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The Petpet Dangers of Meridell

by haldir6530


Meridell- One bright and sunny day my pet Techo, his petpet Darpinch, and I were on our way to Meridell! But after the day was done my pets Darpinch had almost been smashed, bashed, squished, bonked, and many more painful things!

In this article I will explain why if you have a petpet you should avoid Meridell at all costs in 15 reasons!

Reason Number 1: We were on our way to visit Illusen’s Glade to visit and maybe even get a quest from her! All of a sudden, rolling down the hill comes a HUGE (or at least to a petpet) wheel of purple spotted cheese from the Cheese Roller Game! My poor petpet went rolling down the hill almost as fast as the cheese!

Reason Number 2: The Symol Hole! Now this may be a nice way to win prizes every once in a while for those who are lucky, but have you ever thought of how deep the hole must be to a petpet? My petpet was just walking along innocently when all of a sudden POOF he fell down the hole and we didn’t even realize where he had gone for a long, long time!

Reason Number 3: Turmaculus! Now for me I have never been able to wake up this brute but I tried just for fun one more time! As my petpet was busy tap dancing for him the giant pet rolled over and squashed my little Darpinch! *cry*

Reason Number 4: Kiss the Mortog! Now for a Darpinch this wouldn’t be that dangerous but if anyone had a petpet Mortog that wasn’t a prince or princess, let’s just say it wouldn’t be a pretty sight!

Reason Number 5: Darigan Citadel! Now this place actually has two reasons why it is dangerous! The first is the height! I mean for a normal person that place must be miles off the ground! Now if you triple that for a petpet’s size, that’s a long, long, long drop! Also petpets never seem to be able to sit still, so one minute he might just be wandering around the citadel and the next, I hope he has a parachute!

Reason Number 6: The Petpet Battle Arena! Now this place might be fun for pets watching their little friends battle it out in the arena, but imagine how the petpets feel! I mean they get punched, kicked, mashed, bashed, smooshed, and when it’s all done the little guys’ heads are spinning so much that they can’t concentrate where they are going and any of the previous 5 steps might happen!

Reason Number 7: Attack of the Slorgs! Now once again for my little petpet this wasn’t all that dangerous but for, hmm oh say a Slorg, this place would be horrible! Picture it: your little Slorg wandering off while you are counting potatoes, and people getting paid to try to blast him! This is one place you should definitely avoid Slorg owners!

Reason Number 8: Turdle Racing! This one is dangerous to all petpets, not just Turdles! I mean one minute your little petpet is sitting right next to you while you are watching a race and the next, he is out in the raceway trying to dodge all these big turdles that are charging at him! Very dangerous!

Reason Number 9: Meridell Keep! This castle houses two reasons you should avoid Meridell! The moat outside that is surrounding the castle! While you are crossing the bridge or standing by the river your petpet might be doing an adorable little trick or he might be chasing a butterfly then SPLASH! I hope your pet is Maraquan!

Reason Number 10: The potion shop! Now this place isn’t the most dangerous place but if you are searching around the shop your curious little petpet might drink one or two of the potions and POOF! Who knows what could happen to the poor little guy!

Reason Number 11: Illusen’s Glade! You may be thinking that this place isn’t dangerous at all! I mean it even has a faerie watching over the place! But you are wrong! Imagine that you just finished a quest for Illusen and she gives you some kind of weapon or something close to that! Your curious little petpet would naturally start playing with it and all of a sudden ZAAPPP! BANG! BOOM!

Reason Number 12: Once again Darigan Citadel! Now imagine that all of a sudden Lord Darigan breaks the peace treaty and starts invading Meridell again! Now this is dangerous to everyone but especially petpets! Lord Darigan would probably use a ton of soldiers and machines and stuff that could easily squish a little petpet!

Reason Number 13: Brightvale! Imagine that since King Hagan got so wise that he thought that everyone else on Neopia who wasn’t as smart as him must be destroyed! He then sends his army, etc. etc. same as number 12, kinda!

Reason Number 14: Hmmm. I’m running out of ideas here! Ok I got one! Potato Counter! Now you may be thinking that this is a quick easy way to make neopoints and that it is not dangerous! WRONG! According to the Neopedia article it says that the Kacheek dumps all of the potatoes out of a bag! Now what if that was a big amount of potatoes and they land right next to you on your poor little petpet! OUCH!

Reason Number 15: Last one! The Rubbish Dump! Now you may be thinking, “Who in their right mind would go near that place?” No one would, but if some crazy person went towards it in hope of some gross item the poor little petpet would find the place smells so bad that he would get dizzy and maybe even faint! Poor little guy!

I have now listed 15 very strange reasons why Meridell is unsafe for petpets! So unless you were busy eating asparagus or sleeping you will now know why to avoid Meridell especially if you have a petpet with you! Maybe now the world will be safer for the poor little petpets of Neopia!

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