but she just couldn't perform. When she heard Liora's voice in her head, Dascrana, I need you. I can help you, that was all Dascrana needed. She was off to Illusen's glade.

     Liora was waiting for her friend the fire faerie, and when she saw her, she ran over to tell her Illusen's plan. Liora knew that Dascrana loved to decorate her dresses, and was maybe the best faerie designer. She had called her over to ask her to decorate the glade. Then she and Illusen could talk about her problem, and Illusen would solve it, Liora was sure.

     Dascrana was happy with her new job. Liora was right that she was a good decorator, and that she loved to do it. But what about juggling the fire balls? That was a very important job. Had Illusen already thought of the balls? She hoped so. The thought that there were only two weeks to the festival that she normally looked forward to was sickening. Then a horrible thought occurred to her; were they, she and Liora, in Illusen's debt? She hoped not, as she had nothing to give.

     "So, Dascrana, any progress?" A few hours later Illusen returned to check on things. She was pleasantly surprised at Dascrana's decorating abilities. They were so wonderful. Her glade was absolutely... transformed. And so quick too!

     "Oh, yes, Illusen! Do you like it? Oh, and what about the fire balls? I'm done decorating. I hope I didn't COMPLETELY ruin your beautiful glade." Dascrana was indeed done decorating. The glade was beautiful, even the modest artist had to admit it. Fyora would be very pleased.

     Illusen laughed. "Are you fishing for compliments, Dascrana, or being very modest? The glade looks better than ever before. I admire your decorating touch and ability. As for the fire balls, I have a plan. Come inside with me, and we can talk about it." Illusen liked Dascrana and Liora very much, she decided. They were two very modest faeries and good friends. Real friends. That Dascrana was taking on Liora's job like that was indication of true friendship.

     Dascrana followed Illusen into her house, where her friend Liora was waiting for them. Illusen said hi to Liora, as did Dascrana, and together they entered the sitting room where Illusen stored the items that she gave to the Neopets that completed her different quest levels.

     "So, Dascrana. We have here a fire faerie unable to juggle fire?" Illusen looked at her kindly and full of understanding.

     "Yes," Dascrana sighed, miserably, "I can't juggle the meager amount of 100 fire balls!" She looked at Illusen sadly, and added, "The least my grandmother ever did was 1000."

     "Well, I have a plan. How about I make some earth balls, and you put them on fire. And then juggle them. Fresh ones that have been burned just a second before are very easy to juggle, you know. I bet you could do 1500 if they were freshly burned. That was probably your grandma's trick, you know."

     "Oh, THANK YOU, Illusen!" Dascrana looked so grateful, Illusen had to smile. "But how do you know these things? And I think that Liora can manage the earth balls; you've already done too much for us!"

     "Well, these things get around. So, Liora, do you think you can manage the earth balls?" Illusen looked at her worriedly.

     "Of course! I feel so bad making Dascrana do all those things for me. I have to repay her somehow."

     So when the faerie festival came, Dascrana and Liora were ready for it, and as excited as all the other faeries. They all gaped at the beautiful glade, and praised Illusen for its appearance. But she just laughed and told them never in a faerie lifetime could SHE be able to do something like that. The fire faerie Dascrana had done it, and she was also going to juggle 1500 balls of fresh burning fire.

     When Dascrana's moment of glory came, she shone. And right next to her was her friend Liora. She was creating new earth balls every other second that she threw at Dascrana, who effortlessly set them alight and threw them in the air to juggle. They did this until Dascrana had 1500 balls of fire up in the air and being juggled.

     That night was Dascrana and Liora's favorite and best. They had a great time, and many people came over to praise Dascrana. When Dascrana found Liora looking sad, she told her that she was the real star behind her juggling, and after hearing that, people praised Liora. That's how powerful friendship can be.

The End

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